Arlen Specter, Giants fan?

In Brian Cashman, we trust
Joe vs. Joe

Is the senior Senator from the great state of Pennsylvania a Giants fan? It can’t be, but on the eve of the Super Bowl weekend, Specter, ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, wants the NFL to explain why the league destroyed evidence related to the Patriots’ spying earlier this year. Anything to distract the favorites before facing Big Blue, right?

In Brian Cashman, we trust
Joe vs. Joe
  • Alan

    Everybody is playing head games with everybody! First we’ve got Brady being conveniently spotted in New York wearing a cast and not showing up during the media portions of Patriots workouts, to Arlen Specter arguing that the NFL favors the Patriots! Gotta love it.

  • zack

    Hey, if Congress can waste its time on steroids, a much smaller scandal than the potential of a league wide organizational coverup of systematic cheating, and use hearsay and two guy’s testimony as “damning evidence,” than they can certainly do the same for the NFL and use this guy’s testimony too!

    • Andrew

      Isn’t the steroids scandal exactly defined as a “league wide organizational coverup of systematic cheating”?

      • zack

        What I was referring to was that fact that what is being investigated is the league covering up organizational cheating, not individuals cheating and the league simply ignoring it. What we have here is an issue of antitrust, that is, unethical business practices. can you imagine if this guy Walsh actually does have a lot to say (granted, unsubstantiated on the McNamee level, but does that stop Congress?) and that it becomes clear that Goodell et al purposefully destroyed the tapes to cover up an even bigger scandal? That would be crazy. Won’t happen, but still.

        And one more thing, for the people saying shouldn’t congress have bigger things to worry about, well, that’s not how congress works. Its not like they are constantly debating and enacting huge legislation, those things take tons of time to write up, iron out, and debate, and in the meantime, all of these subcommittees meet to deal with their oversight. And considering that the NFL is a multi-billion dollar international business that is exempt from monopoly laws, I would say ensuring their fair practice is pretty damn important…

  • Geno

    Specter’s one of the only politicians who I respect. He is a man of his word.

    • Whitey14

      Yeah and he believes in magic bullets too!

  • Rich M.

    This is a joke right? the dont have anything more important to do? Does this mean that they have fixed the economy, finished the conflict in the middle east, rebuilt New Orleans, and have moved on to the little things?

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Yeah really. This is ridiculous. Dick Cheney and his staff destroyed evidence by erasing a ton of e-mails in relation to illegal attorney general firings and the Valerie Plame outing and this is what they want to investigate – The Patriots destroying evidence?!?!

    • Old Ranger

      Says who?
      The president appoints , and the president fires.
      Fact. Read the presidents authority pages. End of story.

      • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

        Um, I was talking about Alberto Gonzalez firing federal prosecutors because of their political affiliations. For example, the firing of a federal prosecutor that oversaw the case involving GOP Congressman Randall Duke Cunningham, the one that resigned because of corruption (bribery). In replacing these prosecutors, they hired White House allies and circumvented the Senate. The Justice Department shouldn’t be in the business of politics (or revenge) – that is not their job. This sets a dangerous precedent.

        • Old Ranger

          Alberto Gonzalez fired 3 of the prosecutors because they were not following the directives of the President. Two got fired because they didn’t look into voter irregularity’s, in there districts. Instead they followed the direction of a dem. senator, to look into and leak to the press, about an ongoing investigation against, another politician…come to find out , there was no investigation at all. But the newspapers went with the story any way. In other words, They got fired for NOT DOING their jobs. They take orders from Alberto, who in turn takes orders from the big guy. Politics 101.
          Maybe you should read more than the NY Times or other leftist newspapers. Get the unbiased truth, not what some reporter tells you. In other words, use your head and think for yourself. I don’t mean to tell you what to think, please, don’t let anyone tell you what to think…ever.
          Besides that, I was in politics for a while, but as a ret. Army person, two faced, lying, cheating, politicians boil my blood. I know it’s late, but I hope you read it anyhow, not meant to be mean spirited, just true facts.

    • Old Ranger

      Also, Val was not an undercover operative, so she couldn’t be outed.
      Pulse, it was Sec. of states chief of staff who let the cat out of the bag. Remember CP was the S of State at the time. DC had nothing to do with it. You may what to get the facts strait, before throwing stuff like that around.
      Needles to say, this is a sports forum, not politics. Sorry about the rant. Let’s get back to the subject. Again, sorry. 27/08.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Heck, even this is bigger news: “One week after Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling ‘officially’ endorsed Sen. John McCain for president, the Beantown hero received a softball of his own: a hefty donation from the McCain campaign to his and his wife’s charity.”

  • Stephen

    I’m going to school down in PA and let me tell you, if it came out that Specter was a Giants fan, Eagles fans would already be working on impeachment.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Wrong. Plame had a covert identity which was revealed, despite the fact that it was classified. From the U.S. House Committee on Government Reform: ” CIA director Gen. Hayden cleared a statement “stating that she was undercover and that her employment status with the CIA was classified information prohibited from disclosure under Executive Order 12958.”

    God forbid we discuss something other than sports once in a while. It doesn’t seem to bother the RAB guys nor most of this blog’s regulars. However, I would say that the apologistic nature of your statements has no place in rational discussion.

    • Old Ranger

      Plame Had (Past tens) a covert Identity years before. But, according to the senator that wrote the bill on covert agents(Bill12958 is that it?), because she was out of the field for more that 5 years, she no longer qualified as covert/undercover. So, no mater whet Hayden said, again, Facts are Facts.
      Besides, most of the upper crust in Washington knew her job anyhow. Her husband wrote a book and said she had been a covert agent, the book came out two years before.
      It was nothing but the usual witch hunt that goes on in washington all the time. Trying to play GOT ‘YA with the pres. (both parties play this game).

  • Realist

    Lol , now all the Sox fans who claimed the Yank’s last 4 rings were tainted by the biased Mitchell Report’s findings , can eat a little crow ;-)

  • Realist

    Doh , meaning those who were Pat’s fans as well , obviously :-)

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Both Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly picked the Giants to win. I think this is the only thing these two have ever agreed on and I’m pretty sure it means that the world is coming to an end.