Gardner returned to the Yanks

Reggie: George belongs in the Hall
Inside the new Yankee Stadium

No not that Gardner, I’m talking about RHP Mike Gardner, who the Padres plucked from the Yanks in the Rule V Draft. Gardner had an unimpressive spring for the Friars, which made it easy for them to use the 25-man roster spot elsewhere. I expect Gardner to return to Double-A Trenton to start the year, with a halfway decent chance of contributing to the big league team at some point this year.

Reggie: George belongs in the Hall
Inside the new Yankee Stadium
  • barry

    Speaking of not that Gardner, make Melky earn his spot I like what Gardner has to offer.

  • playballnyy

    Melky 32 AB 7 R 4 RBI 2 SO 2 SB 0CS .447 .469 .375
    3.04 RF 1.000FP
    Gardner 28 AB 6 R 3RBI 4 SO 6 SB 0CS .469 .536 .393
    1.96 RF 1.000FP

    I’d say they’re pretty comparable, except for the speed. Also take into account what pitchers Melky has faced starting the game vs Gardner facing the pitchers he’s faced later in the game., Melky has one up on him in experience. Last year Melky started miserably but ended up with over 270-280 avg, didn’t he? He’s there when it counts, lets stop throwing him under the bus. He’s earned his spot .Gardner needs more time to show what he can do in Triple AAA–> 260 avg with scranton last year, and wasn’t even the full season.

  • J.R.

    Or use Gardner off the bench. Make him learn left field also and you can use him for speed and as a deffensive sub for he hard throwing Damon.