Delgado injury could impact the Yanks

The final word on Melky
Murcer resting after biopsy

Word out of Mets camp is that Carlos Delgado will attempt to play through a hip injury. Delgado, 35, is coming off his worse season in the Bigs and isn’t getting younger or much healthier. How does this impact the Yanks? Because the Mets will surely look at the Nationals’ Nick Johnson as a potential first base option, and Nats’ GM Jim Bowden knows this. It simply complicates the Nick Johnson sweepstakes that are raging in my head.

The final word on Melky
Murcer resting after biopsy
  • Sean McNally

    I can’t see Bowden foisting Nick Johnson on the Mets – despite this winter’s intra-division trade, such things are rare still.

    I’m also not sold on the Nats dealing Johnson to start with – redundancy isn’t a bad thing, and in the NL when there’s lots of pinch-hitting/running/strategerizing to do, having multiple parts to do it with isn’t a bad thing.

    • Rich

      I agree. Bowden is notoriously tough to deal with, and with the Mets being in the same division, it will likely make him even more intransigent.

      As for the Yankees, their interest will probably turn on how well Giambi does in ST, unless they can move Matsui.

    • Ben K.

      Even if Bowden doesn’t want to deal with the Mets, just the fact that the Mets may be looking for a viable 1B option will push up NJ’s value.

      • TurnTwo

        push up, but how far? it only pushes it up if they have the inventory in the system to be able to pay up.

  • TurnTwo

    Even if Jim Bowden was interested in moving Nick Johnson w/in the division, what do the Mets have left that Bowden would want? Their cupboard is bare… and Bowden would expect them to overpay to make a move in division.

    I think Scott Hatteberg makes more sense for the Mets than Nick Johnson, but maybe thats my wishful thinking.

    Things can always change, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Shelley and Morgan Ensberg enough to see a viable option to a 1B/DH platoon between Giambi, Matsui and these guys.

    I still think in a perfect world, for me anyway, Matsui ends up playing LF in San Diego, Giambi and Shelley can DH, and Nick Johnson plays 1B in the Bronx.

  • Rich

    Bowden would ask for Fernando Martinez and Pelfrey.

    It would be more than a little ironic if the Mets gave up more for Nick than they did for Santana.

    • Ben K.

      Considering what they gave up to get Brian Schneider and Ryan Church from the Nationals, they may just make that move :)

      • Mike A.

        Minaya should just be like “Dude, I gave you Lastings Milledge for Ryan Church and Brian freaking Schneider. Can’t we just say we forgot to announce we were getting a PTBNL in that deal, and you give us Nick? We’ll even pay his salary. Come on dude, hook a brother up.”

  • iYankees

    Who are their other options? Olney thinks Dan Johnson could be in the mix. Even Scott Hatteberg could be available (I think he had an option picked up recently) if Joey Votto is given the starting first base man.

  • Guiseppe Franco

    Getting Nick Johnson would be a no-brainer if the guy’s body didn’t always break down on him.

    He’s not quite as bad as Rocco Baldelli or Carl Pavano, but it’s a shame that an OBP-machine like Johnson can’t play a full season to save his life.

    I’d pass on him.

  • rbizzler

    What, no faith in the Giambino staying healthy and playing a passable 1B?

    Shelley and Ensberg have both swung the bat well (so far) this Spring, so hopefully the need for the brittle Nick the Stick will be moot. If not, I agree that Bowden will be tough to deal with. The Mets do not seem to have enough expendable pieces (read: not Martinez) to get it done with everyone’s favorite segway driving GM>

  • iYankees

    Agreed. Giambi gets paid too much money to not have him play anyway, even if he does end up becoming more or less, ineffective. For example, the Yankees threw Carl Pavano, Kei Igawa, and Jaret Wright (three ineffective investments) out there in an attempt to justify their contracts. I like Johnson, but there’s no point in trading for him at this time.

    • J.R.

      Agreed, a guy making $21 million shouldn’t ride the bench. See what Giambi can do at first, if he gets hurt the yankees are not really much worse off. This is the only way to clear up the log jam at the DH. If Giambi proves he cant play defense then DH him and have Ensberg or Betimit play 1B. There is no reason to trade for a player when we already have to many players at that postion.

      • Ben K.

        I think that the worst reason to stick Giambi at first is because he’s making a lot of money. The Yanks are going to pay Giambi whether he produces or not. If the team is better with him on the bench, I’d rather he sit on the bench. No need to force a weak spot into the lineup just because of a contract.

        That said, I believe Giambi can be a productive offensive player this season.

        • Count Zero

          I think that the worst reason to stick Giambi at first is because he’s making a lot of money. The Yanks are going to pay Giambi whether he produces or not.

          A-frickin-men to that! Clear case of cutting off your nose to spite your own face.

          It would be totally awesome if pencil-Giambi pulled another 2005 out of his hat. I personally think we’ll be lucky if he’s healthy enough to play 120 games, but this is another of those “boy do I hope I’m wrong” things. That was a nice blast he delivered yesterday. A healthy Giambi in the 5 slot does very nice things for A-Rod.

