Game Nine: Sub at SS


No, we don’t have any answers on the great DL debate. PeteAbe says that it might actually be Morgan Ensberg who hits the DL. Something about a “mysterious knee injury.” Jorge’s injury isn’t being considered serious enough for a DL stint, and there is no further word on Derek Jeter.

Clearly, much of this can change in the 45 minutes leading up to the game. The Yanks have to make a roster move in that interim, and I’ll update this post once I get word, probably from Abraham or Feinsand.

Update: Yep, it’s Ensberg to the DL. And I’m apparently unfamiliar with Central time. The game starts at 8, not 7.

Your lineup:

1. Johnny Damon, DH
2. Robinson Cano, 2B
3. Bobby Abreu, RF
4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
5. Hideki Matsui, LF
6. Jason Giambi, 1B
7. Jose Molina, C
8. Melky Cabrera, CF
9. Alberto Gonzalez, SS

And on the mound, number thirty-one, Ian Patrick Kennedy.

Kinda strange that Molina is hitting ahead of Melky, eh?

Photo of Ian Kennedy hurling while in high school courtesy of flickr user Miro-Foto. Click here for a bigger version and here and here for a few more shots of the Yanks’ righty back in the day.

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  1. Jamal G. says:

    It is strange seeing Giambi and Molina back-to-back because Girardi himself said that putting Cano in the sixth spot was in part to separate the “baserunners” Giambi and Posada.

  2. This is going to be a very interesting line up to watch…the big guns need to hit well enough to absorb the loss of Jeter and Posada, it’s doubtful that Attorney General will do very much in the nine whole. This has gone from being the “best lineup in baseball” to your average national league lineup. I’m optimistic though, there are 154 games left in the season and surprises are most certainly welcome.

  3. GoYankees says:

    Ensberg gets no respect. What’s with that?

  4. Jamal G. says:

    Lmao, off-topic but just a great article on the Tigers’ struggles.


  5. zack says:

    Ensberg to the DL? WTF? Is that just a way to clear up a roster spot? The ol’ take one for the team?

    • Ben K. says:

      Well, the team has to file medical reports with the Commissioner’s Office to make the DL move official, but this is a little sketchy. I’m not sure how closely those reports are scrutinized.

      • yankeemonkey says:

        So what would happen if the Commish Office smelled a rat on this DL business? Do the Yankees forfeit the game?

  6. zack says:

    Seems like a Bill Bellicheck/Mangini type of move to me, but you, know whatever works…

    On another note, holy crap, Jon Lester just threw an 89 MPH “fastball.” He is officially a bust.

  7. Jamal G. says:

    Sir Gammons was predicting a return to his 94-95 heater this year. Now I just got started following prospects in October of last year so I have no idea if he ever threw that hard. I kept hearing on TV that the Red Sox organization was split between who liked Lester or Papelbon more. The thing is I’ve heard Papelbon wasn’t projected to be much more than a #3 starter since I’ve gotten into following the farm system.

    So was Lester ever a pitching prospect in terms of a Nick Adenhart or Jake McGee? I damn sure know he wasn’t regarded as a Hughes, Chamberlain, Buchholz, Kershaw type but was he on a level of a #2 or more on the likes of how the public views IPK, a #3 at best?

  8. Kevin L says:

    Does anyone know when/where Ensberg got hurt? I’d like to think Girardi isnt that shady…new to the site, awesome job guys

  9. yankeemonkey says:

    Fear not, Ensberg fans: sez Pete

    UPDATE, 7:46 p.m.: Morgan Ensberg survived. Shelley Duncan was just optioned to Triple-A Scranton. Why they wait to 15 minutes before the game to reveal that, I have no idea. But that’s the move.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Yeah just read it. I thought they went against optioning Shelley at first because he brought some extra versatility with experience in the OF. I guess not, maybe Ensberg was like “I ain’t injured, so get the fuck outta my face” when they came to him about potential DL stint. LoL.

  10. RichYF says:

    What the hell happened to Kennedy FFS

  11. keith says:

    dear god, can we just forfeit and save the bullpen for boston?

  12. zzzzz says:

    WTF??? seriously, please let there not be something seriously wrong with kennedy.

  13. Jamal G. says:

    God Dammit, hope IPK is OK.

  14. RichYF says:

    Maybe they’ll umm bring Kennedy in as a reliever? This game is going to be BRUTAL…

  15. Mike A. says:

    Okay, best case:

    Bruney for 3
    Traber for 2
    Pettitte for 1
    Joba for 2
    Mo for 1


  16. Alan says:

    Why is everyone screaming about IPK? I just turned on the game, did he have to leave the game?

