Matsui’s wedding a strange spring tale


It seems that Hideki Matsui has gone and gotten married to an unnamed 25-year-old Japanese civilian. What makes this story so strange is that Matsui, one of Japan’s most famous bachelors, presented his bride as a black-and-white sketches today. It seems that he won the marriage bet he had going with Bobby Abreu and Derek Jeter. What are the chances this is an early April Fool’s joke?

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  • Rob

    Any chance this is an early April Fool’s joke? The sketches are hilarious.

    • Ben K.

      The thought did indeed occur to me.

    • Rob

      The more I look at the photo of him in his crisp suit holding up a black and white sketch the more I think it’s got to be Matsui gets a few days to have fun with it, and especially with Jeter. Pretty hilarious stuff. Good to see them having fun.

  • Mike N (Stamford, CT)

    Looks like he did those scetches himself.

    • Rob

      I know – that’s what makes it so funny!

  • Mike A.

    The really question is this: Does A-Rod think she’s hot?

    • Brian


  • Brian

    This has to be a ploy to get Jeter married. Pretty sure he won’t fall for it.

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  • Adam

    i love how Mrs. Matsui is referred to as a “Japanese civilian”. were we expecting her to be a professional baseball player or in the military?