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Over at Bronx Banter, Emma Span takes a look at one of baseball’s age-old questions: If you were a Major Leaguer,what would your at-bat music be? I’d probably go with some old-school Pearl Jam myself. The beginning of “Animal” gets the adrenaline flowing.

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  1. Mike A. says:

    First 10-12 seconds of No Way Out by Pennywise, hands down.

  2. Greg Cohen says:

    Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix.

  3. It'sMeSNITCHES!!! says:

    Pink Floyd “Time” at around 1 minute in, peaking at 1:25 or so.

  4. ceciguante says:

    any calypso by ruben sierra. best at bat music ever.

  5. Dave P. says:

    Ice Cube’s “Wicked”

  6. TomG says:

    Unfortunately, at this stage in my life it would have to be “Yakety Sax”

  7. Dave P. says:

    On second thought Metallica’s “Damage Inc.”

  8. Manimal says:

    No doubt it would be super star by Lupe fiasco
    Close second is Champion by Kanye

  9. J.R. says:

    Rivera doesnt even know the words to Enter the Sandman. Kinda takes some of the meaning out of a song.

  10. RCK says:

    “Mamma Said Knock You Out” – LL Cool J

  11. Joseph P. says:

    Complete Control by The Clash

  12. Samiamsports says:

    I always dreamed of walking up to ” Another one bites the dust ” by queen.

  13. Armand Castro says:

    I’d definitely be the intro riff from Cochise by Audioslave.. it’s the one they use in the ironman trailer

  14. Jamal G. says:

    Superstar by Lupe would def be a top choice, also Rompe by Daddy Yankee, Reggaeton Latino Remix by Don Omar, and Rica Y Apretadita by El General.

  15. Lanny says:

    Great call on Animal.

    I’d have to go for Leash.

  16. pete says:

    Lose Yourself deffinitely
    especially for A-Rod in the playoffs.

  17. Stephen says:

    No doubt Uptown Girls, Billy Joel

  18. Mark says:

    I like “Mamma Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool Jay but I think I’d have to go with “New Noise” by Refused!

  19. Mike NYY says:

    Nice choice

    Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Out of nowhere you juust here the scream ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know its cliche but its got the best intro ever, Randy Rhoads guitar, Ozzy’s voice, perfection.

    Maybe Rape Me by Nirvana. The ending where Kurt just howls RAPE ME!!!! over and over again is just creapy

  20. Jer says:

    Mark wins. “New Noise” is an AMAZING song.

  21. usty says:

    If I was a closer, I’d come in to “Don’t Fear The Reaper”

  22. Adam says:

    sweet caroline

  23. Bronx73 says:

    Animal would be nice, Leash would be pretty good also, but if you’re a PJ-loving Bomber fan, you gotta go with Corduroy…

    The waiting drove me mad!
    You’re finally here and I’m a mess…

  24. The Scout says:

    “Pinball Wizard”

    With the eyes going and the hearing not far behind, “plays by sense of smell” pretty much describes my game.

  25. vinny-b says:

    nothin but a G, thang

  26. Cam says:

    “Thunderstuck” AC/DC
    “My Hero” Foo Fighters
    “Cold Hard Bitch” Jet
    “When The Levee Breaks” Zep

    Sorry for so many, just couldn’t decide.

  27. Phil says:

    Either Machinehead by Bush or the intro to Privilege by Incubus

  28. Phil says:

    ehhh or the intro to Lakini’s Juice by live

  29. Back Bay Yankee says:

    “(I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man” by Muddy Waters.

  30. Call me an old fogey, but I hate at bat music. I’d like to know who (I suspect Bill Veeck) started this annoying ritual.

  31. JeffG says:

    Pantera – Respect

  32. JeffG says:

    Woops… I meant Walk

  33. JeffG says:

    Woah… wait a minute… I think you’d have to change walk to HR. A walk isn’t bad but it doesn’t get your respect like the four bagger.

    - I think I failed at this game.

  34. Tim Q. Mills says:

    “Them Bones” by Alice In Chains. Nothing is more powerful than the “OW!!” by Layne Staley to start the song.

  35. samiamsports says:

    In my first ab i already said, another one bites the dust (Queen)….
    in my second ab ..smoke on the water..guitar riff(deep purple)
    third ab would….sunshine of your love….guitar riff (cream)

  36. Sciorsci says:

    Actually, we were just talking about this in my office this morning…

    I think I’d go with “Stronger” by Kanye West, especially since the Giants came out to that song for the 2nd half of the SB.

    Either that, or maybe “Holy Calamity” by Handsome Boy Modeling School, or “Radio Nowhere” by Bruce.

  37. barry says:

    Crazy Train

  38. Youk's Pointy Chin Music says:

    I’d want to run out of the ‘pen with the clip from Dead Kennedys’ “Holiday in Cambodia” that says, “Its time … to taste … what you most fear ….. right …. guard will not help you here…” The hitter would pee his pants man!

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