  17. RichYF says:

    This is what I’ve decided about Cano so far this season:

    Takes the first pitch
    Takes a strike
    Swings at every pitch thereafter

  18. cjc says:

    this is going to ba a long damn road trip

  19. yankeemonkey says:

    Whose throwing day is it? Maybe Wang can go an inning? Or Moose?

  20. Alan says:

    Road trip? Shit, this is going to be a long first-half of the season. Looks like we might be in store for some Karstens, Rasner, Iga-….ah, I can’t even finish my thought without having to hold back vomiting.

  21. Travis G. says:

    Kennedy looks heavier tonight, but really, wtf’s wrong with him? so much for a healthy start to the season.

  22. mehmattski says:

    So maybe this is because of the rain… in a Dodgers-Giants game last week, Billingsley and Lincecum were held out of starting because it was supposed to rain. When it was game on, both scheduled starters entered the game in relief later on…

  23. Mike A. says:

    Phew, IPK’s okay.

  24. Jeremy says:

    Bruney, throw strikes or die.

  25. Jamal G. says:

    Interesting point from PeteAbe readers. They said why not start Joba Chamberlain, and I have the same question. Cashman said that if an injury in the rotation occurs in early April then Chamberlain would still be stretched out enough to start. I’m pretty sure Bruney can’t give you any more than 3-4 innings (if he’s effective with his pitch counts).

    Lmao, as I am writing this Ken Singleton says the Yanks are planning to pull a Dodgers/Giants and keep him on hold due to rain. Those sly devils.

  26. RockAesopRock says:

    I’m watching the game in class on Gameday, can someone tell me why, Bruney is starting?

  27. RichYF says:

    Nice! I like this move! Does Joe Torre make this move?

    • Alan says:

      Joe Torre would have called on Scott Proctor, Tanyon Sturtze, Luis Vizcaino, and Mo.

    • Mike A. says:

      Yes. He did it last week with Billingsley.

      • RichYF says:

        Fair enough. I don’t ever recall something like this happening, but I’m glad it is. I just wish someone told us before hand. Scared me a little.

    • YankeeJosh says:

      I was thinking the same thing. This is a smart move by Girardi. Torre would have started Kennedy. He really didn’t think outside the box. And if today gets rained out and they don’t play two tomorrow, IPK can start, and then Pettitte and Wang are available for the Boston series.

  28. yankeemonkey says:

    Great call, too, as it’s apparently starting to pour. Girardi is a genius.

  29. Travis G. says:

    yeah, just said the rain is 40 mins away so they dont want to waste Kennedy. intriguing…

    ps: nice play by Agon.

  30. Jamal G. says:

    I think Torre made the move in LA because someone on his bench had the wherewithal to inform him of such a move. Or maybe I’m just unnecessarily bashing Mr. T and he would have done the same thing here.

  31. Jamal G. says:

    Call the damn game already, it’s pouring.

  32. Adam says:

    This could turn out to be B-S.

  33. Jamal G. says:

    I wonder what’s going to happen if the game doesn’t get played tonight. MLB would NOT DARE make them play a double-header tomorrow with the way the Yankees schedule is set up.

  34. Alan says:

    Isn’t the MLBPA limit 21 in 20 or something?

  35. LiveFromNewYork says:

    Girardi IS a genuis. Damn. We’re so used to lackadasical Joe that we were all ready to jump off a bridge when IPK was scratched. Girardi rules.

  36. YankeeJosh says:

    I agree that MLB would, but the weather is supposed to be worse tomorrow from what I’ve heard. I doubt they could get a double header in. They’d probably do a one day trip later in the year. Maybe the THursday after the all star break, 7/17?

  37. yankeemonkey says:

    Torre made the same move last week, but it backfired because I don’t think it every actually rained. Here, however, the grounds crew is poised with the tarp.

  38. Alan says:

    Why the hell are they still playing? You can tell just by looking at the tv that its pouring.

  39. LiveFromNewYork says:

    I just hope as the year goes on that Girardi just keeps giving us these moments where we can say this is a good move and one we didn’t see coming. I have a feeling he will. I hope Bruney doesn’t get hurt here.

  40. yankeemonkey says:

    Bruney is DEALING. Maybe he should start more often…

  41. Jamal G. says:

    Ahem, Ahem. Announcing future set-up man to Mariano Rivera come June.

