The Sean Henn hype maching begins

The media needs an A-Rod story
Pending Pinstripes Top 30 Prospects

What is with Yankee managers and Sean Henn? Once again, as PeteAbe tells us, Sean Henn is drawing praise from a Yankee manager. Joe Girardi liked what he saw. Now, Henn in his 57.1 MLB innings has turned in a 7.53 ERA and has given up 73 hits and 11 HR while walking 43 and striking out just 38. At one point last season, Henn gave up 17 earned runs over the span of 6.1 innings. I know he’s out of options, but do we really need to live through another season of the Sean Henn experience?

The media needs an A-Rod story
Pending Pinstripes Top 30 Prospects
  • blah

    Lefty pitchers are like women with big tits. Their one asset causes many people to overlook their flaws.

    • Pique

      Hahah, love the analogy.

  • Rich

    Isn’t Henn out of option years? They could be trying to pump up his trade value.

  • Brian

    So do we need a lefty going in, and who would you pick if not Henn?

    • Ben K.

      We don’t need a lefty. I’d rather have a relief pitcher who can get outs than a token lefty.

      • kunaldo

        ding ding ding…ben, you are on the money…what’s the point of having a lefty specialist when he sucks?

  • RobertGKramer

    I’d be more interested in Dave Eiland’s opinion of Henn and his opinion of Chase Wright.

  • Barry

    whatever hes got the stuff and hes gonna get the chance why bother bitching

  • maximumpotential

    Igawa pitched decently (not as bad) from the stretch last year, and has recent experience has a starter so he’s got stamina/durability. I’d like to see him be the (effective) lefty out of the pen. I admit it’s not a pretty option to think about right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to it happen. Henn could always be DFA’d.

  • Greg G.

    I have an idea…since it’s just one comment after the first “live” batting practice session for the pitchers, and since no one has actually seen game action this spring…let’s all panic amidst the hype.

    Sorry if my sarcas-o-meter is turned way up, but please, chill everyone.

  • mooks

    He’s a lefty and he throws hard.

    Managers are always going to love that, Giradi (being a former catcher) is going to think him and Eiland can fix him.

    Mangers love power guys, and Henn does throw hard (keep in mind Giradi also really likes Farnsworth, who he used to catch).

    Add that fact that he is a lefty, and the Yanks don’t have those in the bullpen, and you have love at first sight.

    When Henn pitches, that love will turn to utter hatred, and contempt, the kind you see in nasty divorces.

  • Lanny

    Henn out of options and lefty. He’ll be given every chance to make the squad.

  • Lanny

    One of the most interesting posts of the off season was the one that showed Henn threw the hardest of the draft class in the minor leagues a few yrs ago.

  • Mike

    Who was Henn’s pitching coach in the minors?

  • mustang

    I found this from New York Post 3/18/07 on Henn :

    “I continue to believe he is like Scott Proctor, that given time he has a great arm and will emerge,” Cashman said. “Now, with the option, we will get more time developing the rare lefty reliever who throws 92-95 mph with movement”.

    Just shows that they expected a lot from him last year too and we seen the results I agree it’s time to move on.
    What would it take to get Damaso Marte from the Pirates ? He seems more like what Cashman describe above. Maybe look at the Padres they are loaded with lefties and seems to like to trade with the Yanks.