• Ivan

    Hey guess what Boston fans, you just witness history lol

  • Joseph C.

    I… I can’t believe it.

  • Mac

    There is justice in this world. And it is beautiful.

  • Ivan

    Red Sox, Your next.

  • Realist

    I guess all that “Title Town” bull shit should die down now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game!

    Btw, belicheck showed what a classless pos he really is at the end , didn’t he?

  • Travis

    What an unbelievable performance by the New York Giants. And, classy of Coach B. to run off the field before the game ended.

  • Dimaggio5

    Hey Boston – how ’bout them Giants!!! This is so damned sweet thinking of all those tears in Boston tonight. Bring on pitchers and catchers! :-) My heart was pounding…wooooooooooooooooo……

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Eli Manning, Super Bowl MVP.

    How many people saw that coming back in September?

    • zack

      Forget September, who saw that coming before the first Giants-Pats game the last week of the season! Unreal

      • http://sport.newsvine.com Adam

        Forget the last game of the season, who saw that even at the end of this game? Eli was clearly not the MVP. I would have been happy with the MVP going to any one of Strahan, Tuck or Umenyiora :-)

        The Giants didn’t win because of Eli, they won because their defense was able to pressure Brady like no team had was able to previously this season.

        • chris fowler

          you’re right that they didn’t win because of eli. they won because the entire team played well. you’re inability to single out one player on the defensive line that is deserving of an “mvp” speaks volumes about the concept of a team victory.

  • ansky



  • LiveFromNewYork

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JINTS!!!!

  • Malcard89


  • Manimal


  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Wasn’t Brady laughing when he heard that Plaxico predicted the Pats would only score 17?

    • dan

      “17 points? OKAY

    • daneptizl

      Plax doesn’t underestimate the other team.

  • Ivan

    Just to here New England or Boston Fans crying is just great. By the way, Boston Fans are the most obnoxious and arrogant fans ever.

    • RichYF

      Ivan, go over to Lohud.com, NY fans aren’t much better. Puts the rivalry into perspective that’s for sure.

      Lots of fairweather fans. Kind of reminds me of 2004 when I saw about 40,000 pink Red Sox hats at school.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        Tell me about it. I was going to school in Northern California in 2004, and the Sawx hats came out of the woodwork that October.

    • H

      You’re kidding right?

      Scroll up or down.

  • kris

    I really believe I jinxed the Pats by betting on them, esp. given the ridiculous way Eli fought off that sack and made the play. Boy I got to say: it was worth every freaking cent.

  • beantownbosoxh8er

    hmmmmmmm it is really quiet here!

  • beantownbosoxh8er

    do you think the Yanks will celebrate the Giants in Yankees stadium while the sox are there? I hope so.

  • mg

    If anyone has a link to a good picture of Tyree catching that pass on his helmet, I’d really like to print it out tomorrow for my desk…. Just saying.

    How sweet it is. Now lets bring home a world series ring for Jeter’s thumb.

  • Count Zero

    I must say, I’m not a Giants fan but I was rooting for them to stick it to Boston fans tonight. And I really enjoyed it when it happened. :-)

    But if there was any real justice in this world, the MVP award would’ve gone to the entire Giants D — they won that game, not their QB. Eli was good — the D was just awesome.

  • Joseph C.

    Yeah the D was great, but they did hand the ball back to Eli after getting scored on. Don’t get me wrong, the D was absolutely insane and kept us in it, but Manning and the drive is what people will remember most.

  • Ivan
  • barry


  • steve (different one)

    i think this is the most fired up i have been since the 1996 yankees.

    Brady is great, but when you knock him on his ass a few times, he’s a little less great. and that was enough.

    when Tyree scored that TD and the Giants went up 10-7, it was like that scene in Rocky IV “the Russian is cut! the Russian is cut!”

  • Lanny

    This is the happiest moment since 2000 beating the Mets.

  • Jersey

    I still can’t believe it.

    I just want one more of those f’n “Joe’s Diner” commercials with that prick from Southie yappin’ it up….just ONE MORE. To watch him cry in his chowdah. ;)

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    I’m hoarse.

    Also, that Eli play when he pulled away from what should have been a sure sack and completed the pass and somehow Tyree held on to the ball might just be one of the best plays I’ve ever seen.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    How did he make this play? Insanity.

  • Back Bay Yankee

    Everybody on the T is crying or yelling or surreptitiously drinking. And I am floating home on their shattered dreams and broken hope. It feels good. Real good.