  42. LiveFromNewYork says:

    I think Bruney would be a great setup man if he keeps this form up. Amazing.

  43. Joey says:

    Bruney’s looking great here, even that ball he through that was a double was a good pitch

  44. mustang says:

    If its true and IPK does come out after the rain delay. Girardi is a genius. I don’t think i have ever seen this done.

    • Ben K. says:

      Funny thing: Joe Torre and Bruce Bochy did it last week. Lincecum and Billingsley were supposed to start but rain was in the forecast so the two youngsters came in after the rain delay.

      There is nothing, by the way, like coming home from the gym in the middle of the game and finding Brian Bruney pitching in the second. I almost had a heart attack.

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      The drought has not just been championships but real respect for the managing. This earns respect.

  45. Jamal G. says:

    has Kevin Long really worked magic with Molina or are we just seeing a per longed hot streak?

  46. zzzzz says:

    man, i love the hell out of molina. hes done nothing but rip it up since he got here.

  47. Manimal says:

    Bruney is ELECTRIC! I barely noticed him in spring training with the hair and complete loss of a beer belly.

  48. keith says:

    Someone posted this on nomaas

    “Dodgers pitching coach Rick Honeycutt approached manager Joe Torre about the plan they eventually used with Billingsley. Then Torre went over to Giants skipper Bruce Bochy to give him a heads-up on what they were doing and why.”

  49. Joey says:

    Trabers in

  50. Manimal says:

    Is he flip flopping this game around? relivers first, starters last

  51. mustang says:

    Here is credit for RAB. With everything available to me the first place i went to after turning on the game was RAB.
    I knew you guys would have the load down before anyone else.
    That says something !!!!

  52. btw… cone is the man. i’ve always liked the pitcher’s perspective whether it’s kaat or leiter or cone.

  53. Mike A. says:

    Okay, it looks like they might actually squeeze 5 innings in, soooooo SCORE SOME RUNS ALREADY!!!

  54. Manimal says:

    Giambi SUCKS, jesus.

  55. cjc says:

    so giambi is awesome

  56. cjc says:

    let me rephrase that this lineup is awesome

  57. Yankee1010 says:

    Yay, Giambi. Yay. Awesome. Anybody else hoping that fat fuck is brought to an upstate farm and put to sleep?

  58. cjc says:

    this is getting ridiculous now there are pools of water everywhere

  59. Joey says:

    oh shit, farnsworth is in

  60. Yankee1010 says:

    Farnsworthless and Giambi: Proud members of the “Thank God They’re Coming off the Payroll This Offseason” Club

  61. cjc says:

    oh alex why are you trying to swim to second on molinas cannon

  62. Ben K. says:

    Who doesn’t love them some Jose Molina?

  63. cjc says:

    so how bout those rangers

  64. BobMikki says:

    Court is in session , look at the Attorney General.

  65. cjc says:

    are they even trying seriously wtf is wrong with this damn lineup

  66. Graeme says:

    Don’t worry Damon will leave him stranded

  67. ansky says:

    well, thats good. first pitch

  68. cjc says:

    fucking typical farnsworth now they will call this game due to the rain shit

  69. BobMikki says:

    Classic Farnsworth, three outs until the games official, and he allows a homer to the catcher batting .111

  70. Dave P. says:

    Fucking worthless

  71. Joey says:

    If IPK doesn’t get in toniight whats gonna happen? Bullpen session or tomorrow?

  72. Yankee1010 says:

    Farnsfuckingworthless. If he was on fire, I wouldn’t even piss on him.

  73. cjc says:

    he’ll give up 4 before this inning ends

  74. Joey says:

    and now he cuts off Molina to the damn ball…

  75. Joey says:

    IPK warming up in the bullpen

  76. RichYF says:

    It’d be a shame if this game ended in 5. They made them play this long, might as well get the rest of the game in no? Or they could just be dicks and call it after 5 with the Royals winning. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

    Granted if the Yanks were winning I’d probably want the game called so I don’t blame them, I just think it’s a damned shame. Farnsworth is so good for me right now.

  77. BobMikki says:

    The only time Farnsworth is useful is in a fight against Paul Wilson.

  78. Mike R. says:

    Why Farnsworth for the 5th. IPK could have gone 5.

  79. Yankee1010 says:

    Farnsworthless, way to tee one up on an 0-2 count. It may seem awful, but I wouldn’t mind a career ending injury RIGHT NOW. Please remove him from consideration. Fuck him to hell.

