Yanks will not give long-term deal to Wang, yet

Those pesky Congressional ethics laws
Great moments in Congressional hearings

Enough of this steroid talk. This hearing is a joke. In other Yankee news, Kat O’Brien reports in Newsday that Chien-Ming Wang wanted a long-term deal, but the Yankees said no. As Wang put, the Yanks told him that they would rather not sign a deal because it’s tough for pitchers to stay healthy. I wonder if the Yanks are concerned about Wang’s October performance. 5.2 innings do not a career make.

Those pesky Congressional ethics laws
Great moments in Congressional hearings
  • Grant

    Once Pavanno’d, twice shy.

  • http://www.overheardinnewyork.com NC Saint

    I don’t see any reason to conclude that they’re worried about that. It’s pretty implausible on the surface:

    1.) That would be extremely stupid
    2.) We have no reason to believe that Brian Cashman is extremely stupid (WasWatching notwithstanding)
    3.) It doesn’t even seem as if Hank Steinbrenner is that stupid.

    And there’s another explanation: they’re doing what they almost always do (Cano notwithstanding). Something which makes a lot of sense in general, and a lot more sense with a pitcher whose success without strikeouts has defied all conventional and statistical wisdom up to this point. I believe he can keep making it work. Maybe they do too. But why not use at least one of his arbitration years to wait and see?

    Isn’t that a lot more plausible than assuming the Yankees’ front office is run by people who have as little understanding of what a small sample size is as, say, the Daily News?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I’m more surprised that they said it to Wang and that Wang said it publicly than anything else. I’m sure if everything’s okay, when the time comes, Wang will get his deal.

  • nolan11

    Anyone else think the yanks are going to trade Wang after this season? The guy would be much better in the NL, he’s proven and could get a HAUL of players if he were traded with 3 years left before free agency… and in reality the yanks would be selling high. He only won 19 games last year because he played for the yanks. He doesnt miss bats and if his sinker is up…he gets SHELLED. I’m not saying hes a bad pitcher…hes a very good # 3-4 starter in the AL East…or a very good #2 in the NL…but hes just not what the yankees need. In 2009 the yanks can sign Sabathia, keep pettitte to be the 2nd lefty (provided he pitches well in 08) and they have Hughes, Jaba and Kennedy to round out the rest of the rotation (Imagine…Sabathia, Joba, Pettitte, Hughes, Kennedy)… they can trade wang in a package for a lefty ace or they can trade him for some impact young hitters. Thoughts?

    • Kanst

      Wang is a #3-4 in the AL East??? Wang is one of the best #2 starters in baseball. I dont get why all of a sudden this offseason people want to trade him. Wang is exactly what we need, he doesnt throw many pitches so he gets deep into games, keeps the team close, and will occasionally spin you a brilliant performance.

      Last season Wang had 1 start where he went less then 5 2/3. He gave up more then 4 runs 5 times. Lets compare that to everyones darling of the moment Josh Beckett. He failed to get 5 2/3 5 times, and gave up more then 4 runs 4 times.

      Wang may never strike guys out but that is the only thing keeping him from being an ace. Roy Hallday doesnt strike out that many and no one is calling for him to get traded. Wang also greatly increased his K’s last season. People love the K too much, ya its cool but I would rather the consistency Wang offers us

    • Count Zero

      Agree with Kanst here — the guy has pitched 417 innings over the last two years and posted ERA+ of 124 and 121. That’s a very good #2 starter in any baseball league, anywhere.

      For comparison purposes, media darling Dice-K posted a 108, and A.J. Burnett posted a 119. I defy you to find me a clearly better #2 starter in the AL East by any objective, meaningful measurement. Calling him a #3-4 is just ridiculous. His only downfall is that people wanted him to be the #1 guy.

      • steve (different one)

        I dont get why all of a sudden this offseason people want to trade him

        because he had 2 bad games at the wrong time and that’s how yankee fans operate these days.

        how many people wanted A-Rod gone after last season?

        we’ve become a terribly spoiled fanbase.

        that doesn’t mean the yankees should give him a long term deal. that would be a very dumb move by the Yankees. they control him for 4 more seasons. so, the only way a long term deal makes sense if it comes with a discount on some FA years. why would the yankees give a pitcher a 5-6 year GUARANTEED contract when they don’t have to? makes no sense.

  • whozat

    Halladay strikes out enough people. There is good reason to love the K in the way that stat-heads do…they don’t rely on anyone else. Changing the fielders, the park, none of that changes the pitcher’s ability to K guys. Thus, it’s a reliable indicator of success. Wang has been very good, and I believe he can sustain it. The assertion that he only won 19 games because he was on the Yankees is dumb…his ERA was very good, his walk rate and HR rate were stellar, and he went deep into games frequently.

    That said, it looked like teams were able to lay off his sinker more in the second half last year. If I were the Yankees, I too would want to see him make an adjustment to force guys to swing at it again before I signed him to a long-term deal

    • RollingWave

      Actually, Doc Halladay’s K/9 have been falling considerinabbly over the last couple of years. to the point where he really isn’t THAT much more of a K guy then Wang. in 06 and 07 he posted K/9 in the mid 5s. that’s a little better than Wang, but not by much.

      Teams like the Yankees simply don’t trade away guys that is good and look to be good going foward. which is Wang. talking about trading him is ridiculas. he’s not Randy Johnson or Jaret Wright here.

      of the 200 IP guys last year in the AL, there were a grand total of 7 guys that had significantly better ERA (aka under 3.5) so a top 10 pitcher in the AL = 4th starter? ooook. guess there must only be two teams in the AL.

  • Bo

    Wang is a perfect #3 starter.

    And if Hughes, Joba, horne, Brackman, etc turn into aces like we expect/think than we are in good shape.

  • Barry

    they’d better hope to keep this guy happy losing him would be a bad thing.

    • steve (different one)

      he can’t go anywhere until 2012.

      if he keeps it up, the yankees will pay him handsomely.

  • http://aroundthemajors.blogspot.com/ aroundthemajors

    I can see the Yankees point, they are just trying to protect themselves. I do think Wang will still be a great pitcher his entire career, and that his 07 postseason wasn’t a sign for things to come. I hope he proves himself this year, and they do sign him long term.


  • marc

    Isnt the sticking point in this whole dsicussion that the yankees control wang til hes 31 or 32 years old, exiting his prime… why bother guaranteeing him money when you control him for his prime years as is… even if he turns into a bonafide number 1, the yanks still control him til he will be just about leaving his prime…. i think its a smart approach and only really sucks for wang who wont be getting an insurance because he didnt reach the majors til he was 25 years old… plus the guy has had some major surgery performed on that shoulder.. always a red flag.

  • Tripp

    I see nothing wrong with what the Yankees are doing with Wang. They may not even make an effort to resign him after he becomes a free agent for the first time. They may be waiting to see how others develop in the minors. If it looks as though Brackman comes back successfully and Marquez and Horne development well in AAA then when Wang is ready for his big payday the Yanks won’t be forced to sign him. If those guys fizzle out in AAA then maybe they will sign him long term.