Austin Krum does his best George Kontos impression

Igawa > Zito
ST Game 2: The first one on TV

Krum, the Yanks’ 9th round pick in 2007 (and recipient of an above-slot $110,000) was arrested early Saturday morning for trespassing because he returned to a Tampa restaurant after police escorted him off the premises for trying to start a fight. He acted up enough that the cops had to wrestle him to ground to get handcuffs on him. Kontos was arrested for a very similar incident last April. Grow up and act like professionals guys. You play for the Yankees, not the Bengals.

Igawa > Zito
ST Game 2: The first one on TV
  • Pablo Zevallos

    Haha: “You play for the Yankees, not the Bengals.” Great line

  • E-ROC

    LOL, at least he didn’t make it rain in the club.

  • Tripp

    I heard the guy stepped on Krum’s Pumas.

    I’d fight him to.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Austin should consider the amount the Yankees invested in him, and realize straight up his margin of error is very small. Early in his career he’s demonstrating that he does not have the make-up to be a major leaguer, and that could come back and haunt him if a close organizational call has to be made on him.

  • pounder

    Get rid if him…Pronto!