• Rob

    SF over at YF vs. SF pointed out that the same thing has happened in the Bronx, as recently as October.


    There are assholes everywhere.

    • Rob

      Except it was in Yonkers, sorry, which is sort of like the Cambridge of New York except without the world-class universities and extreme liberal “elite”.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Wow, Rob, I missed that story. Basically, you’re right; there are assholes everywhere. And in Philadelphia, they beat up their own fans. So it’s all good.

  • http://sw-balcony.blogspot.com Back Bay Yankee

    Jesus. I love the Cantab. I’ll just remember not to wear my cap there. Just so you non-Bostonians are clear, this isn’t some forgotten back alley brawl. It’s right on one of the busiest stretches of Massachusetts Avenue. I’m at that bar at least every other week, so it’s pretty shocking to hear about this violence.

    • beantownbosoxh8er

      I have been to the cantab with my yankees hat on and nothing like this has happened, just a random act from some random assholes.

  • barry

    Bostonans, Bostonites, Bostonians, yes Bostonians.

  • Rob

    Oh, I’ll still wear my NY in Beantown. And I feel bad for anyone who tries to jump me. I may get hospitalized, but so will a few of them.

  • Rob

    I did love this last sentence in the Cambridge attack:

    “One of the men was last seen wearing a blue and white striped shirt.”

    In the closet perhaps? :)

  • Whitey14

    As a Red Sox fan, I’m embarrassed and I apologize for the bad apples in Red Sox Nation. I do frequently trade barbs with some of you, but I respect that you love your team and find these types of incidents dispicable. A fan of any team should be able to wear their cap whenever and wherever they choose without being forced to throw hands with some douchebag who thinks he’s a tough guy.

    • Bo

      Why would a Sox fan go on Yankee fan blogs? I dont get it. Are you that bored?

      • Whitey14

        I encounter yankee fans at Red Sox blogs all the time and for the most part they’re pretty cool. I personally enjoy hearing their point of view and having quality discussions with them. I’ve had some poor experiences at rab, some my fault, some not my fault, but overall I enjoy the stories and the commentaries I find here as well as many of the commenters. This blog is well run and a great source of information and as I’ve stated countless times over the past few months, Red Sox and yankees fans are the same basic creatures. we just wear different memorabilia. Neither group is better, smarter, more knowledgable, or classier than the other.

        Are you opposed to me coming here Bo? Wouldn’t it make sense for fans of both teams to try and learn/understand a little bit more about each other, rather than making blanket statements like “Typical classless Sox fans” or “Classy as always Boston fans”. Those statements are narrow minded and short sighted and altogether wrong. There are millions of Red Sox and yankees fans out there and to classify them all the same way, no matter which team they support, based on the actions of a few, is irresponsible.

        • steve (different one)

          Neither group is better, smarter, more knowledgable, or classier than the other.

          i disagree. i am extremely classy. i actually sleep in a tuxedo.

          • Whitey14

            That was a classic comeback Steve!

            Here’s the qualifier….is it black, or light blue?

            • steve (different one)

              i wear powder blue in the spring and black in the winter. it’s classier to own more than one.

              • Whitey14

                Damn, and mine is just one of those printed T-shirts!

  • http://aroundthemajors.blogspot.com/ Around The Majors

    Typical classless Sox fans


  • Bo

    Classy as always Boston fans.

  • pounder

    The incident in Yonkers did not involve Yankee fans,it was an attack by construction workers from Florida.It also was not over the wearing of a Red Sox hat as has been widely reported,but over a girl sitting at the bar,trolling for business.Also,to compare Yonkers to Cambridge,even in a jesting way is a serious insult to Cambridge,If the assailants were from Yonkers,(the Brooklyn of Westchester)the victims would not know what had hit them.A real bad bunch in a bad ass town.

    • Casper

      Dude, easy on the BK! That was an unprovoked attack on my borough. I’ll have you know that Brooklyn is home to fine cultural institutions and provides an enjoyable quality of life for millions of New Yorkers, thank you very much.

  • Geno

    This kind of BS is ridiculous. I’m 6’5″, 250 lbs, and my old man always made sure I knew two things about getting into “fights” – You never know when you may accidentally kill someone, and there’s always someone bigger than you. Think before you act, guys – It’s A Game.

  • Kanst

    Not all Sox fans are such assholes. I assume there was some serious alchohol involved. Doesnt make it right but its not fair to generalize to all sox fans. I went to an A’s Sox game like 2 years ago with my Yanks cap and Rivera Jersey, and other then a few Yankees suck chants I didnt encounter much.

    • Loweeel

      Massholes? Drinking? Why, that can’t possibly be true! I bet they’re as “sobah” as their ruddy representative in the Senate. Oh, wait…

  • RCK

    Honestly, the way I read this is a group of thugs went out looking to take someone down, and a Yankees cap was as good a reason to choose their victim as any.

    Whatever the reason, this type of behavior is so disgusting. These guys probably think they’re so tough. I’d like to see how they do without a group of their buddies behind them.

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  • Manimal

    Being a yankee fan in MA sucks balls, I get bitched at at school for wearing yankees stuff.

  • beantownbosoxh8er


    I am a Yankees fan so this may sound jaded.
    I have been to plenty of games in both parks ,against each other and against other teams the Sox fans are simply the worst ,maybe these aren’t the life long fans but they still wear the garb so the fall into that category. They are always trying to pick fights be it verbal or physical , with anyone wearing a hat/shirt of the opposing team.
    They have made Fenway so hostile that i know friends that wont bring their kids there. I would be stupid to believe the same crap doesn’t happen at Yankee Stadium but it seems to be a smaller amount of occurrences.
    take it as you will, this is my opinion- Sox fans are the worst.

    • Malcard89

      Oh you are so right. There was once a Gary Matthews Jr. quote that went something like “it’s just not the same there as any other stadium. there’s even racist quotes thrown at ballplayers all over the place.” I know its not right to stereotype, but i went to visit that area, and from my limited view, there’s no denying that a majority of the people in that area were just plain brought up without morals or integrity.

    • Whitey14

      In all honesty, I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve been to the stadium in a Red Sox Hat and t-shirt and I was treated just fine and on the flip side I’ve seen guys in yankees hats have beer dumped on them and hot dogs thrown at them in Fenway. It’s an embarassment to say the least that these people are rooting for the same team I am. I don’t like it when we’re all classified that way though because it isn’t fair. Us goobers from Maine don’t act anything like Bostonians but we do make up nearly a million fans of the Red Sox Nation. Then again most of us stop in Portland and watch the Sea Dogs because it’s so much cheaper ;-)