  80. RichYF says:

    I seriously hope Farnsworth is not pitching on this team in a month’s time. He’s so useless it stings.

  81. cjc says:

    the rerally sad thing is that at this moment I have no confidence whate so ever that this lineupo cn come from behind and score 4 and thats assuming farnsworth doesn’t give up anymore

  82. Ben K. says:

    Guys who can throw fastballs in the mid- to upper-90s should never throw 0-2 sliders over the middle of the plate go batters hitting .129. That’s just stupid pitching.

  83. Dave P. says:

    Seriously. I’d really like someone to come forward and explain to me why he is on this team.

  84. eric from morrisania says:

    The only thing that keeps me from wanting to strangle little kittens every time I see Kyle Farnsworth is the knowledge that after his pitiful, 30 appearance, 5.12 ERA, 1.56 WHIP, 1 win, 5 loss 2008 season is finally over, some idiot team in the NL Central (Brewers, anyone?) will sign him to a two-year, 5 million dollar deal this winter… thus netting us a sandwich pick.

    In fact, much like Bill Simmons has rechristened Theo Ratliff as “Theo Ratliff’s Expiring Contract”, I nominate that Kyle Farnsworth’s name be legally changed to Kyle “Sandwich Pick” Farnsworth.

  85. Joey says:

    As bad as farnsworth is, our hitters are making just about every pitcher we’ve faced look very good

    • BobMikki says:

      I really don’t think the lineup is that bad , so far in this game , any chance the Yanks have had to score have been killed by Damon, and Giambi, if we had semi decent hitters in there spots we prolly would have scored.

  86. Mike R. says:

    We need A-Gon and Jo-Mo to step it up next inning.

  87. Yankee1010 says:

    I would love to see this matchup of futility: the Yanks’ lineup vs. Farnsworthless.

  88. Jamal G. says:

    Will Farnsworth’s numbers this year be good enough with last year’s numbers to warrant a Type B ranking come this off-season?

    • Mike A. says:

      If Eric Gagne was a Type B after missing 2006 and having a shitty second half in 2007, I’d have to think Farnsworth will be at least a Type B FA.

      • Jamal G. says:

        Is it the last two MLB seasons or the last two seasons the player has played in? His 2004 campaign was obviously good, but if they use his 2005 season where he pitched in only 13.1 innings that would still be understandable of a Type B ranking.

        • eric from morrisania says:

          The other things that factors into the Type A/Type B decisions are the size and length of the contracts the player has signed and will sign, and ML service time. The fact that Farnsworth has been in the majors since Clinton and earned 5M last year all but guarantees that he’ll be a Type B.

  89. Jamal G. says:

    Four errors by Philly? Charlie Manuel is gonna have a blast tonight.

  90. Yankee1010 says:

    I love that Matsui is playing in left when Kennedy (a fly ball pitcher would be pitching) instead of Damon. This team will fucking kill the fans if this keeps up. Matsui runs around in the OF like that kid in Little League who was forced to play by his mother.

  91. Mike R. says:

    IPK seems…what’s the word I’m looking for…hittable today.

  92. RichYF says:

    He was indeed out. Ian Kennedy looks spectacular thus far. I’m practically elated about this series thus far.

  93. Joey says:

    the comments earlier made me think… we have farnsworthless, but at least he’s not gagne

  94. kingshaffy says:

    Are we allowed to score runs? Just wondering.

  95. BobMikki says:

    In my opinion with the current state of affairs this is what the Yankees lineup should like

    1) Cabrera – CF
    2) Cano -2B
    3) Abreu – RF
    4) A-Rod 3B
    5) Matsui- LF
    6) Posada- DH
    7) Ensberg/Duncan – 1B
    8) Molina -C
    9) Gonzalez – SS

  96. BobMikki says:

    Ignore the smiley face

  97. Jamal G. says:

    Well no time like the present for the offense to wake up :)

  98. Jamal G. says:

    I said it before, I’ll say it again. That AVIS commercial is a classic!

  99. Mike A. says:

    IPK came on in relief of Clemens during his “Spring Training” start with Tampa last year and got lit up. After the game IPK said he hates coming out of the ‘pen, so it’s not surprising that he’s not right tonight.

  100. BigBlueAL says:

    i would love to be in Hank Steinbrenner’s office right about now…

  101. Mike R. says:

    IPK showed moxie there. I like it.

  102. dookie says:

    Please add Carl Pavano to the watch list. Ian Kennedy and Philip Hughes are terrible and the Yankees will need their 2007 opening day starter to step up and fill the void.

