Girardi’s past revisited before the big day


Two articles of note on Joe Girardi today: Gerry Fraley in the Rocky Mountain News takes a look back at Joe Girardi’s career path. Girardi, the Rockies’ first catcher, gives credit to his Colorado years for his recent successes. Meanwhile, in Florida, as Joel Sherman writes in today’s Post, the players feel that Girardi got a bum rap from the Front Office and actually did a well with the young Marlins team. All eyes will be on Girardi this season, for better or worse.

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  • LiveFromNewYork

    Although a lot of us were tired of the Torre (last few) years and many of us wanted to see Donnie stay in pinstripes, a great many of us (myself included) had a feeling that Girardi was the right guy at the right time. He’s on the world’s biggest stage but he knows this. He’s played here and knows the pressure involved.

    Between it being New York, being the Yankees and the first manager after Torre and being such a young manager with a team made up of half aging veterans and half wet behind the ears youngsters, well good luck to him.

    He is one smart baseball mind and has nerves of steel. I think (hope and pray) he can handle it. I really think he can. He’s going to be under the microscope until he wins a WS and hopefully that happens SOON.