• Bo

    Theres not much a debate. Torre has won 4 titles and made the playoffs 12 yrs in a row.

    Only debate was the Yanks as a team need to hear a new voice. 12 yrs is an eternity in any sport as a manager/coach

  • Geno

    Neyer won’t come out on a side of the debate because there’s no anti-Yankee angle.

  • Cam

    If you haven’t already, you guys should go to WasWatching and check out the picture of Knobby. Man, it seems like forever since I’ve seen that guy.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I like this one better. Not only does Chuck look terrible, but he’s using his kid as a prop to look good for the cameras.

      • dan

        Can you explain to me (either here or in an email) how to get a link to be “in” the word. (The way you just did it with the words “this one”)

  • Moose

    hahaha, oh man! He has wasted NO TIME cashin’ in on his retirement food. My God. Dude looks unrecognizable. For a second I thought that was Harry Crumb.

  • Realsit

    Ouch , Knobby es no mas…………..viva El Flabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Back to the subject of this thread…..it’s unfair to pit Joe vs Joe this early in Girardi’s tenure. Hell , it would be unfair even 4 years into it , if that happens , though I am sure it will. I see Girardi as a needed change of blood that this tired team needed. Though I will always appreciate Torre for all he did and for the man he was/is. ;-)

  • Ivan

    Santana is signed


    So he’s the highest paid pitcher in baseball and the highest paid player not name A-Rod.

  • Eric

    Knobby has 3 rings and a boatload of cash. I dont think he cares too much about his weight or this HGH thing.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Torre should have been fired at the end of 2006, so what sense does it make to debate the two “Joes”. Girardi was the best candidate at the point Torre was finally let go. I’ve done this before, I won’t go over it again but take a look at the last 5 years under Torre and tell me he deserved to not only return, not only be the highest paid manager in baseball, but deserved a muti-year contract.

    My point, this is not Joe vs Joe, Torre had to go, period. It then becomes a question of Joe Girardi vs the rest of the potential candidates for the job of manager. I believe in that context Girardi was the best choice for the job. We’ll see….