Pettitte pushed back


Via Mike Rose filling in for Kat O’Brien:

Andy Pettitte has been scratched from his start Wednesday with minor muscle irritation in his left forearm on the outside of the elbow.

Manager Joe Girardi heavily emphasized that the ailment is minor. Pettitte is not being sent for any tests, and Girardi said he would start if it were the regular season. In fact, Pettitte pushed to make the start Wednesday against the Rays.

“They’re extremely cautious here, and I guess it’s a good thing,” Pettitte said.

Pettitte said he first felt the irritation after his last bullpen session while playing catch. He said he was not concerned or would have stopped pitching. However, he told the Yankees what he was feeling and Wednesday morning they told him they would skip his start. The Yankees are treating the elbow with hot and cold bath, light microcurrent therapy, massage and stretching.

I’m sure this has nothing at all to do with throwing a Minor League pitcher out there to bear the brunt of the Cervelli retaliation. Nope. Nothing at all.

In all seriousness, Pettitte should be fine, but that elbow is always a red flag.

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  • Scott

    I heard HGH works well to come back from Elbow injuries…

    • Count Zero

      Man. that’s just cold…but it made me chuckle. :-)

  • Sean McNally

    I thought the same thing – let somebody young and dumb come out and fling a few at the Tampa batters, with the side benefit of letting Andy rest a bit.

    The elbow in this case, like communism, is just a red herring.

    • Joseph P.

      Even if you were right, that would be one plus one plus two plus one, not one plus *two* plus one plus one.

      • Sean McNally


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  • RobertGKramer

    Don’t know if there will be any close pitches today, but, if Duncan starts at 1B, I’d love to hear what he says to Ray’s first few baserunners. And, if there’s a chance for an accidental collision…………..?

  • Ben K.

    So Heath Phillips just got ejected for hitting Evan Longoria. Conspiracy theories abound.

  • RobertGKramer

    Heath Phillips starts for NYY. Ray’s rookie longoria hit by pitch and Phillips is ejected!

  • RobertGKramer

    Sorry Ben. I was typing!

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Any punches thrown during the brawl?

  • Ben K.

    PeteAbe says no punches. Meachem, Long, Jhonny Gomes and Duncan have all been ejected. Duncan will probably get a suspension. I think this is pretty childish.

    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

      Gomes running in from left field was especially uncalled for.

  • RobertGKramer

    So, Duncan has a chance to speak to Iwamura, Upton, Gomes, and Longoria at 1B. I wonder what was said?

  • RobertGKramer

    Typing again!

  • RobertGKramer

    Duncan is the biggest child I know!

  • RobertGKramer

    Sounds like Duncan started thing off with a hard slide into 2B!

  • Rich

    Good for Duncan.

  • yanks99

    this is why girardi is better than torre.

    • Ben K.

      Yep. Starting an unnecessary fight automatically makes him a better manager. :)

      • marc

        or… the fact that while it was happening torre would have been napping… yup, that or unneccesary fighting.. hope pedro didnt pop out and take out Zim

      • http://deleted Seamus O’Toole

        yes ben, clearly girardi started the fight from his comfortable seat in the dugout. regardless of what girardi has said in the last couple of days, the way i see it, a hard slide and some douchebag sprinting in from right field started the fight.

  • J.R.

    Come on phillips plinking Longoria, we all know that was for Cerivilli. But check out this slide by Duncan, spikes to the nuts.

  • RobertGKramer

    Still Gomes was at 1B when Longoria got hit, so it’s no stretch that it started verbally then!

  • RobertGKramer

    And Iwamura now speaks Japanese in a higher pitched voice! Did everyone learn some new Japanese curse words?

  • J.R.

    That looks like a dirty slide. And there is no situation to slide in cleats high to the junk.

  • Rob_in_CT

    Blech. There was no need to force this. But Shelley did. He forced it. Instead of waiting for the opportune moment to do something that could be fairly described as “good, hard play” he goes and does something unmistakeably dirty.

  • RobertGKramer

    He’s kinda like a goon on a Hockey bench!

  • J.R.

    Albaladejo gave up 3 runs in an inning to lose the game. He might have just played himself out of the 25 man plan.