One last non-baseball gasp

Joba like it's hot
Undefeated no more!!!

So this it it. Super Bowl Sunday. We’re almost free.

Johan Santana is traded. A-Rod, Jorge, Rivera, all re-signed. And it’s February. Pitchers and catchers report soon.

But for sports fans, there’s one last hurdle before we can really turn our attention to baseball. For 60 minutes tonight, the Giants and the Patriots will finish up the NFL season. And maybe, just maybe, the Giants can finish their stunning postseason with a victory.

Really, it goes beyond one title game. The Giants are playing for a region. Do we really want yet another sports team from Boston winning a title? Already, Celtics fans — with no concept of the East vs. West divide in the NBA — think they could witness their team bring home Boston’s third title this season. Last I checked, the Patriots haven’t even won yet.

So here we are. In two weeks, pitchers, catchers and just about everyone else will be in Tampa getting ready for the season. But today, we’re rooting for the Giants. Bring home a win; New York wants it.

Joba like it's hot
Undefeated no more!!!
  • Adrian-Retire21

    You know people were going crazy about the Rockies winning and going to the World Series but they were in the easy league and got there @$$ handed to them The Giants kinda looks like them.

  • giselle

    i bet you brian cashman is rooting for the patriots. whatever happened to “In Cash We Trust”?

    • Rich

      You would lose that bet.

      Cashman said he hoped the Giants could end New England’s perfect season and win a title for Coughlin.

  • Realist

    Go Gints! I hope they pull it off as the Pat’s questionable run needs to end ;-)

  • zack

    I suppose the Patriots have proved wrong the old adage of “cheaters never win and winners never cheat” and are proving a wonderful role model for the next generation of New England fans…

    • Ben K.

      Not to excuse the Patriots, but if they’re the only team cheating in the NFL, I have some B12 shots to sell you too.

      • steve (different one)

        he’s simply applying the “Mitchell” standards. if you didn’t get caught, you never did anything wrong.

        the Pats got caught. and now there is talk they cheated in their first Super Bowl.

        by the way, this is incredible:

        The NFL, however, said it was satisfied this was not another Spygate.

        “We were aware of the rumor months ago and looked into it. There was no evidence of it on the tapes or in the notes produced by the Patriots, and the Patriots told us it was not true,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told The Associated Press.

        “the Patriots told us it was not true” – that is some in-depth investigating.

        i am not sure how to feel about the Super Bowl they won over the Panthers, who were shooting steroids during the half time show. have to think about that one.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Oh comon. I love the Jints but I think that asking them to bring home a win or putting some kind of Yankees/RedSox pressure on them is nuts.

    We’re OVERJOYED they made it to the dance. And they deserve to come home and be celebrated no matter what happens. It’s not like hanging out heads when the Yankees get bounced the first round.

    The Giants were underdogs throughout the playoffs and it would be fabulous if they won it all but I think that EXPECTING them to takes away from all they’ve done this post season and that is: made New York proud.

    I think we really need to celebrate them no matter what happens today.

  • kris

    I just bet my shirt on the Pats to jinx them. Hope that would do it.

  • dan

    We need to find out who Jonny Damon is rooting for and then pick the other side.

  • Mike A.

    Oh good, the Pre-Kick Show is on. Good grief.

  • ansky

    Keep beating Brady into the ground!!!

  • Realist

    Note to Gints………..keep pounding them with Jacobs and Bradshaw and whatever you do Eli DON’T throw it to Smith!

  • Andrew

    Well, Eli threw it to Smith. Eventual result? Touchdown. Go Giants.

  • Realist

    Yep , Andrew …too bad he couldn’t have held on to a few in the first half…lol!

  • Realist

    Wow , had Smith been able to catch at least one of the drops it is a 1 point game not a 4….I hope he proves me wrong with 1:40 to go…I could easily live with that :-)

  • Realist

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve Smith proved me wrong and I couldn’t be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohoo TD Buress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17-14 35 seconds to go!

  • Realist

    Congrats Giants! Wow , what a game!

  • kris

    karma restored

  • Old Ranger

    NYG!…great game on both sides of the ball. You deserve to win that game. When one gets the offence and defence working well together, in the same game…game done, over, win!

    The bad thing is…we have to hear about Miami, again, again, again, and again!