• Adrian-Retire21

    You guys have never learned your lesson.Mike Francesa of Mike and the Maddogg last week called the Mets to see if The Mets made that offer of the 4 prospects and the Mets said the Twins were still asking for Jose Reyes.

    Now you guys are getting these resources who must be the water cooler guy or plumber of Yankee staduim.Because I do believe the Yankees were never out.I know most of you bloggers are wishing to keep the Big Three but when a source say the Yankees are out you guys honestly believe it.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      If you go back and actually read our posts, you’ll notice ample uses of the words “reportedly,” “allegedly,” “according to,” “maybe,” etc. Not once have we ever “honestly believe[d]” that the Yankees were actually out of the Santana hunt or that any sources were actually telling the truth.

      These resources — which I’m thinking means sources — are simply what ESPN is saying, and in this case that source’s name is Hank Steinbrenner.

    • Nefarious Jackson

      wait, we’re going to use Mike the BLOWHARD as a legit source of info now? please.

  • B

    To be honest, after reading the Kepner piece, I wouldn’t be surprised if those words from Hank are just to keep the situation honest.

    Even if the Yankees aren’t in for real, it doesn’t benefit them that any other team gets him on the cheap.

  • Adrian-Retire21

    This is a great quote from Cano on the MLB site.

    “It’s a great deal if we can get Santana. We need it. We need a No. 1 guy like him. … If [the Red Sox] got Santana, they’re going to be a way better team. I hope we get him. It’s not a good idea for us if they get Santana”

    Cano is not beliving in HGH Pettitte or 199 hits in 199 innings Wang.

    • TurnTwo

      i dont think he’s saying that at all. I think he’s simply saying its best to go into the season with a top-5 best pitcher in the AL than to not.

    • steve (different one)

      Cano is not beliving in HGH Pettitte or 199 hits in 199 innings Wang.

      this is a really stupid comment McLovin.

      did you know that giving up a hit per inning is OK if you give up very few walks?

      do you have any idea what you are talking about? or do you just post the same stupid crap in every thread?

  • snoop dogg resident

    looks like johan is headed to the mets… i think the yanks should put one more offer our there centered around IPK (who has to compere equally to lester) with Horne (who has great stuff but command issues) Melky, and eithe Gadner or an A or AA pitche with a good ceiling but far from major league ready.

    the problem with the yanks deal is the lack of deth in the offer – so lets give them the depth but take a bit away from the top – Kennedy is not a future ace, but of the big three – I believe he has the best chance to be good his whole career – not the upside of hghes- but less of a down side

  • TurnTwo

    no Hughes, no deal.

    i’m really holding out that Hughes is the single player the Twins want, but they are waiting to pull the trigger hoping that the Saux involvement would have gotten the Yankees to panic and throw in either IPK or AJax (someone of that caliber) into the deal, and then now the same with the Mets jumping into the mix, albeit with lesser prospects and no MLB-ready prospects.

    Hughes shouldnt be a deal-breaker. We’ve got depth in the system and the money to pay the Johan contract.

    and this is not a deal reminiscent of the mismanaged Yankees… the problem in the past was trading a top pitching prospect, or package of prospects for a top offensive star to add to an offense that can already score 900… this would be substituting a pitcher (proven) for another pitcher (prospect).

  • snoop dogg resident

    and folks TurnTwo just hit the nail on the head. this is not a deal remenicient of the 80s where we traded prospects for older players at the end of their careers. this is a deal that makes sense for both teams and the stars could not be more aligned for johan to be wearing pinstripes in 2008.

    despite the way things turned out, i liken this proposed deal to the one that got us chuck knoblauch. remember that many people in baseball, especially yankee fans, looked at milton as the next great pither for the yanks – great stuff and left handed. desite his upside, the yanks decided to deal him fo knobby because at the time it was a perfect deal – the team needed a leadoff hitter/second baseman and got one of the best in baseball in the prime of his career. substitute star seond baseman for star pitcher and you have the rumored santana deal.

    i love hughes and fantasize that the yanks could get him without giving him up (drives me crazy that apparently the sox dont have to put bucholz in the deal to be considered serious because he and phil are very similar talents) but the fact is that a chance to make this type of trade – one that would have a profound impact on the American League – doesnt come along too often maybe 4 or 5 times a decade in all of baseball because most teams dont trade Aces. baseball has become so economically healthy that the days of salary dumping are all but over except for the marlins who are a joke of a franchise and should be disolved. no salary dumping means even less great talent available because now, thanks in large part to yankee money, teams can usually afford to sign their Aces.

    Again, I love Hughes, but this deal makes too muh sense not to do.

    • steve (different one)

      do you do the deal if it’s Hughes AND Kennedy?

      because that’s the deal. the Twins want both. the Yankees are willing to part with one or the other.

      would you do both? i wouldn’t.


      Yesterday, in dismissing an Internet report that indicated his team is no longer a player in the Santana sweepstakes, Yankees GM Brian Ca$hmoney suggested he could still make a deal for the ace lefty, if the Twins lower the asking price.

      Ca$hmoney wouldn’t name the players Minnesota wants, but another Yankees official said the Twins haven’t budged from their demand of Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, Ian Kennedy and Jeff Marquez.

      “I know what [the Twins] want,” Ca$hmoney said. “If they call and give us something else to think about, we’ll discuss it.”

      so that’s the deal.

      let’s stop talking as if Cashman won’t make the trade. it’s that he won’t deal BOTH Kennedy and Hughes.

  • snoop dogg resident

    of course the twins are holding to that and they are also holding out for lester and elsbury in the same deal. smith is trying to see which team will blink first, but much to his shagrin neither team has caved. in the end i see the yanks improving on marques with alan horne and then throwing in a eally young underdeveloped player i.e bettances, a yong position player hilligoss or even brett gardner. in other words – they will comprimise.

    it will come down to who the twins want most – ellsbury, lester, or hughes unless the mets throw their entire farm system at them – each of their top 5 prospects which may happen because Omar seems to be a desperate man.

    and just so you know — the NY Post isnt exactly known for their accuracy

    • steve (different one)

      and just so you know — the NY Post isnt exactly known for their accuracy

      very true. good point.

  • MS

    MLBtraderumors has an interesting article saying that the Yanks are never out of it. They wouldn’t be surprised if the Yanks offer somebody like Wang to get the deal done. He only costs $10 million and gets 18-20 wins a year. If I was the Yanks I would send Wang in Hughes place in a second. I think Wang will always be a good #2-3 starter. His stuff is too unpredictable to dominate.