Pending Pinstripes Top 30 Prospects


The guys over at my old stomping grounds just wrapped up their four-month long countdown of the Yanks’ top 30 prospects. They made life easy by linking to each player’s profile in this handy dandy wrap-up list, and also linked to oodles of other Yankee prospect links from around the Interweb. Check that shizz out.

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  • Lanny

    You may wants to fix that link, Mike.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I dunno what the hell happened, but it’s fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Lanny

    They love the young guys like Montero and Heredia.

    Would it kill them to get CLippard off there and replace him?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Don’t you love Jesus? I sure do.

      Jairo’s good, but not #9 good. Just my 2 cents, those guys are certainly entitled to their opinion.

      • Lanny

        From all I hear and read Montero has some bat.

        Now if he can catch…. Wow.

        • zack

          Over at another haunt of mine, Jetsinsider, a poster has been posting some great photos collected from around the interwebs (SeanRyan, if you are around, where did you get these?)

          Check out the photos of Montero in the middle of the page, the kid is freaking huge for someone his age…and not fat huge

          • daneptizl

            Is that Yonder Alonso playing catch with A-Rod?

            • Mike R.

              You are correct. I believe that is the future Yankee 1B himself. (I hope) :D

          • Rich

            Yeah, that’s what impressed me most, that Montero is fairly lean for such a big young guy.

  • Lanny

    Ok 3 in a row but that list is so interesting.

    Betances has great potential but 5? AHead of someone with good stuff and results like Horne?

    Doesnt it feel good to actually have a good system???

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Yeah, it does feel good. When I first started following prospects and the minors, the Yanks already had a bad-ass system, and I kinda took it for granted. Once 2003-2005 rolled around, it sucked bad. It definitely made me appreciate how important having a good system is. Trust me, it’s scary when players get hurt or suck for the ML team, and you already know there are no better options in the minors. I’m definitely enjoying and appreciating this ride the second time around.

    • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees Eric Schultz

      I had Horne over Betances, but I think EJ and Ashish were bullish on Montero’s ceiling, and probably more worried about Horne’s 2nd-half control problems (and relatively advanced age) than I was.

  • Lanny

    Heres my big flaw with them.

    No Sanchez or Brackman or Melencon?

    If we’re talking upside (and they got Betances 5 and Heredia 9) those 3 HAVE to be on a list.

    • steve

      i believe they had stipulations, they didn’t count any of the TJ guys.

      • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees Eric Schultz

        That’s correct. We wanted to see how they came back from surgery before we ranked them. While that might seem like a cop out, we didn’t feel comfortable ranking them until we got some post-surgery track record, or at least some news that their stuff was back.

  • maximumpotential

    if Jackson turns out like Hanley, WOOHOO!

    • Mike R.

      Agreed, and if their take on Tabata’s ceiling turns out to be accurate…look out. .320/.400/.550?? That’s Vlad Guerrero territory. That would be a dream come true.

      • RollingWave

        Something inbetween Vlad and Bobby Abreu seem to be what Tabata’s ceiling is, but there’s still a chance that he bombs or don’t turn out that good.

        There’s obviously some negatives you can look at

        1. he’s not big: he’s listed height = Melky

        2. he hasn’t shown much pop so far.

        still though, his age context is very very good and his one true lack is something that usually come with age.

        • Lanny

          Not many 19 yr olds show power. Its the last tool to come.

          And Melky isnt exactly little.

  • maximumpotential

    hey, with Jeter’s def (or lack there-of) at SS, does Melky, Henn & Igawa to PITT for Jack Wilson & DeMaso Marte make sense? move Jete to CF…

  • AndrewYF

    MikeA, when did you start following Yankee prospects? Early nineties? Last time the Yanks had a bad-ass system seems to be around the time when Jeter was tearing up the minors.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Early ’90s? I was 10 years old back then!

      I started following the minors around the 1999, 2000 season. The Yanks had a great system back then, with Johnson, Soriano, Henson, Claussen, Rivera, Jimenez, lots of talent. BA consistently had them as one of the best systems back then.

      • Greg G.

        Oh, Mike, you’re killing me! You mean you have no recollection of the “golden years” when the “big three” meant: Jeff Johnson, Chuck Cary, and Wade Taylor.

  • mustang

    How does Austin Jackson get the 3rd spot ? I have read a lot on him so I know he has skills, but shouldn’t he be a little more tested before you rank him 3rd best prospect in the system.

  • mustang

    Does anyone know what happen to Claussen ?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Traded to Cincy in the Aaron Boone deal, and made a bunch of starts between injuries for them. Non-tendered last offseason and signed a minor league deal with the Nats. Got in about 35 minor league innings on his way back from shoulder surgery, will try to make their rotation in ST.

  • maximumpotential

    Mike A,

    with Jeter’s def (or lack there-of) at SS, does Melky, Henn & Igawa to PITT for Jack Wilson & DeMaso Marte make sense? move Jete to CF…

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Jack Wilson sucks ass. Yes he’s better defensively than Jeter, but I don’t see how he helps the Yanks. Plus he’s super expensive.

      Marte’s nice, a little over-rated, but I’d rather keep Henn and Igawa. If nothing else, I think they can get a better return on Kei. I think the Pirates would make that trade in a heartbeat, which means it’s bad for the Yanks.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Please don’t post the same question multiple times in more than one thread. I answered your question earlier in a different thread. There’s no need to post it twice here as well.

  • mustang


  • mustang

    Why do you think Marte is over-rated his numbers seem of the charts. Especially against the lefties batters.

  • maximumpotential

    Damon to TOR for Josh McDonald & Reed Johnson any better? Move Jeter to LF, they get a 4th OF and a TRUE GG-calibur SS. Melky batting 2nd would see his #’s SPIKE DRAMATICALLY

  • maximumpotential

    nevermind that /\, didn’t realize McD was THAT bad with the bat LOL or also 34y/o

  • Lanny

    The guy who wanted Jack Wilson for SS over DEREK FREAKING JETER should be punished by being forced to watch the Pirates all year.

  • BrunoAKAmaximumpotential


  • BrunoAKAmaximumpotential

    JUST speaking defensively, how could you NOT want Wilson over Jeter? Look, I love DJ as much as the next fan, but let’s call a spade a spade. Even Mike noted that Wilson is better defensively.

    However, Furcal is a FA after this season and will only be 31. I know that’s not exactly young, but it’s young enough to be 3 years younger than our beloved Captain. Plus Furcal was 2nd, only behind Tulo, in zone rating last year and has a CANNON for an arm. Granted, it would be a stop-gap move, but a VERY good one in my opinion. I’d love to see the Yanks sign him (3yrs/$36-45m?), dump Damon, and move Jeter to LF. The first year of the New Stadium makes perfect “symbolic” sense as the time Jeter should relinquish SS.