Kei Igawa, the Yankees 2008 Opening Day starter

Opening Day Night postponed
Rain delays are good for retailers, bad for everyone else

Relax, I’m talking about the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees. Even with more talented pitchers in the rotation, Igawa gets the nod on Opening Day because he’s accomplished more at a higher level he simply lines up to pitch that day. Following Igawa in the rotation will be (in order) Steven White, Alan Horne, Darrell Rasner and Jeff Marquez. Sean Henn (2006) and Tyler Clippard (2007) were the last two Opening Day starters for the Yanks’ Triple-A affiliate, so it’s probably a good thing to keep the talented guys away from that bad juju.

Sucks the game got rained out, huh?

Opening Day Night postponed
Rain delays are good for retailers, bad for everyone else
  • Ben K.

    That’s some rogue’s gallery of Opening Day pitchers for the Yanks’ AAA club over the last few seasons.

  • chris

    i can tell you one NY oening day starter having a good day accept it is down in florida

    i am one of the few on this site who would have given up hughes for santana i hope i am wrong about this, but it kills me that he is in ny and we have to watch him win 20 plus games fo the muts. this is a non trade the yanks will regret unless hughes turns out to be a perenial 18 game winner and Sabathia wears the pinstripes next season.

    hope cashman is watching the mets game in his spare time today and seeing what he missed out on

    • Ben K.

      That’s a bit of a short-sighted way to evaluate the trade. Johan Santana is dominating what is in effect a glorified AAA team. Therefore, we should have traded for him. Get back to me in four years, and then we can really evaluate this trade.

      • steve (different one)

        no no Ben, smart people call them the “muts”.

        it’s funny, b/c it’s like calling them dogs, except it’s misspelled.

    • E-ROC

      Most teams look good against the Florida Marlins.

  • Jamal G.

    Mike, seriously, so not funny. My stomach literally turned when I read the headline.

  • Bruno

    You and me both Jamal.

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