Joba renewed at the minimum

Forecasting the Sabathia Sweepstakes
Old Yanks: Where are they now? Part 2

Peter Abraham notes that the Yankees renewed Joba Chamberlain’s contract at the $390,000 Major League miminum and wonders if the team couldn’t have found a few more grand to kick back to the kid. At the same time, Abraham notes that baseball is a business, and the Yanks were well within their rights to renew Joba’s contract. That’s where I land on this issue. Chamberlain landed an above-slot signing bonus of $1.1 million from the Yanks, and he threw just 24 Big League innings last year. He’ll get his money when the time comes. There’s no doubt about that.

Forecasting the Sabathia Sweepstakes
Old Yanks: Where are they now? Part 2
  • dan

    If everything goes as planned, the Yankees will be paying him a whole lot more than that in the future. I’m sure he’s not too concerned about it.

  • Mark McCray

    don’t forget the endorsement money he is probably getting!!! Jobas doing just fine for himself.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I read an article on him and Harlan from 2004 from the Omaha paper and its very clear that they’ve been scraping by most of their lives. I think they expected him to be in the minors a lot longer than he was and were preparing for more years of not exactly being rich.

    Now that Joba skyrocketed into the majors (has anyone gone through the minors so fast?) we know he’s going to be reaping a lot of rewards in the next few years between salary and endorsements. This is a small drop in the bucket compared to what he’s going to be worth in a few years and I’m sure he’s still adjusting to this.

    He will be very rich in a short period of time. Good for him!

    • dan

      Off the top of my head, Ryan Zimmerman made it to the bigs the same season that he was drafted (and hit .397). Also with the Nats, Ross Detwiler made his ML debut just a few months after being drafted. But Joba is definitely on the short list.

      • LiveFromNewYork

        Yeah, I knew there were others but I just remember him shooting through and I had no idea how long he’d actually spent in the minors. It seemed like he was in and out.

    • Mike A.

      John Olerud spent 3 games in the minors his whole career – and that was a rehab assignment when he was 36 years old.

    • rbizzler

      Former Yankees (one with a more substantial Yankee career than the other) John Olerud and Dave Winfield both made it to the Show without spending a day in the minors.

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    I’m trying to track the 2008 payroll.

    I have the salaries of just about everyone on my projected 25-man roster, but I’m assuming Shelley Duncan and Ian Kennedy also received contracts. For now I’m gonna go ahead and assume the same $390K for each….although, I suppose there is still the very slim possibility that Kennedy is not on the roster.

  • Ivan

    Joba is gonna get his money if he lives up to his potential.

    Plus, sounds like Hughes is on a mission already

  • Thunderball99

    wow.. this is hilarious:
    RedSox scout caught masturbating in public…to minors no less! RSN looking claassy today

  • steve (different one)

    why WOULDN’T joba be renewed for the minimum?

    he is totally awesome, but he is a ROOKIE.

  • Shamus

    Lets just hope he doesn’t start crying and byatching like Papelbon, Hamels, et al…

  • Seamus O’Toole

    btw, did anyone see the media sesh when pap smear made those comments? the dude sounds like he has a 4th grade education.

  • Tripp

    He was a janitor a few years back. I don’t think Joba cares he’s “only” making $390 grand.

  • Tripp

    How does it work? If you are on the 40 man roster you get a MLB salary? I know otherwise you just get a monthly stipend depending on what minor league level you are in.

  • steve (different one)

    Joba Chamberlain’s contract was renewed by the Yankees yesterday. Chamberlain, who made a pro-rated $380,000 ($116,105) last year when he accumulated 55 service days, will make in the area of $420,000 this season. He was the only Yankee with zero to three years of service time that was renewed. Brian Ca$hmoney wouldn’t say if the renewal was punitive (club sets the figure) or one that was negotiated. Ca$hmoney did say the Yankees used the same system with Chamberlain that they have for years which affixes a dollar for every day of big league service and that total is added to the minimum salary ($390,000) this year.

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  • Peter

    Just out of curiosity, what endorsements does Joba have?

    I’m sure he gets minor endorsement deals through Rawlings, etc…that most all big-leaguers receive…but I don’t think he has any major endorsements ie Jeter with Gatorade, A-Rod with Pepsi, Soriano with Under-Armor, Howard with Reebok etc.

    He’s very marketable, but not just yet.