• http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    How’s he gonna feed his kids?!?!?

    • Rich

      He can now feed all of Shawn Kemp’s kids.

      • dan

        Except Shawn Kemp himself.

      • RollignWave

        he might not be able to feed all of Elijah Duke’s kids when he’s through though…

  • Count Zero

    You guys are brutal. :-)

    I can’t believe anyone would trade away most of their best prospects for the opportunity to pay a pitcher $150MM over the next seven years. Even if he is Johan. You’re taking on a helluva lot of risk, I don’t care what anybody says.

    Just suppose he breaks down in year 2 for a minute…OOOF! I wish the Mets luck with that. NOT!

    • RollignWave

      Except that that Mets didn’t exactly trade away great prospects here ;) two high risk high potential and 2 low risk low pot guy aren’t exactly world beaters.

      I really don’t like Carlos Gomez’s right now, if he’s going to be good he almost needs to change his skill set somewhere . (either a. hit for contact.. or b. hit for pretty significant power.. I’m talking about 20+ HR with a ton of 2B / 3Bs, and that’s just to be a good starter, not really a super star) while that’s obviously not impossible. it’s not exactly good news when your already 22 years old in the high minors. particularly the former part.

      the later part obviously have a better chance of happen as he’s a big kid, but he needs to hit for a lot of power to seriously offset the lack of contact and only mediocare on base skill. and this doesn’t particularly play out well with his main skill (speed)

  • dan

    It’s this kind of expert analysis and in-depth commentary that really separates RAB from the rest of the pack ;)

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Tomorrow, we’ll tell you how many orphaned children in starving third-world countries Johan Santana could feed with his contract and all for just 51 cents a day.

  • Relaunch

    Another great article by Lupica in the news today.
    I can gaurantee if the Yanks made the trade, he would be bashing them, not commending them. Lupica is one of the worst. I try to avoid all of his articles and cringe when I happen to read one.

    • YankeeJosh

      If the Yankees had made the deal, Lupica’s talking points would have been:

      $1 billion spent and no world series
      Another $150 million on a pitcher even one as great as Santana doesn’t guarantee a championship
      The Yankees giving this contract is what will kill disparity in the league.

      Etc etc. Lupica is so predictable. Since it’s the Mets, it’s a great deal.

  • Matt

    This reminds me of that hilarious comment by Latrell Spreewell. Does anyone remember that time when asked about his $11 million/yr contract he was like “how am I gonna feed my family off that?” Hopefully Santana doesn’t have that same reaction.

  • nick blasioli

    im glad all this crap about santana is over with…good luck mets..not…this is going to be and interesting year…alot to watch unfold…

  • Lanny

    He can feed Travis Henry’s too.

    • dan

      Steven Jackson, of the Warriors and formerly of the Pacers, also has 5 kids in 4 different states. And a couple of them might be older than Phil Hughes.

  • Lanny

    Lupica is unreadable.

  • Mike R.

    The important issue here is: How much are we going to have to offer Sabathia next offseason? He’s going to want a similar deal.

  • Alan

    How can you guys even read Lupica? I regurgitate whatever it was I ate last with the very thought of him. He’s so biased and predictable that its sickening.

    Honestly, I’m expecting this deal to blow up in the faces of the Mets. Pitchers with long term contracts do not have a good track record. Kevin Brown and Mike Hampton were both considered to be top pitchers when they got their deals and they imploded.

    While I understand Hampton wasn’t on Santana’s level, Brown was considered to be one of the top pitchers at the time. He finished in the top 3 for NL Cy Young in two of those years, with numbers eerily similar to Santana. Injuries have a funny way of catching up to a pitcher and Santana, amazingly, hasn’t had one yet. Call me a pessimist, but I won’t be surprised if Santana’s arm falls off around year three of the contract.

    The Yankees made the right call in backing off from Santana and sticking with the big three. While they might never become Santana, they’re cost effective and they’ve got far less mileage on their arm than he does.

  • Travis

    Alan, I agree that the Yankees made a good move for the franchise, but I also think the Mets made a good move for their team, too. Can’t wait to see the Bronx kids this season

  • Alan

    Oh, I think its a good move for them in the short term. Mets fans might have revolted if Minaya didn’t do anything to improve the pitching rotation after watching Glavine leave. I just think Mets fans are going to come to regret this deal later on. 20+ mil AAV is a ton of money to be giving to any player, let alone one thats only playing once every five days.

    • Realist

      Well said!

  • dan l

    Will Hank come and say we will not be overspent?????

    From a leaked internal memo notes the follow directive from King Hank….
    Take the 30 mil which included the luxury tax and draft the best and go over slot but just get me the best damn pitchers period!
    Cashman skulks out of the room with a smile.

    • dan

      uummm, what?

  • steve (different one)


    When the Twins made a last pass at the Yankees on Tuesday, it was too late. So when Cashman told the Twins yet again that Hughes was off the table, the Twins went for the gusto, requesting that instead Cashman send them both Kennedy and Chien-Ming Wang to go with Cabrera and Marquez. Why not? By then, it was clear that there was only one place left to go, and that was the Mets


    so, that makes four sources (Law, Olney, Madden, and Heyman) who say the Twins asked for Wang and Kennedy vs. the one Klapish report of Kennedy/Melky/prospect.

    seems to me like the Twins just overplayed their hand.

    • Realist

      This is where all the Santana proponents need to get their head’s out of their asses! WHY would you even consider giving the Wang , IPK or the Hughes , Melky and IPK package for a player they took FAR LESS from the Mets??????????????????????????

      This makes 4 reporters reporting the same damn thing! The Twins were trying to fleece the Yanks and any Yankee fan who would want his/her team fleeced would be more upset with the outcome of that eventualy. Then could cry about what a terrible trade it was and Cashman should be fired.

      They took pennies from the Mets and wanted 50 cent pieces then quarters from the Yanks….anyone with any sense can see that.

      Don’t get me wrong , I would have loved to have Santana but not at the expense of the future.

  • RollingWave

    trading Wang for Santana kinda defeat the purpose of the trade though, the difference between the two in the regular season for the Yankees are minimal , at least certainly not the difference worth of the insane money difference + Kennedy + Cabrera +Marquez .

    the Yankees were trading because they only had two sure thing in the rotation, and in the process of fixing it… they trade away the surest of the surest thing in the rotation would be stupid beyond all belief.

  • Manimal

    Well as long as it isn’t 150 out of the yankees pocket. Now on to C.C.