A sore right foot, or why the Yanks have so many OFers


Via Jason comes word that Johnny Damon‘s right foot is the first of his many nicks and bruises bound to accumulate over the season. An MRI and X-Rays on the foot came back negative, and Damon is listed as day-to-day. These minor injuries that Damon seems to attract are exactly why the Yanks were not as keen to trade Hideki Matsui as many of their fans were this winter.

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  • Lanny

    Who isnt a fan of a good, deep bench?

    No one plays 162 games.

    • http://deleted Seamus O’Toole

      ripken did that a couple of times, i believe.

      • nyystadiuminsider NICK

        I was about to write that same thing when I read that. Hey A Rod did it a couple of times with Texas, too. No one plays 162 games? Of course they do!

  • dan

    I think we wanted to trade Matsui only because people felt that Brian Sabean was incompetent and desperate for any kind of hitting. The Matsui for Lowry supporters were not exactly in the majority.

  • Barry

    Anyone else hear Shelley scream “fuck” today after fouling that ball of his leg/ankle

    • Mike A.

      Yeah I heard it. Everyone in Florida had to run down their hearing aids after that.

  • Lanny

    Yank fans had dreams of Lincecum. If Matsui was moved for Lowry there would have been a revolt.

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