Three dispatched to the Minors


Alan Horne, Jeff Marquez and Chase Wright were dispatched to the Minor League camp after today’s game. Two of them could be back in the Bronx this year; Chase Wright should join Sean Henn somewhere else.

Categories : Asides, Transactions
  • Tripp

    Really? You think Wright will get cut this season? How many options does he have left?

  • stefan

    Yeah, even though he’s far back on the depth charts, there is no reason to cut Wright whatsoever. He hasn’t failed as a starter or a reliever yet (the way Sean Henn has time and time again), and his fastball-changeup combo has potential to be pretty good out of the pen. No, I think that Chase will definitely be staying with the Yanks beyond this season. For proof, look no further than the amount of time Sean Henn has been in the organization.

  • Ben K.

    I wouldn’t advocate cutting Wright. I just wouldn’t expect to see him at the MLB level any time soon, and I would place him pretty far back on the depth charts.

  • Joseph P.

    I still think Wright can be an effective bullpen chip down the road. He’s good against lefties, and given some further maturation, might be able to handle his own against righties.

  • Tripp

    I misunderstood what you ment by pitching somewhere else as in pitching for another club, not as in pitching in AA or AAA.

    My bad.