Pettitte aiming for games 3 or 4; Heredia returns?


The AP reports that Andy Pettitte threw a successful bullpen session this morning and is now on target to start the third or fourth game of the season. To keep a retroactive DL stint an option, Pettitte will face Minor Leaguers on Saturday or Sunday depending upon how his back responds to today’s pitching. Mike Mussina will, in all likelihood, start game two against the Blue Jays.

In other pitching news, the Yankees have apparently claimed Felix Heredia off waivers from the Reds. With the minors stocked with better arms, I shudder to think why.
Update by Joe: As many have pointed out, this seems to be a technical error on ESPN’s part. Rest assured, there is no Heredia redux.

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  1. anaconda says:

    That Heredia transaction is wrong. Toronto supposedly activated Cory Lidle from the 15-day DL as well.

    I saw this last night and mentioned it on PA.

  2. Simon B. says:

    Pay no attention to that, is messed up today. If you had looked at the Toronto Blue Jays transactions earlier today, you would’ve thought J.P. Ricciardi is a voodoo priest and raised Corey Lidle from the dead to pitch.

  3. Simon B. says:

    Damn, was beaten to the punch for that one.

  4. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, wonder if the Lidle family get wind of this how they will react.

    BTW, I really, really, really hate Karl Ravech.

  5. Rich M. says:

    Georgr King gets my blood boiling,
    “Moving Chamberlain in front of Rivera was not only the right move for 2008, but forever. Finding somebody to dominate the seventh and eighth innings is harder than discovering a fourth and fifth starter.”

    You would think you would have to know something about baseball to write about it.

    • steve (different one) says:

      holy shit. did someone actually write that?

    • Jamal G. says:

      OMG, I can’t wait for NoMaas to get a hold of that quote, let alone the whole piece of crap article. I’m laughing at the thought of the ish NoMaas is going to say about George King III: Royal Asshole.

  6. whozat says:

    “Finding somebody to dominate the seventh and eighth innings is harder than discovering a fourth and fifth starter.”

    Well, George…what about a #1 or #2 starter? Is finding one of those easier than a 7th-8th inning guy?

  7. Joey h says:

    saying lidle zombie was very rude man.

  8. save hughes says:

    so much for the A’s trading rich harden ehh…

    • TurnTwo says:

      actually, i would think its more likely now than 24 hrs ago.

      any team who would trade for him would want to make sure he’s healthy… and from what he just showed, he’s ready to go apparently.

  9. Scott says:

    wow, too soon on the lidle thing, wow

  10. Jamal G. says:

    George King is a hack.

    “Sure to make Yankee fans grumble: When Johan Santana wins 24 games for the Mets.”

  11. It must have been a Gammons report.

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  13. Jersey says:

    “Lidle zombie”? That’s really disappointing, Ben.

  14. Jeter Is King says:

    This is a great website, but it’s very disappointing to see you making light of Corey Lidle’s death. Some things just shouldn’t be the subject of humor.

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