An un-Holy April road schedule

What Kyle said

After opening the season with seven home games, the Yanks embark on a killer April road schedule. Over the subsequent three weeks, they will play 18 of 20 games on the road. With only two days off in April this year, it’s going to be a grueling month on the road, and the main culprit behind the delays is, according to Ed Price, the Pope and his April 20th Yankee Stadium mass. Got that, Benedict? It’s your fault the Yanks are on the road; how about we get something in return? I’ll take wins.

What Kyle said
  • Pablo Zevallos

    Hey hey hey now…be nice to Pope Benedict xD

  • Tripp

    the Pope must be a Red Sox fan!!

  • Barry C

    Can we all just agree the ST results/stats mean NOTHING. There are cases when a pitcher will throw the same pitch for the entire outing, yesterday we get news reports about Joba coming apart today it Wang…let’s all just wait until they count before jumping ship like Met fans do…

    BTW Pope Benedict looks like a vampire I for one wouldn’t upset him i think he is hiding bat wings under those flowing robes…

  • Adam

    justin pope?

  • AlexCT

    silly catholics… but hey, if the pope can swing a little favor to the yanks this year. i’ll take it.

    • Geno

      Is any organized religion any better? Don’t kid yourself – they’re all “silly”.

  • Colin

    the pope is having a mass on 420? nice

    • dan

      My thoughts exactly. Although I doubt he’ll be “influenced” in any way at the time.

  • mike

    german pope holding a mass on hitler’s birthday…i’m jus sayin…

    • Billybob

      He was a member of Hitler Youth….How the hell is this guy pope anyways?

  • Mike

    FWIW, April 20th is also Donnie Baseball’s Birthday…

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  • kevin

    Isn’t it an advantage to play so many game on the road early in the season? The team will bond on the road and it means there are that fewer road games later in the year when fatigue becomes more of a factor.

  • pounder

    It could help the team down the road(no pun intended).It should give us an instant test of how the season goes,and what needs to be tweaked.