Game 27: Death by southpaw


Oh, lefties, how the Yankees hate you.

While the Yankee offense has sputtered all season, against lefties, their numbers are particularly brutal. In a combined 186 at bats, the Yanks are hitting .247/.325/.339 against lefties. They’ve managed just three home runs off of southpaws and just nine extra-base hits overall. Against righties, the team is hitting a not-quite-so-robust .267/.332/.454 in 692 at bats.

So after facing a tough lefty yesterday and managing just one run on four hits, the Yanks are in for yet another lefty starter. Tonight, they’re facing Aaron Laffey, a soft-throwing lefty making his 10th Major League start and first against the Bombers. Laffey’s a high-80s guy with a decent sinker. I hope it’s not one of those games where I want to hurl my TV out the window by the end of the third inning.

To counter Laffey, the Yanks are turning to none other than Mike Mussina. Moose threw a great game against Chicago last week. Can he put together back-to-back starts against good-hitting teams? Time will tell. The weather — a game-time temperature of 47 degrees — does not bode well.

Meanwhile, it seems as though Chris Stewart, the Yanks’ fourth-string catcher, will don number 38. I’m not sure what Chris Britton will take in his place, but I do expect fans of Matt Nokes and 1984 Jose Rijo to boo Stewart tomorrow night at the stadium. How dare he takes Randy Choates’ old number? (For more on Stewart, check out this profile.)

Cabrera CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez DH
Giambi 1B
Matsui LF
Ensberg 3B
Cano 2B
Molina C

Mussina P

Game Notes: The Shelley Duncan two-day experiment is over. Jason Giambi — 0 for 10 against lefties this year — is in the lineup, and Hideki Matsui‘s two-day vacation is over…RAB is now tabloid-free. Find out more in this post.

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  1. Jamal G. says:

    YES showed a little stat about Mike Mussina’s splits this year vs. the Red Sox and all other AL teams (TOR/TB/CWS). So I decided to dig a little deeper and what I found was pretty damn encouraging.

    In three starts up against the Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay …Rays and the Chicago White Sox Mussina has these numbers:

    18.2IP-14H-6ER-4HR-8:4 K:B-30:17 GO:AO.

    The ground out to fly out ratio is impressive because it means that two seamer Moose has been featuring this year has been real effective. In his first two starts this year against Toronto and Tampa Bay he has a 22:7 GO:AO which is just amazing. He is also 2-1 with a 2.89ERA with a opponents’ batting average against of a smidgen over .200.

    So we can basically agree that any offense other than the Red Sox and Tigers will be of no worrying issue to Mike Mussina. I know it’s a very small sample size but you can’t ignore a 22:7 GO:AO in those first two starts and a 30:17 overall in the non-Boston starts.

  2. Jamal G. says:

    I think I might watch this game via ESPN just to be entertained by the utter ignorance and idiocy of Steve Phillips.

  3. Jamal G. says:

    You know what’s funny, we’re going to face a fourth LHP in a row in Kenny Rogers. Then a couple games after that I believe Nate Robertson takes the mound. Luckily, we do miss Justin verlander in the next series if I am not mistaken.

  4. Double-J says:

    Melky Cabrera = OBP machine.

  5. nefarious jackson says:

    so, was that a typical Melky AB Mike A…

  6. RichYF says:

    Derek “GiDP” Jeter.

  7. dan says:

    dammit I was hoping to see Jamal do an entire game thread by himself

  8. Double-J says:

    A-Rod = Anti-Clutch. :p

  9. Joe says:

    I could’ve sworn that shot by Giambi was gone. Damn.

  10. KW says:

    I love the avis commercial, freakin hilarious

  11. Double-J says:

    Our team needs some Cocoa RiSP so we can get hits with runners on.

  12. Chip says:

    I miss Shelley

  13. Pedro says:

    We could learn a few things from the Giants’ offense.

  14. Pedro says:

    It’s gonna be painful to watch Moose pitch to Pronk. Let’s hope he keeps the ball on this galaxy.

  15. KW says:

    Moose may be loose!

  16. Ivan says:

    Pat Riley officially retiring from coaching…….until the heat gets championship team.

  17. Double-J says:

    Maybe Moose is improving since the squirrel game last year? I wonder Bullwinkle’s splits are pre-/post-Rocky’s appearance on the foul pole. :-p

  18. Newman says:

    Why the hell is Cano playing in all these games against lefties when he’s mired in a god awful slump? What is Girardi thinking? Give him a blow

    • Double-J says:

      Because apparently it’s okay to bench one of our hottest hitters (Matsui) for the last couple of games since he’s had bad numbers, but Cano gets a pass for some reason, even though he’s colder than a witch’s tit.

  19. Ivan says:

    Boy Espn just like miling that bug game. ESPN just making fun of the yanks uh.

  20. Chip says:

    Wow Jeter looked horrible right there

  21. Number 27 says:

    Who is this pitcher and what has he done with mike mussina?

  22. Chip says:

    Another bad play by Jeter

  23. Chip says:

    Man, if Jeter can’t field he should at least be a few feet taller to get the line drive :)

  24. Chip says:

    The only reason righties are having such a good success against Moose is because Manny is right handed

  25. Chip says:

    68 MPH HEAT!!!!

  26. Newman says:

    Girardi can give us his schpiel all he wants about Giambi, he is an atrocious first baseman who is going to cost us in a big spot

  27. Xavier says:

    When Posada hurt his shoulder earlier this year he was still able to play first and hit. You think if the shoulder injury is “long term” the yankees would keep him from catching all year and just use his bat and have him play at first and dh

  28. Ivan says:

    Onley reports that the Giants will move remove Zito from the rotation and place him in the bullpen. That contract just keeps getting better and better and better for the Giants uh. One of the worst contracts in sports

  29. iYankees says:

    Do the Yanks even have a hit yet?

