A note on the YES velocity

Patterson jams finger, salvages career
Monday's Triple-A box score

This afternoon, we were all impressed by the velocity on the YES gun. Bartolo Colon was hitting 94 regularly with a few pitches at 96, and Brian Bruney cracked 100 twice. Not so fast, says Peter Abraham. The Yanks’ own guns had Bruney topping out at 96. So if Colon as throwing 90 with no control, he doesn’t look nearly as good as he does if he’s throwing 94 with no control. Remember: The gun on TV lies. It just looks better that way.

Patterson jams finger, salvages career
Monday's Triple-A box score
  • Rich

    I suspected that something had to be up when I saw the 100 mph.

  • J.R.

    Colon still might be a good pick for the Sox. They dont have anywhere near the internal options for pitching that we do. he could be a league average 5th starter. This is still early on in srping. And if they cut him, it costs nothing. Good move for the Sox, but wouldnt have made any sense for the yankees.

  • http://thebutler83.wordpress.com TheAnalyticalYankeeFan

    96 with control is great for Bruney. I loved what I saw out of him today, the hitters couldn’t get anywhere near touching his fastball or slider.

    Colon though, please be a starter for the Sox haha. Boy how the mighty have fallen.

  • NYYmilb

    good point on YES velocity..

    did you guys see this thing on AROD that BronxLiason posted-

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    best pitch of the day? the brushback.

    i suspected the YES gun might be fast, which is strange bc it often seems slow.

  • kunaldo

    travis, the YES gun is wacky…maybe for the most part it’s fast, but i’ve seen plenty of strange readings from it over the years

  • kid dynomite

    I watched the game on NESN. They had Colon in the 89-91 range and Bruney topped out at 97 and was sitting 94-95 for the most part.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      That sounds like a more realistic measurement to me.