The Perfect Game, rematch Just another ST game

Cervelli out indefinitely with broken wrist
Three dispatched to the Minors

The Yanks face the Twins today in a rematch of last week’s rain-shortened perfect game. Phil goes again with Kei Igawa to follow him. The game isn’t on TV, but you can watch it on or follow the game on MLB Gameday.

In other Yankee news, Francisco Cervelli will be out for eight to 10 weeks following yesterday’s collision. The Yanks will retaliate when they face off against the Rays later this spring. I understand the desire to win, but collisions and dirty plays during Spring Training are simply unnecessary.

The Yanks, losers of four in a row, could use a good game today from the back-end of their bullpen.

Cabrera CF
Cano 2B
Matsui LF
Duncan 1B
Ensberg 3B
Lane LF
Molina C
Woodward SS
Tabata RF


Cervelli out indefinitely with broken wrist
Three dispatched to the Minors
  • Ivan

    Hey Ben K,

    Are you watching the game on MLB.Com?

  • Pablo Zevallos

    the perfect game was against toronto, not minny

  • Jeff

    Where do you guys find the gameday link? Its not on or…

  • Brian

    Can you imagine if Phil just pulled that three perfect on us? ST, but I would be crying, I think. And a Save the Big Three tee would make for Kleenex.

    • Mike A.

      Get the Kleenex ready. From LoHud:

      Phil Franchise is the man. Three more easy outs. Nine up and nine down. 35 pitches/24 walks.

      Counting the game against South Florida, he has retired all 15 batters he has faced this spring.

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Aw…perfecto over–Denard Span (?) walked :(

  • Ivan

    Peter have to fuck it up

  • nmc

    Ok, guys, I know it’s only ST, but Phil looks great. What are the chances he has a better season than Santana? I’m saying its not out of the question.

  • Jeff

    not good, Johan pitches in the NL and Phil pitches in the AL east…..But IMO Phil will have a good season you can’t underestimate the learning experience of pitching in a pennate race down the stretch for him…

    • barry

      he was definitely a clutch pitcher last fall

  • Jamie

    Good to see Tabata hitting the ball; 2 rbis on the day

  • Bruno

    I can’t wait for Giambi to hit the DL so Shelly can have 1B all to himself, and Matsui DH.

  • mg

    Man, Kei is missing all over the place. He looks just like himself. Garbage. The outs he’s getting are all on pitches out of the zone. Better hitters would have laid off and he’d have a few more BB’s on his tab.

    God, I’ll never forget the kid next to me over the bullpen at Hughe’s debut getting all excited about Igawa. I laughed at him and pointed at Phil and said that’s the guy to watch. Igawa seems like he could be a fine addition to our AA club some day.

    • Jamie

      Can we please fire Jean Garland (or whatever her name is) already for that bogus endorsement of Igawa?

      -If Peter Gammons was right about GM’s reading team blogs, it blows my mind why a guy like Mike Plugh over at Canyon of Heroes/Matsuzaka Watch/Darvish Watch isn’t listened to / employed by the Yankees already when it comes to foreign talent.

      • mg

        Agreed. It can be tricky to weed out the good from the bad in an online world which can prevent good information from being used. In this specific case he’s going to share his opinions for free with them online it may give him a platform to get noticed but it also creates a “why buy the cow when the milk is free” situation. Tricky stuff.

  • RollingWave

    Random thoughts of the game

    1. Patterson again called on to get out of a tough jam and again did the job. I think as long as he doesn’t throw a total stinker the rest of the way he’s got the job locked up. and i’m excited… though it’s weird to be excited about a late 20s prospect :P

    2. Igawa looked WORSE then last year if that’s possible. the arm angle is different (he was more 3/4 last year now it’s almost completely overhand) he didn’t really show much of a breaking ball today and the FB is still up in the zone and wild (which would completely defeat hte purpose of the overhand delievery..)

    3. Horne / Marquez showed pretty good stuff but lost the plate a bit and was also having some tough luck with fielders.

    4. Miranda continue to look pretty sharp at the plate with nothing to show for.

    5. Ensberg and Duncan are a two man force lol

    6. Hughes looked exellent for the first 3 inning and kinda lost his mechanics a bit in the 4th.

    7. Carlos Gomez with another ugly game. the first AB was hilarious and he bunted himself out (bunt ball and he kicked it after he left the box)

  • Brian
  • CB

    Bringing in Patterson into a tight spot with men on base – you know he’s going to throw strikes. Big plus with him. Far cary from Bruney or Farnsworth.

