Wang tabbed for Opening Day

Taking a lesson from Cal Ripken
Yanks give two-year extensions to key cog

Not that there was much doubt about this one, but Chien-Ming Wang will be the Yanks’ Opening Day starter, according to PeteAbe. Hopefully, no hamstring injuries will delay that one; the Yanks don’t have Carl Pavano around to pick up the slack this year.

Taking a lesson from Cal Ripken
Yanks give two-year extensions to key cog
  • Greg G.

    Ben: Did you notice the later post by PeteAbe?

    Girardi talked a little about the makeup of his bullpen, saying he wanted a long reliever and hopefully a lefty. But he said that while he would like a lefty specialist type, he won’t keep a southpaw unless they deserve to make it.

    Did that maybe talk you off the Sean Henn Hype Machine ledge for at least a night? ;-)

    • Ben K.

      For a night, Greg. For a night. I hope he stays true to his word. I’m all in favor of effective relievers over the illusion of the necessity of a LOOGY.

  • Old Goat

    I just will be happy that Pavano won’t be starting the season opener. That in itself is a good omen.

  • Manimal

    I want Joba or Phil to start off the season =]

  • BrunoAKAmaximumpotential

    Lefty AND longman? Sounds like Igawa to me….if he proves to deserve it that is.

  • BrunoAKAmaximumpotential

    P.S. anyone know a Knicks site on par with this one? Or are they as bad as the team itself? LOL

  • E-ROC

    Man, I was really hoping Carl Pavano would be the opening day starter. My dreams are dashed because of this. ;)

    Hopefully, we’ll see Wang’s K/9 increase this season.