  • mike

    no need to beat up on brady and the pats…or those insufferable boston fans. we certainly don’t want to be like them.

    our giants beat them fair and square and showed in the end who are the champions.

    it just makes our victory sweeter to take down an undefeated team with one of the best QBs ever.

  • Mike T

    OOPS! I had just orderd the Book, 19-0 on Amazon. NOT!!!!
    Today Brady and Bill BeleCHEAT: Tommorrow: Popi and Sloppy (manny)!!!!
    What a GREAT day!

  • Rich

    New York > Boston

    The world is back in balance.

  • Jeff

    Wow… one of the most exciting games I had ever seen… amazing to watch the Pats go down to the G-MEN. Yes. Fairweather or not cause I’ll admit I’m a baseball fan it was awesome to watch the NY team come out on top.
    The pass rush did win the game – holding the Pats to 14 in good weather is something no other D has been able to or probably could do. I kind of agree with Adam.
    But you have to take your hat off to Manning as well. I guess you could see the story of the two brothers comming out in the event that this one happened. With all the criticism Eli gets he did his part to lead the team and giving him the MVP is fine considering the final drive.
    AWESOME GAME… guess cheating only got the Pats so far. This kind of shit is supposed ot happen to Boston – now it is time for the Yanks to do thier part.

  • Manimal

    From a yankees fan perspective that was a hell of a game and I’m glad one NY can beat the boston team.

    From a giants fan perspective OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

  • GoTerpsGo

    Move over Bucky Dent – here’s David Tyree?!?!?! ;)

    Pats got shot down, the Sawx are next!!!!!

  • GoTerpsGo

    I just found this little gem:


  • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

    I must ask the question, does the fact that the New York Giants upset the 2007 New England Patrots who had a perfect record coming into the game give us Yankees fans enough ammo to go up against 2004?

    • Ron

      No effing way! While sweet, it can’t take the sting out of 2004. The 5 game sweep in Fenway in 2006 was sweet, but didn’t erase 2004. Nothing can (well, except maybe a time machine where we change the result). All of these little things help, but nothing can remove the sting of 2004. We unfortunately must carry that ignominy to our grave.

  • ColoYank

    The Giants were meant to win it.

    David Tyree is a fast special teams player, NOT a possession receiver, or good hands-type guy! I thought Fox did an outstanding job with their cameras to catch the catch as well as they did.

    WOOHOO!! G-MEN!!. As someone who’s been following them since the Y.A.Tittle, Frank Gifford, Sam Huff days, this one is really, really sweet.

  • http://myspace.com/lincolnsworld Link

    What an amazing game..sadly I’ll be stuck at work tonight and school tomorrow else I would drive up for the parade…

  • mustang

    What a game !!!! And like always the Boston Fan are taking it with such class. LOL You guys have to read some of the Bogs out there. WOW Can’t wait for my frist Yanks-Red Sox this year
    No more 1918 chant now it’s 18 and 1. I have watch My Yanks, Gaints and Rangers win in the most historic ways. My only pain the Knicks. I can still see John Starks missing. oh well

  • Dylan

    From Amazon:

    Customers who bought “19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England’s Unbeatable Patriots” (Paperback) by Boston Globe

    also bought

    “Life Management” (Paperback) by Britney Spears
    “Settling Your Books: Memoirs on Family Finance” (Hardcover) by Wesley Snipes
    “Boston Globe Jumps the Gun” (PASSRUSH) by NY GIANTS!

  • Whitey14

    As a Red Sox fan, I used to be embarrassed when New England fans at other sports venues would bust out with “yankees suck” chants. I just felt it was totally classless. I feel you either cheer for your team or just shut up, but either way, have some class. I’ve never booed the yanks even though I hate them (as a team only, no individuals), but I really feel bad for a lot of you today. You’re so upset that your yanks haven’t won a world title lately that you feel vindicated by the giants beating the Patriots? Does that make any sense at all? Hopefully you realize, but I’m guessing by your posts that you do not, that in New England we love the Patriots, but they’re not religion like the Red Sox. Bust on us for the Pats all you want, but the Sox still have two rings since the yanks won their last and that’s what Boston sports fans care about most!

    • Realist

      We are on a NY Yankee blog enjoying a win…why are YOU here? To make us feel bad for being happy? To question our “class” because we are happy that a team that was supposedly unbeatable , was beaten?

      Boston fans have NO class and are NOWHERE to be found when their teams aren’t playing well. I lived in New England for 4 years and saw the most obnoxious . fair weather , uninformed fans.

      Also , your team’s questionable methods of fairplay will be further exposed in the coming weeks , so yes this is a sweet victory…beating a cheating , supposedly unbeaten team.

