A RAB Thank You

Girardi's past revisited before the big day
The secrets inside Yankee Stadium

A little while ago this evening, RAB set a new single-month record for page views and unique views. We’ve now had over 256,000 page views in March, and we want to thank all of you, our readers, for making this site so successful. Since the Yankees were bounced from the ALDS in October, we’ve had well over 1.25 million page views, and since we started RAB, we’ve had 2,043 posts and 27,474 comments (and counting). With the season set to start on Monday — and a new RAB give-away contest coming on Sunday — we’re set for a great season here just as the Yanks are set on the field. So thank you to everyone.

Girardi's past revisited before the big day
The secrets inside Yankee Stadium
  • mg

    No, thank you guys. You’re doing all the hard work. We’re just reading. You deserve every one of those hits and more.

  • Greg G.

    Congrats, guys! Here’s to hoping that 2008 is a good year for the Yanks and RAB!

  • mustang

    Congrats, I know I could be a little critical of you guys, but guys have mad knowledge of the sport which i respect.
    Especially the minor league stuff which is hard to come by.
    Once again Congrats

  • E-ROC

    I knew I was good for something. Ya’ll are welcome. Thanx for creating this great website.

    What’s the prize for Sunday’s contest?

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Winner gets to have A-Rod hit on his wife. He has 500 homeruns, that’s the definition of god.

  • NYFan50

    Keep it up, guys. You do a great job.

  • Michael

    You guys do a great job. Some Yankee blogs seems to be a bit self-glorifying and go off topic quite a bit. I enjoy each of your writing styles (particularly Ben’s) and enjoy your insight. Keep up the great work and we’ll keep coming back.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Congradulations, great site, keep up the good work.

    LET”S GO YANKS 2008

  • Manimal

    You guys do a great job with news and opinions, to get yankees news I come here first.

    Heres some suggestions however.

    EXPAND, make forums, possibly a weekly podcast going over the week’s news, games, and transactions and maybe some more writers.

    I’m available to write :]

  • Adam

    thank you.

  • blah

    When I first read the title it looked like:

    ARAB Thank You

  • CB

    You guys have set up a great mix of major league and minor league coverage as well as a nice mix of statistical and traditional approaches to baseball.

    At a time when the yankees have gone on a major movement to build from within and at a time when baseball analysis has moved to a more quantitative approach you guys at RAB have hit a really interesting, mixed approach to looking at the team.

    The success is well deserved.

    • Rich

      I agree. The best thing about this blog is that you each bring something unique to the table.

  • http://aroundthemajors.blogspot.com/ Around The Majors

    Yeah definitely glad I found this site a few months ago. I check this site like 20 times a day.


  • Drew

    Awesome, well IMO, this blog along with Peter Abrham’s LoHud are the two best on the web.

    • Adam

      deep down abraham sucks, his only great offering is his access, which no other blogs can offer.

      • Drew

        regardless he gets the details of everything that goes on

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  • Realist

    Congrats RAB! Keep up the great work and Go Yanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s to number 27!