    He’s been great but I’d guess he’s still behind Ohlendorf and Albaladejo for the final spot in the pen given that he hasn’t really pitched above AA competition.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they settle on that last bull pen spot. In particular whether they think Ohlendorf needs more time at Scranton to work on another pitch even if he’s the one who has the best spring.

  • RollingWave

    Patterson is significantly older the the rest of the “kids” though, he’s presumablly the most mentallyh ready and stand the least to gain from time in AAA.

    • CB

      True, but he also doesn’t have a very good secondary pitch. His fastball was enough in AA given his size and command. But with one primary pitch I could see him getting exposed at the major league level. He may benefit from AAA in particular because he’d have to fact hitters with major league experience, the kind of hitters he’ll need a better secondary pitch to get outs with.

      Being older and having a lot of MLB professional experience down in the minors is one thing. But Patterson doesn’t have that because of the time he spent in the Indy league.

      I like Patterson and hope he does well. I just don’t know what time frame the team has in mind for him.

  • dan

    So we’re playing with 10 guys on the field and two left fielders now?

  • Brian

    Horne, Marquez, and Wright just got sent down to the minor camp after the game as per

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  • Joe

    Paterson has to have the spot locked up. In two AA seasons, two Venezuelan winter ball seasons and so far in his first big league spring training he has kept doing the same thing…throw tons of strike and get tons of outs. Fastball command is THE most underrated aspect of ptiching, and it’s something he does better than anyone else that could pitch for them out of the pen.

    It would be one thing if he was a trick pitch guy with no command (Edwar) or if he were throwing in the upper 90’s with no brain (Farnsworth), or was a soft tosser with no margin for error but being able to throw low 90’s from that high of an arm angle to any spot you want can’t be valued enough. Hopefully, Jo-Jo agrees with me.

  • Dave

    Can someone please refresh my memory and remind me why Cashman spent the money on Igawa that could have went to……I don’t know….Ted Lilly?

    • RollingWave

      Ted Lilly got 4/40 … considering what he did in 06 (which was essentially a slightly glorified Jaret Wright ) that was a pretty bad signing. of course he got to the NL and promply destroyed weaker competition.

      i think the signing logic wasn’t bad. but someone most likely fucked up in the scouting department.

    • Ben K.

      Kei Igawa was signed for, in effect, $5 million a year. The signing bonus/posting fee doesn’t count against salary. The Yanks don’t owe him a rotation spot or anything of that ilk. If you sign Ted Lilly for four years at $10 mil a season, you’re on the hook for more. Think about how well that worked out with Carl Pavano.

      What’s it to us if Igawa’s on the team? If he even makes the MLB roster, he’ll pitch in a mop-up roll. Don’t worry.

  • Joey h

    Listen. that collision was a joke. if i was joe i would have gone up in maddens face in the clubhouse and SERIOUSLY reprimanded him. makes you wonder if it were still toree’s yankees if that sh*t would have went down. THEY ARE THE RAYS! they arent gonna place higher than third! i understnad they got some nice acqusitions but c’mon they arent close to contenders. you can see it one of two ways. 1. they are a crap team. what do they have to proove. YOU ARE NOT GOOD. thats like the orioles doing that or the royals or the nationals. 2. if you are a good team. YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO PROOVE EITHER. whats the point i mean c’mon. that was a classless move NONETHELESS in spring training. even if they do finish third they need a serious attitude adjustment. my hope is johnson makes the roster and lol i would hire clemens for 5 mill to PLUNK him in the face ruining his career. not just as a yankee fan but as a fan of GOOD CLEAN FUN baseball!

  • Jamal G.

    According to it seems Joba will make the start vs. Homer Bailey at 7:15 Pm as the Yanks host Cincy at Legends Field.

  • Bruno

    Mo, Ohlendorf, Patterson, Albaladejo, Farnsworth, Hawkins, and Joba as the relief ace/longman/spot starter would be a nice pen.

  • My Pet Goat

    Its ST, but still, Twins fans have to feel like they swallowed a razor blade when watching Phil Hughes pitch.

  • Bruno

    lol and when Carlos Gomez throw the ball into the dugout every time someone runs home lol

  • RollingWave

    what worse , isaw today’s game on FSN Twins’ feed.. in the first AB the talker were raving about Gomez’s speed.. and he promply bunted and then kick the ball… guess there’s a reason you don’t want to be TOO fast :P

  • Wolf Williams

    Caught the Twins feed as well, here in Taiwan. God, I hate listening to out of town announcers.

    Anyway….. Great to see Hughes doing his thing. Sad to see Igawa still in a Yankee uniform.