        • iYankees

          I totally agree, but the Yankees have essentially proven that they are willing to stick with a guy primarily because of the money they’ve invested in him (unless one of his limbs falls off). This has happened even if a guy was ineffective. Again, Pavano, Igawa, Wright, all illustrate this point (to some degree). If Jason Giambi was makin 8 million, they may say yeah, money doesn’t matter, bench him. But, with him making 21 million, that definitely forces the Yankees’ hand a bit.

        • Whitey14

          I agree with you Ben (yikes, that’s twice today)
          A good manager, which girardi is, will put his best team on the field regardless of salary and a good general manager and ownership group will let him do what he needs to do without interfering.
          Giambi is playing for a contract this year. If he’s ever going to produce offensively again, this will be the year.

  • Steve S

    Nick Johnson is not coming to the Yankees. Its fun to speculate but now were going to create a bidding war between the Mets and the Yankees for a guy who is never healthy and in the pictures on, looks like he entered into some eating competitions last year. I haven’t heard one thing regarding the Yankees interest in him, aside from people speculating on blogs. The Yankees do not have a hole at first base, they just got a whole bunch of junk that will be gone come NEXT year.

    • Mike A.

      Heh, you beat me too it. I was gonna say that Nick’s looking a bit beefy based on that ESPN pic.

      • Ben K.

        That is one unflattering picture. He doesn’t look nearly as bad in this photo.

    • Sean McNally

      Nick’s always looked, uh, larger…. but that appears to be the wind puffing his jacket up.

      Then again, look at who his competition is at first.

      • Mike A.

        That’s Schilling-esque right there.

        • Steve S

          I realize the wind, but the guy grew another chin, last i remember the chin was developing but now it looks like its here to stay. Click on the actual article, he looks like Vincent Dinoffrio.

  • Mike R.

    I can see by the comments that I am in the minority here, but do we really need Nick Johnson? I could see picking him up if it were a salary dump, ala Bobby Abreu, but why trade anything of value to get him?

  • Adrian-Retire21

    Great with all the Pavano talk and this team who have high ceiling High Risk guys do we need another.Why not Bardelli also or Chavez.

    • Ben K.

      No one’s advocating trading the farm for Nick Johnson tomorrow. We’re simply saying that, if he shows during Spring Training that he is: 1) healthy; 2) still good at baseball; and 3) better than the other spare parts the Yanks are trotting out to first base this spring, then the Yanks should look into trading him if the price is right.

      How would a sensible deal be a high risk? It wouldn’t.

  • Phil McCracken

    Ben do you honestly see the Yankees bringing back a walking DL candidate like Johnson? He’s made of glass. And Bowden is notorious for asking for the moon in his deals. Which is why he was stuck sitting with Young and Soriano come trade deadline time.

  • Link

    I think with a left handed outfield, 2B and Giambi the Yanks wouldn’t want to add another lefty to the fray, IIRC that was one reason Johnson was considered expendable in the first place because of Giambi.

  • Phil McCracken

    Here’s a picture of Nick Johnson looking like he’s auditioning for the role of Grimace at McDonalds after he finishes his baseball career.

  • morris m.

    Question: we currently have a surplus of extra parts for first base (ensberg, lane, duncan, and miranda rising fast) in addition to already having Giambi on deck.
    What are the odds that the YANKEES trade one of these expendable but somewhat talented pieces to the mets if all/any of them have good showings in ST?

  • morris m.

    And if so what kind of prospect can we get back?

  • Alvaro

    Why do they need Nick Johnson?

    • Rich

      Because, if healthy, he’s a far better 1Bman (offense/defense) than any of the suspects that are currently on the roster, especially if Giambi’s 37 year old body cannot hold up, as has been the case for several seasons.

      So it’s worth exploring what the cost would be in order find out (as mentioned above) if he can obtained at a reasonable price, preferably as a a salary dump.

      If that isn’t possible, I would like to see Betemit get extended PT as the LH hitting part of a platoon.

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  • dan

    This team doesn’t NEED Nick Johnson. It would, however, settle the first base issue. The offense is going to score over 900 runs without Nick, and once the first base situation is decided at the end of March, I think people will stop worrying about it. If he comes cheap, I say go for him. But if the yanks have to give up anything of real value, pass.

  • Rayblay

    So you say this will impact the Yanks… i start reading… and then you start talking about nick johnson… i really don’t see either team acquiring NJ but chances are this isn’t going to become a big deal any time soon, if at all…

  • BrunoAKAmaximumpotential

    Forget Giambi, he’ll be on the DL any day now. Matsui DH, Shelly/Ensberg 1B. Nick isn’t needed in The Bronx, and I could see the Mets getting Young since he’d probably be cheaper.

    • Ben K.

      Nick Johnson, when healthy, is a far, far better player than Shelley Duncan or Morgan Ensberg. Too bad “when healthy” is a rarity with him.

      • RollignWave

        hard to say… i’d really like Ensberg 05 too :P

  • RollignWave

    Yikes, I think we might wanna reconsider this for a sec…