      Now go back to your Sox forum and tell each other that the refs were wicked bad or wicked sucked….

      • Whitey14

        Yeah, and many former prominent yankees were on roids and HGH. Like YOU should be talking about cheating….get real!

        Sorry to post this three times. I just thought it was that funny!!

  • mustang

    First, Be proud of your two little rings because i have been around to see my team win 6 of them. By the way 1 more and tie your grand total. So no I’m NOT upset by the Red Sox winning 2 rings why should i be we have so many. If I were you Whitey14 I wouldn’t talk about your Red Sox wins too much you New Englanders seem to have a way of putting your foot in your mouth. Ask those Pats fan about it.
    And WOW a Red Sox Fan talking about class you got to be kidding me right !!!!!

    Leave a comment

    • Whitey14

      I’m glad you’ve seen the yankees win 6 titles…what have they done lately? Last I knew the World Series Champions flag flies over Fenway not yankee stadium. Apparently you played on the teams that won those 6 flags? “So no I’m NOT upset by the Red Sox winning 2 rings why should i be we have so many” WE? I’m guessing you were a major star if you played from 77-00 ;-)

      Please don’t lump all Red Sox fans together as classless even though I realize some are. I didn’t say anything classless in my post. I didn’t predict future wins, insult yankee fans or anything like that. I have friends that are older than myself that grew up loving the yanks and I have no problem with them. Real, true fans of either team respect each other because we realize that we’re mirror images of each other with the only difference being the logo we wear. I happen to think I’m a pretty classy guy and I received comments from yankee fans on this website that they think I’ve brought some fairly intelligent thoughts and comments to these posts. I try to be honest and fair when I post even if the comments are not favorable to the Sox. I respect the yankees and their history but as a Red Sox fan I just don’t like them. The same as you don’t like the Red Sox. Doesn’t seem classless to me, just honest.

      • Jersey

        You lost.

    • Whitey14

      Yeah, and many former prominent yankees were on roids and HGH. Like YOU should be talking about cheating….get real!

      • Jersey

        See Harrison, Rodney.

        PS You lost.

  • Whitey14

    Yeah, and many former prominent yankees were on roids and HGH. Like YOU should be talking about cheating….get real!

  • Realist

    Lol , the Mitchell report…an employee of the sox who zeroed in on one team…much like most Bostoner’s…the one they are inferior to!

    Btw, Whitey , was HGH or Steriods banned when two players on the yanks (I am sure there were no sox , ofcourse not)…nope didn’t think so?

    So , there goes your comment…btw , why are you here again? Oh thats right , to try and make Yankee fans feel bad that the Giants beat the biggest , crock of shit team in recent sport’s history…whew , must make you feel good about yourself?

    I also have seen the Yankwin 6 rings and look forward to more while Whitey plays the inferiority complex to the hilt………..until his teams win and he can regress back into the Boston troll he truly is ;-)

    Fuck off Whitey…and please stop using the name of a Yankee legend.

    • Whitey14

      That must be how you reply when you’re so frustrated you can’t make any more sense. You swear at me and ask me to stop using my god-given name? I have more claim to it than Edward Charles Ford since it was only a nickname for him. My last name happens to be White, you dolt! I’ll use it any time and any way I want. Also, please get this through your thick skull, it doesn’t matter if HGH and Steroids were banned in MLB or not! They were and are against the law!! Baseball didn’t need to ban them, the Federal Government did it for them. That’s like saying it’s okay to smoke crack in your basement if your landlord doesn’t have a rule against it. It’s not the fault of Red Sox fans that our players were smart enough to not speak with Mitchell’s group. EVERY player was asked to speak with them. It’s also not the Red Sox fault that their clubhouse employees weren’t caught dealing drugs and those working for the yankees and mets were. I may agree with you that the Mitchell Report was biased and ridiculous, but the fact that many of it’s findings have rung true cannot be denied. I’ve never once said yanks fan should feel bad that the giants won. I’ve said that thinking it has any impact on the Red Sox yankees rivalry is just plain wrong. They have no correlation whatsoever. Please read what I write before you respond in these ridiculous rants.

      • Jersey

        Again…you lost.

  • Realist

    Further more you Beantown bozo , you claim MANY Yankee players took hgh and roids???? Like most Bostonians you failed to realise most of these players were ACCUSED when they weren’t playing for the Yanks. The key word is ACCUSED.

