Update: Girardi will not miss Bronx managerial debut

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IPK named governor of New York

New Yankee manager Joe Girardi may end up missing the season opener, Mark Feinsand of the Daily News reports. The reason: a suspension, of course. Baseball sources say that Bob Watson may give Girardi and Rays manager Joe Maddon time outs for their roles in this past week’s events. I hope Watson allows Girardi to helm the team on Opening Day. He can serve the suspension on day two of the season, and it will have the same impact.

Update 12:00 p.m.: PeteAbe notes that Girardi will be fined and not suspended. The Yanks’ new manager gets to make his debut on Opening Day as he should. Shelley Duncan will receive a short suspension.

2008 Draft Preview: Update #1
IPK named governor of New York
  • NYYank55

    Usual crap from MLB. Always too little too late. Why didn’t they stem this before it happened? Which is what led to Duncan doing what in his mind needed to be done. Was it dirty? Yes, but the message needed to be sent.
    I’ve watched the video of the plate collision over and over and the runner never had any intention of sliding. He lowered his shoulder the moment he knew he was a dead duck. Hard baseball? Maybe more of a player trying to impress for a roster spot.
    The fact is that MLB should let the game police itself when it comes to on the field matters. Too much is being done after the horse has left the barn.

  • mike

    agreed NY YANK55

  • Chris

    Sweet. No suspensions for Joe. I’ll be able to see his mug on opening day. Bleachers baby! wooooo

  • yankeemonkey

    Pete Abe now reports that Melky will also get to cool his heels for 3 games for punching Longoria during that scrap. Oy.

  • http://www.thebronxzoo.wordpress.com iYankees

    lol at melky being suspended. this dude pops up everywhere and anywhere. music videos, fights that have nothing to do with him, i love it. it won’t be a big deal though. they’ll just shift Matsui over to LF and have Damon in center for three games.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Nah, this is Melky’s Wally Pipp moment. With his suspension, the Yanks will use Brett Gardner who will go on a tear and take over the center field mantle forever. Punching Evan Longoria will be the beginning of the end for Melky. :)

      • http://www.thebronxzoo.wordpress.com iYankees

        haha. you guys would love that.

  • http://thebutler83.wordpress.com TheAnalyticalYankeeFan

    I’m glad Girardi’s not missing his managerial debut…but this whole fining thing is garbage. Baseball has to relax a little bit. Year by year it loses it’s grittiness.

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