  103. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, look at that asshole trying to wrestle that guy from the back just to get a ball.

  104. RichYF says:

    Every pitcher we face these days is practically a Cy Young Award winner.

  105. Manimal says:

    Hello Im new to baseball.

    Some one explain the rules to me, do these “yankees” always get 0′s?

    no srsly, we better have a 22-5 game like, now.

  106. dookie says:

    Please add Carl Pavano to the watch list. He is the one and only Yankee player who will not hit into rally-killing double-plays.

    I think we should look into the Jamie Moyer trade that I proposed a few days ago. His 5.00 ERA over 200IP at 45 years-old sure looks good compared to the ghastly combo of Ian Kennedy and Philip Hughes!

    • BobMikki says:

      Dude its 9 games in, Hughes, and Kennedy will eventually find there groove and there is never a reason to invoke the name of Pavano, unless its followed by he sucks dick.

  107. Manimal says:

    Anyone else feel like going into a coma until next season where things will be SOOO much better. Its like this season has no cause. The same OLD(emphasize the OLD) Yankees are back and older than ever.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Those same OLD Yankees rebounded from a 14.5 game deficit in the division to finish just 2.0 games out of the division and the second most wins in MLB last year.

      BTW, it’s 9 games into the season, relax.

  108. BigBlueAL says:

    i shouldve picked Greinke for my fantasy team….

  109. RichYF says:

    “and he gets jerked off…”

  110. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, did David Cone just say that IPK got “Jerked off”? Silly David.

  111. BigBlueAL says:

    at least everyone else in the AL East is losing tonight, except for the 1st place Orioles who r rained out. pretty pathetic game when im flippin around the package to find a better game to watch than the Yankees game. hell i spent more time watching the Rangers-Devils since for some reason it was available in my baseball package (better not get billed for the hockey package too!!!) and i HATE hockey!!!!! i even watched some of the Knicks game, and of course hopin they lose to get a better draft pick, they win again and now could go from 4th pick in the draft to 6th, Isiah cant even f***ing lose right!!!!! i just realised something, livin in Miami, im wasting alot of money in my cable bill buyin the NBA and MLB packages to watch my pathetic Knicks. i wont go there yet with the Yanks, last year by Memorial Day i was wandering if i could get a refund for the MLB package, but thankfully it woundup bein worth it by the end of the season……

  112. dookie says:

    Can we add Carl Pavano to the watch list please? After tonight’s game I have devised a new strategy. Start Carl Pavano on each day that Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes is scheduled to pitch, before bringing either of those two into the game. That way, we can get five or so innings out of our “starters by committee” system and preserve that bullpen… although I’m not sure why… there isn’t a chance in heck that the Yankees beat out the Royals for the Wild Card… every pitcher on this team is Sandy Koufax. KC is tight!

  113. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, did IPK bang one of these umpires’ daughters before he got hitched? Damn he’s been getting squeezed so far this season.

  114. Mike R. says:

    It’s time for the M-Cab and A-Gon show.

  115. RichYF says:

    Good job Melky, just run into that second basemen. Don’t do anything to slow that double play down. Excellent game tonight. I’m going to bed.

  116. BigBlueAL says:

    i think honestly nobody is panicking, its only 9 games and after last season we shouldnt panic until after the All-Star break, but the problem is when these Yankees lose, they look so horrible and pathetic its unwatchable. when we were winning 4 out of 5 titles, even when we lost u thought we were gonna win that game because we would always have the tieing and winnin runs at the plate in the 9th inning and go down fighting, or if we got shutdown it was by a true great pitcher like Pedro, but ever since 2004, our losses r so damn disgusting and disheartening to watch, its tuff to remain logical and realistic durin these losses…..

    • Jamal G. says:

      I think you have a damn good point their AL, but I disagree with you on the first part. With some of these fans coming to the conclusion that Hughes is the reason Johan Santana is not in true pinstripes, they are panicking and freaking with every loss thinking this is a “rebuilding” year.

  117. Yankee1010 says:

    I know it’s allergy season, but the Yanks can’t possibly this allergic to good baseball right now, can they? How does Melky run right into that DP? And then Cano kindly tries to pull the first pitch that was in the right-handed batter’s box.

  118. Mike R. says:

    This is painful. :(

  119. BigBlueAL says:

    case in point, this past inning, stupid baserunning leadin to a DP, a double follows, then Cano swings at first pitch low and outside and pulls a pussy grounder to 2b for a routine out…..

