Bruney, Yanks avoid salary arbitration

Rudy Giuiliani, Red Sox fan, immortalized in cards
Who's next at the top?

What do you get when you walk 37 guys and strike out 39 in 50 innings while pitching to an ERA worse than league average and getting sent down to AAA in August? Well, if you’re Brian Bruney, the answer is a raise amounting to nearly 100 percent. Bruney and the Yanks settled their salary dispute before arbitration, and the righty’s take will jump from $395,500 to $725,000 in 2008. He’s getting rewarded for not doing his job. In other news, Phil Hughes saw an alligator. It’s a slow news week.

Rudy Giuiliani, Red Sox fan, immortalized in cards
Who's next at the top?
  • E-ROC

    Shocking! I guess it must be the talent that got him the pay raise.

    I’m still shocked that Bruney is still on the team.

    Have you guys figured out what you’re going to do leading up to the start of the ML season?

  • Tripp

    Maybe you can do an article on which coach Bruney will turn down advice and help from first.

  • TurnTwo

    i know he qualifies as one of these guys who has MLB innings under his belt, and has potential, some varying amounts of success, and can throw hard, but he was awful last year. I just cant imagine Bruney playing an integral part in this bullpen, and if he does, maybe we do have more problems than I’d like to admit.

  • steve (different one)

    he is being “rewarded” for having 3 years of service time. that’s all there is to it.

    $725K is as close to minimum wage for a 4th year player as you can get.

    that’s just the way the system works.

    Bruney has shown enough flashes to warrant this tiny, tiny risk. the reward is high enough to justify a couple hundred grand.

    in his first 53 innings as a yankee, he put up an ERA of 1.50. given the volatility of relievers, it wouldn’t be the first time a reliever put up a strong season following a mediocre one.

    keeping him around for another look was a no-brainer.

  • Bill Porter

    Thank God, our long national nightmare is over.