Melky is just glad to be here


Melky Cabrera is happy that he hasn’t been traded yet. And we’re happy that the Yanks have retained our favorite punching bag their starting center fielder. As much as we are skeptical of Melky’s long-term future, Johnny Damon just isn’t a viable center field option anymore.

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  1. Mark McCray says:

    Glad to see you guys are recognizing Melky as the starting center-fielder!!!

  2. Realist says:

    Well considering the competition he wins by default ;-)

  3. A-Point says:

    I think Melky will enjoy shutting up some of his critics this year.

  4. Curramba says:

    Glad to have a centerfielder:)

  5. Adrian-Retire21 says:

    If Danmon is healthy he is better then Jeter,Matsui,Melky.Maybe not defensively but he can out hit them.And If he was put on the DL instead of playimg 80% all year he would have done better last year.

  6. RobertGKramer says:

    A-Point, I hope you’re right, but I still like Gardner for the future in CF and leadoff. Melky’s arm will likely wind up in RF unless Tabata developes rapidly.

  7. Lanny says:

    Please get off the Gardner thing. He’ll never play a full season for the Yanks. He’s trade bait. He can’t hit a lick. If you want to root for a CF prospect, root for Austin Jackson.

  8. RobertGKramer says:


    The only knock on Gardner’s bat is the lack of power. He has a chance to play in NY this year! Jackson didn’t impress me in the AFL and will likely spend the year in Trenton, or at best replace Gardner in SWB.

    • Ben K. says:

      Of course AJAX didn’t impress in the AFL; he wasn’t there. He did manage a .271/.368/.489 line in Hawaii thought which isn’t bad for a kid who turned 21 last week.

  9. RobertGKramer says:

    Ben is right, my memory wrong! Ajax had a strange fall in three parts offensively. The first and third mediocre and in the middle his bat was on fire!

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