Great moments in Congressional hearings

Yanks will not give long-term deal to Wang, yet
2008 Preseason Top 30 Prospects

One of the members of the House Oversight Committee just asked Roger Clemens if he is or ever was a vegan. Clemens looked bewildered, glanced around the room, and basically said, “Uhhh, what is a vegan? I don’t know what that is.” Apparently, the House Oversight Committee really has nothing better to do.

Yanks will not give long-term deal to Wang, yet
2008 Preseason Top 30 Prospects
  • aroundthemajors

    I guess they are running out of questions.

  • E-ROC

    LOL, that was priceless. I just rolled my eyes when that question was ask.

  • Mike N (Stamford, CT)

    Well, we do know that giving up meat is a gateway to doing HGH and steroids… so I guess it was kind of warrented.

    • Count Zero


  • Bo

    ROger has done everything you could ask for.

    We always said if you are accused you should sue, be sworn and go in front of Congress and tell your story without hiding.

    Well, he’s done all 3.

    What do sportswriters have to say now?

    • Whitey14

      So you think him taking all these steps proves his innocence? Or it is more plausible that without admissable, physical evidence, Clemens has taken these steps to try to win in the court of public appeal since it’s very likely the only court he’ll have to worry about?

      I think both men are liars, but there’s too much evidence that supports McNamee’s claims in the Mitchell Report to think he was lying today.
      Nobody has brought forth any evidence that McNamee had a reason to lie about Clemens drug use. I mean, why would he turn in truthful info about Pettitte and Knoblauch, but make it up about Clemens? Did something happen between the two of them that I haven’t read about yet?

      • bkight13

        To me the turning point was Debbie admiting to using HGH and having McNamee inject her. Are we supposed to believe that McNamee would risk his $100K a year gig with Roger by injecting his wife without Roger’s approval? No way. He wasn’t allowed to bring beer to the house, but he will inject the guy’s wife.

  • Jamal G

    That Chairman Waxman is a God Damn Grade-A DOUCHE. In all seriousness it’s really erplexing and downright abysmal how the Chairman is acting in this hearing right now. He obviously, painfully obviously came to this hearing with an axe to grind on Roger Clemens and he’s basically acted as an attorney for Brian McNamee.

    Even now as he is delivering his conclusion I guarantee you he will not bring up any points that McNamee’s credibility has been tarnished. He just said “I apologize to you, Mr. McNamee…”. WTF IS THAT?!?!? You as a Chairman of a Congressional Committee are going to apologize to him?!?!? Are you fucking kidding me??

  • bkight13

    My belief is that Roger experimented with both steroids and Hgh. He was a great pitcher before, during and after his use of these PED’s. He is still a HOFer, just like Bonds. The whole era is tainted and the late 80’s thru the early 00’s will always be the Steroid Era.

    Brian McNamee is pretty sleazy and does not seem to be an honorable person. I do believe he is telling the truth about Roger for the most part.

    Bud Selig really blew it with the Mitchell Report. It wasn’t thorough enough and to implicate only the ones that were named by BALCO, McNamee and Radomski unfairly limits the scope of the problem. They should have just reported that the use of PEDs was widespread without naming names and should focus on eliminating their use in the future.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Jamal – he was right in apologizing to McNamee. Did you listen to or watch the entire hearing? The hearing was 3/4 bashing McNamee and straight up calling the guy a liar among other names. The intent of the hearing wasn’t to smear McNamee and put him in a noose. If you think Waxman was acting as an attorney for McNamee for that apology, what do you call the handful of congress members who bashed McNamee nonstop and stood up for Clemens – The Clemens team of lawyers?

    Now, about the hearings in general. I don’t care. I don’t care about these petty drugs and athletes. This reminds me of the failed drug war – which should be abolished.

    • Jon

      Maybe they called him a liar and brought it up because, um, well he is liar and that’s quite relevant to the case.

  • bkight13

    They never showed that he made up accusations about anyone named. He lied about covering up his and his clients use of steroids, which everyone in baseball has done. That’s a big difference.

    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

      Right. There’s no doubt that McNamee has a history of lying. But this was about McNamee naming names: Knoblauch, Pettite, Clemens etc. It turns out that he was right about 2/3 and it sounds like he’s right about Clemens. McNamee deserves criticism, no doubt about it. But it’s starting to look like Clemens is the one lying now.

  • E-ROC

    This hearing was a joke. Money well spent, Congress. Still at square one. Maybe a tiny piece of guilt in Clemens direction based on Pettitte’s deposition. That’s pretty much the most damaging.

    Isn’t perjury different from lying?


    Alright, I’m a vegan so let me explain. Vegans have a lot of trouble getting enough Vitamin-B12 in our diets. All that stuff you hear about a vegan diet being deficient in essential vitamins, it’s really not true. B-12 is the only one that you have to watch out for.
    I guess they asked him if he was a vegan because of the B-12 injections he claims he was getting.

    But yeah, that’s a pretty dumb question.

  • Realist

    I don’t believe either of them…McNamee is a weasel with a mail order degree and Clemens seems to believe he is innocent but Pettitte’s statements and his wife admitting to injections hurts his case considerably.

    I agree that the chairmidget has an axe to grind but it doesn’t make either less or more guilty…there is plenty of that to go around.

    Now I see where Pettitte says he took HGH in 2004 , he recieved it from his Dad? So now his story changes and makes this more of a circus than a hearing.

    I applaud the CongressWoman who had the integrity to say that this was a waste of tax payer money. The ONLY TRUTH spoke today!

    • Whitey14

      Say Andy, what do you want for Hannakah this year? You’re always so hard to shop for. How about you give me a few ideas to go on this year huh kiddo?

      Well, geez Pop, you know you don’t need to spend your money on me. But I guess if you really want to get me something useful I’d take the “tub o hgh”.
      Can you wrap it in plain brown paper though?


      • Realist

        I believe Andy is a Christian so Chanukkah presents would make no sense?

        • Whitey14

          My apologies, I’ve been under the assumption all these years that he was Jewish. Thanks for correcting me.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    This was a waste. I’m sure that Clemens took some thing at some point but that does not flush his whole career down the tubes. He was one of the greatest pitchers of all time and if he was juicing the whole time, that would have been in Pettitte’s testimony.

    Even if Pettitte was absolutely truthful (and I’m sure he was), the amount of stuff he talked about was relatively minor.

    If Roger was a juicing maniac, I’m sure that would have been in Pettitte’s deposition.

    My take is that McNamee needs a strait jacket, Roger probably juiced some but it didn’t make him the phenom that he was, and Pettitte was in a tough place.

    The other thing is that with the deficit being what it is and kids dying in Iraq, this was a complete travesty to spend tax payer money on this.

  • Barry

    Mr. Clemens have you ever masturbated in the Yankee Clubhouse?

  • Eric SanInocencio

    I feel like Elijah Cummings, U.S. Representative from Marlyand, who is “searching for an independent party” to figure out which side to believe. You have two sides, two questionable characters, and one truth that eludes even the most important figures on Capitol Hill.

    In one corner you have a defamed hero, screaming at the public for the right to defend his legacy. In the other stands a trainer, who now admits to being a large part of the steroid culture that flourished in the national pastime.

    The most truthful statement of the day came from Clemens, who amongst all the unsure answers provided this statement about the future of all parties involved.

    “I have been asked to prove that I did not do it. How in the world can I prove a negative? No matter what we discuss here today, I am never going to have my name restored.”

    That truth was learned today. Take from that what you will.