  30. Chip says:

    I’d like to see Posada spend some time over at first, he still has the bat to play there

  31. carlo says:

    Again A”K”-Rod killed the rally in the first….. pop-out with runners in 1st and 3rd 1 out…. .136 Avg. with runners in scoring position…. WOW thats what they are considering one of the greatest player…. There is a great player, but then there is a GREAT YANKEE PLAYER…. A “K”-Rod is the the first one…..

  32. Jon says:

    I believe Chris Britton is wearing #47 right now, previously worn by the great Ron Villone.

  33. iYankees says:

    Girardi should have had Damon in there. It doesn’t matter who’s pitching but Damon is hitting everything right now.

  34. Chip says:

    Don’t throw the fastball 3-1 Moose, please!

  35. Chip says:

    Is it bad that I hold my breath everytime a ball is hit hard to short?

  36. Number 27 says:

    what is pabe’s deal over at his blog? his sarcastic disclaimers to every post seem a little much. take it easy buddy. get defensive much?

    • Ben K. says:

      I stole this from Mike.

      It’s in response to this Phil Allard piece at NYYFans.com.

      • Number 27 says:

        thanks for that. i hadn’t seen it.

        so is pete being defensive about being criticized for being defensive in response to criticism? I don’t get it.

        phil allard has some pretty legit points. I mean, I (as I’m sure all of you do) check out pete’s blog at constant intervals throughout the day and as such, am grateful for the information he provides. but man can his commentary be grating…

  37. Chip says:

    only 63 pitches seen through 5 innings? These are not the Yankees of years past and is just another reason we need Bobby back next year IMO

  38. mustang says:

    Can someone remind these guys that they are the Yankees?

  39. Mike A. says:

    The Giants moved Zito to the bullpen. That deal just gets worse and worse.

  40. Chip says:

    I love Molina, he should have had a pickoff there except Giambi is worthless over there

  41. Chip says:

    I should learn to throw lefthanded and make a career of throwing junk to the Yankees

  42. Bruno says:

    Would you trade IPK & Tabata for Maddux & Nick Hundley?

    • Bruno says:

      My thinking is do this at the All Star break, move JOBA to the rotation and Moose to the pen. Have Molina/Hundley at C in ’09 with Posada at 1B.

    • Mike A. says:

      Nah, Hundley is nothing special, and Maddux isn’t going to be around much longer. Basically it’s 6 years of IPK and 6 potential years of Tabata for 2 years of Maddux (max) and 6 potential years of Hundley. I think Kevin Towers would be all over that one.

  43. Mike D says:

    Ben K. since the Yankees don’t have a hit through the first five innings, I assume you are no longer watching the game, having hurled your TV out the window in the third! Why do I feel like we’re reliving the start of ’07 again?

  44. Chip says:

    Damn, he’d have been meat at the plate

  45. mustang says:

    Bases loaded twice and once with no outs and all they got were 2 runs.
    I didn’t know Moose was magician.

  46. Chip says:

    Take one for the team A-rod!!!

  47. JT says:

    Oh yes… in that position, i think thats the only way Arod would of gotten the run in.

  48. JT says:

    beautiful…. and no double play =) nice and so giambi.. good job

  49. mustang says:

    The Bronx Bombers ?

  50. Ben K. says:

    That was one of the sadder four-run rallies ever.

  51. mustang says:

    Whatever works.

  52. Mike A. says:

    Eight men to the plate, four runs crossed, one ball left the infield. Welcome to Yankee baseball.

  53. LiveFromNewYork says:

    Nice job by Ensberg. There’s some tool over at Phil Hughes’ blog screaming that Morgan is a juicer in a post that Ensberg guest blogged for Phil. So stupid when the guy was trying to have a little fun with the fans.

  54. LiveFromNewYork says:

    AbbaDabba is up! Hope he’s on it.

  55. GoYankees says:

    How about solid pitching from Moose and a string of dribblers for 4 runs? About time the Yanks caught some luck. Woohoo

  56. Adam says:

    it is “Game 27″ fellas.

  57. Mike A. says:

    It’s easy, just remember Jessica Alba … ladejo. God I hate Michel Kay.

  58. ansky says:

    quite a catch.

  59. GoYankees says:

    Farnsworth pitches a clean inning. Wow.

  60. mustang says:

    I’m going to look outside for those flying pigs.

  61. Number 27 says:

    so much for your over under pick on 1-2-3 innings for farnsworth…

  62. Number 27 says:

    also, for anyone watching the game, who’s warming up in the bullpen. We going to joba/mo for 8/9 again?

  63. Dave P. says:

    why was damon hitting for a-rod?

  64. carlo says:

    A”K”-Rod sort of twisted his ankle while running to home…. with A”K”-Rod gone look for the Yankees offese to really take off…..

  65. Jamal G. says:

    Anybody else appreciating the immense BJ the ESPN crew is giving Mariano Rivera? This rivals Tim McCarver and Peter Gammons on Mr. Josh Beckett, LoL.

  66. Mike A. says:

    So long Cleveland! Quality win.

  67. mustang says:

    It wasn’t pretty but chuck another win for the toast.
    MOOOOSE !!!!!!!!!!

  68. Jamal G. says:

    ESPN really sucks at covering games, Johnny Damon comes in to PH for A-Rod and there’s absolutely zero mention of it. They’re too busy talking about Joba Chamberlain and if he should stay in the bullpen this season. Morons.

  69. Micky#7 says:

    Hay, a win is a win!
    Thank god this trip is over. Do we need anymore hurt people? Good going Moose, you kept them in the game…that’s all we need, next time make it 7 innings. 27/08.

  70. A.D. says:

    Farnsworth….potentially raising his trade value….

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