Joba, Mo and IPK go tonight

The one who almost got away
Yanks sign big-name free agent

As New York awaits for its governor to resign, Yankee fans await a truly dominant spring performance by Joba Chamberlain. The 22-year-old celebrity goes tonight against the Reds. He throw 3-4 innings followed by this guy named Mariano Rivera who’s trying to crack the roster. Ian Patrick Kennedy will throw a few innings, and time-permitting, LaTroy Hawkins, Brian Bruney and Jose Veras will close out the game.

The game starts at 7:15 p.m, and it’s on You can follow along here once it gets closer to game time.

The lineup please:

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Green 2B
Gardner LF

In other news, the Yanks signed Chad Moeller to fill in as a Minor League catcher for the next two months. I’ll have my thoughts on the Francisco Cervelli collision later this evening.

The one who almost got away
Yanks sign big-name free agent
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  • Eric SanInocencio

    Looking forward to it. Seems to be a hot issue that isn’t getting people riled up and bloggers slammed. Good luck man.

  • zack

    I don’t think Homer Baily really understands what he’s facing in Dusty Baker…

  • Jamal G

    Joba Chamberlain vs. Jay Bruce to open the game, how DARE they not televise this. Unbelievable.

  • AndrewYF

    Hah. Joba schools Bruce twice.

  • zack

    Did Joba always finish his pitches like that? It looks like when he misses the plate he’s not really following through…

  • pete

    can we stop saying Ian Patrick Kennedy or IPK? Just call the guy Ian Kennedy

    • dan

      Even his fangraphs page says Patrick in it. I like IPK, but writing out Ian Patrick Kennedy is a little much in my opinion.

      • Ben K.

        I’ll think about it but only because Dan asked :)

    • LiveFromNewYork

      They call him Ike in the clubhouse.

    • Joseph P.

      Short answer: We’ll call him whatever we want to call him.

  • kunaldo

    is it me or does gameday suck very much? (for ST at least)

    • eddy b

      it’s not just you

      • Ben K.

        Remember: It’s Spring Training and this stadiums aren’t wired with the same technology or equipped with the same people as the big league stadiums. In fact, the only reason you’re getting Gameday links is because I’m providing them here. doesn’t carry them on their homepage during Spring Training. It’s going to be sluggish and slow, but that’s the best I can do right now.

  • Rob

    From PeteAbe:

    “That said, [Joba] threw a 3-2 curveball to Encarnacion was unholy and struck him out to end a 14-pitch at-bat.”

  • Jamal G

    Gameday is pretty good during the regular season but yeah, it really sucks ass during ST I noticed. How the hell can PeteAbe’s blog be faster than it.

  • daneptizl

    Do they have national anthems every inning?

  • Stewman23

    For those of you who don’t follow Pete Abe’s blog, the Yankees just announced that they are signing Billy Crystal(yes, the actor!) to a one day contract and that he will appear in Wednesday’s game

    • dan

      I’m pretty sure even Kim Jong-il reads his blog.

  • Mac

    Yeah, after that last inning, I’ve decided I’d much rather have Gardner in center than Melky.

  • kunaldo

    based off one inning? awesome

  • Jamal G

    Gardner had a 2B and a 3B couple days ago so I guess he re-invented his swing and got some power, Curtis Granderson circa 2007 here we come!

  • Travis G.

    good outings from all the pitchers tonight. i was able to watch the game on FSN Ohio. the strange thing is that Joba has had far better command of his curve so far than his slider. he threw some nasty curves tonight, rivaling his best sliders. when he finally does get his slider command back, holy shit! one of the two hits he allowed was on a changeup. (is YES the only network that uses a radar gun? i’ve watched several FSN games and none have had a MPH reading so i cant comment on his velocity.)

    kennedy didn’t have great control at first, but settled down after a few batters. pretty sure both of his Ks were on changeups.

    edinson volquez is nasty. a pedro-esque changeup. what would it have taken to get him from texas? tabata or ajax woulda been worth it.