    I still think it is hilarious that Mitchell an employee of the Sox and self proclaimed fan , was allowed to waste tax payer money on this witch hunt? I also am sure that no sox did it ever! I am quite sure as Mitchell investigated only ONE team , the one he doesn’t work for…………

  • Jersey

    Please don’t feed the losers trolls

  • mustang

    Sorry that i haven’t had the chance to reply to this fool (Whitey14 ). First, I don’t need your creditions I respect anyone who takes the time to put their opinion on this blog. Even when their a fool. However, I do take exception to a Red Sox Fan writing in a Yankees Blog trying to teach US about what a class fan chants and the differences between Pats and Red Sox Fans. Who are you ? and Who cares ?
    Second, no I did not play, but like a lot of Yankees Fans here I do feel so passionate about OUR team that WE feel like WE are part of it. You might not understand that. I also see you got into the Mitchell report and again like fool you have no idea what your talking about. Be honest how many Red Sox do you think got left on the cutting room floor. Oh no, Big Daddy is not on anything just see his numbers and looks with the Twins and than with Sox. How did it happen to be that the Sox cut one of there reliever two days before the report and than he on it. Nothing going on there !!
    So as I’m looking at my Super Bowl XLII New York Giants Champions Cap and watching MY team parade in the greatest city in the world with the greatest fans in the world. I can only smile when reading the writing on the back of the cap ” WE WANTED IT MORE” …WE sure did !!!!!!!!

    • Whitey14

      David Ortiz, Minnesota Twins, 2001, 18 HR in 303 AB
      David Ortiz, Minnesota Twins, 2002, 20 HR in 412 AB
      You’re right this guy had no power whatsoever and increased playing time never equates to better performance.
      I don’t blame you guys though for trying to cling to whatever respect the tainted yankee dynasty of the 90’s still has. See when the Pats are accused of cheating it’s wrong and they suck and they’re overrated, but when it’s the yankees it’s biased and bullshit. Biased I’ll give you, but with all of the confessions since the report, even idiots like yourselves can’t denyt the findings. Nice try goobers, but like I said earlier the Red Sox clubhouse employees weren’t a bunch of drug pushers like the yankees and mets guys were. That’s why they got busted. Those guys didn’t want to do time in prison for fear of meeting guys like you, so they turned in the guys that were cheating and they were mostly yankees. Too bad, so sad baseball fans across the country are questioning the four rings the yankees won while they kept the steroid and HGH markets afloat.

  • Realist

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whitey claims he has more of a right to be called Whitey because it is his “God given name”…then goes on to say his last name is White…but Whitey Fords is only a nickname?????

    Did I miss something????????? They BOTH are nicknames DOPE!

    Let’s get back to the discussion…you had the balls , albeit tiny ones , to come on here and call us “Classless”…when in fact we were enjoying the Giants win.

    I mean Bostonians NEVER chanted “Darryl” or the ever clever “Yankees Suck”…or wear “yankees suck ” shirts and have them as bumper stickers along with the kid pissing on the Yank emblem. They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO classy that they encourage their kids to do this…lmao! They teach their children to hate…fucking lowclass garbage! Imagine allowing your 3rd grade Son or Daughter to walk around with a shirt like that?

    Secondly , the subject was the Pats and their cheating …YOU turned it into the Mitchell report because you knew you were wrong. So to deflect blame from your overhyped and under punished team you switch to a non football story????

    FYI , The Pat’s stole signals via airwaves…FCC territory AND a crime!

    As I said before…Fuck off White …..leaving the “y” off , you haven’t earned it


    Great response and I had to work and missed the parade …..

    • Whitey14

      Surrealist, Mustard, please learn to read. I said that fans in New England starting “yankees suck” chants at other sports venues, i.e. soccer games, football games, basketball games etc. was classless. I guess if new york fans start Red Sox sucks chants at knicks and giant games then that would make you classless, but I certainly didn’t accuse you of it. You just misread what I said. But I’m proud of you because either you can actually read, or at least you have a speciall fella to read it to you. Before the Red Sox won the first of their 2 World Championships in the last four years, I actually would have agreed with you that Red Sox/New England fans were a bunch of A Holes, but the tide has defintely turned since the Sox won two Series. We no longer care about the yankees because they don’t matter. Apparently they’re everything to you because you must consider yourselves part of the team. Too bad. Well I guess if we, as fans, are allowed to do that, I’m an Eastern Division, American League and World Series Champion and you guys are a couple of schmucks. Or as I like to say, Typical New Yorkers ;-)
      By the way surrealist, a real fan would have been at the parade, but I guess with today’s weather, you really were needed at the car wash!

      WHITEY 14