IPK named governor of New York


No. 5 starter for the Yankees, and No. 1 man in the New York political hierarchy. Yep, 2008 seems to be a good year for Ian Patrick Kennedy. Apparently, the state has decided to invoke the “Best Kennedy available clause, a law allows for the “citizens of New York, at any time, [to] install any person with the last name of Kennedy into any public office, without any sort of vote or any clear inclination that said Kennedy is prepared to hold office.” Kennedy himself was elated. “I have now realized my two dreams in life,” he said. “I am a starting pitcher for the New York Yankees, and I am fighting on behalf of the American working citizen in the hallowed halls of Albany.” Fictitious democratic consultant James Michener — no relation to the author, apparently — puts it best: “Who better to bring us all together with boyish charm and perceived integrity than a Kennedy? Nobody, that’s who.”

(Yes, this is satire. I actually liked the idea of the article more than the article itself.)

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