  120. BobMikki says:

    Hey at least IPK’s ERA is finally below 20.

    • Jamal G. says:

      He’s looked good IMO. Mike noted the point of how he dislikes coming into a game in relief so that’s certainly understandable from a starter, especially a young one. Other than that initial inning, he’s looked much better from last start control wise. Which truly was his only major issue in the last start so I think this outing was a positive and something we can look fondly upon.

      Offense is currently looking a little sluggish but come on, 9 games and the weather hasn’t been anything to feel comfortable in.

  121. Jamal G. says:

    I feel for Tony Pena Jr. right now, I really do.

  122. Jamal G. says:

    You know what’s funny, the offense looks the way it does but I am willing to put money on it that when they come into Fenway, they are going to fucking rake.

  123. BigBlueAL says:

    i feel for Brian Cashman right now, Hank must be lettin him have it…….

  124. Mike R. says:

    Am I an idiot for insisting on watching to the very end?

  125. BigBlueAL says:

    Joel Sherman blogged yesterday i think about how the Yanks probably wished they still had Javier Vasquez, or at least not ever made that trade and still have Nick Johnson. wasnt it Nick AND Juan Rivera for Vazquez??? then vazquez part of package for Big Unit, who in turn got traded back to Arizona for Alberto Gonzalez and Ross Ohlendorf. damn, even though i like Ohlie so far, we wound up gettin screwed in all those moves……

  126. Jamal G. says:

    I would say a PH appearance here for Morgan Ensberg but being on the bench the whole game may be a detriment to bringing him in this situation as it is.

  127. Mike R. says:

    We should have Shelley pinch hit in this spot…wait…what??? We what???

  128. dookie says:

    Let the excuses start to flow from Yankee fans. First it was the midges… after all, it’s not like they were all over Fausto Carmona while he was mowing down “Captain GIDP” Derek Jeter and company.

    Now the weather is cold and miserable only when the Yankees are hitting or pitching. When the Jays, Rays or Royals are hitting and pitching, it’s sunny and warm. Strange.

    IPK could not get through three innings without giving up a pair of runs because he does not like coming into the game as a reliever, even though he started the inning. I have news for you… Greinke dislikes starting the game as a starter, yet that did not stop him from mowing down “Another GIDP Wudya Know” Robinson Cano!

    Any other excuses Yankee fans? Perhaps Yankee players struggle during daylight savings? Perhaps that “spring forward” is really messing with their heads.

    Anything else? I read that there are certain strains of influenza that only affect Yankee players… did any of you read about that?

    Can the whiny creators of this site please add Carl Pavano to the watch list?

  129. Manimal says:

    We didnt give up Ian Kennedy for WHOO!?!?!?!?

    • Jamal G. says:

      We didn’t give up Ian Kennedy AND a package of Chien-Ming Wang, Melky Cabrera, and a prospect.

      Not fair of you to single him out like it was him and a bunch of low ceiling guys.

    • Mike A. says:

      What did IPK do wrong? He did fine after his first inning. They wouldn’t have won with Cy Young on the mound scoring zero runs like that.

  130. BigBlueAL says:

    honestly, WHY DID GIAMBI HIT IN THAT SPOT!?!?!?!?!? what is the point of carrying Ensberg then???? i thought it would be different with Girardi managing since he would u know manage a game once inawhile, but instead its the same sit back and let ur old, washed up veterans try to hit like it was 5 years ago. so much for the difference in managers…..

    • giambi is a more experienced and better hitter than ensberg. period. regardless, that’s what i believe and if you think ensberg would have been better in that spot thats fine. though…

      i’d be more impressed if you had asked “why is giambi hitting in this spot” before he popped up rather than question girardi’s call after the fact. hindsight bias much?

  131. Jamal G. says:

    I hate getting shutout, like I really do.

  132. Joey says:

    Hey guys (Mike, Joe, Ben), I expect some sort of analysis of the former attorney general’s performance tomorrow! And throw in something there about name that Molina being a very capable backup who’s nice to have in there if Posada can’t go. We need some feel good stuff in the morning

  133. Mike R. says:

    This is what is called rock bottom. Smile boys. It’s about to get better.

  134. jsbrendog says:

    tanyon sturtze oh where have ye gone

  135. Mike R. says:

    I was referring to the offense, not the team as a whole. I think the pitching (with exception of Farnsworth) was very good tonight and has been good every game so far.

  136. So, how many runs have we scored so far this season? I think these old guys are like a 1980′s Jaguar. If it’s raining, cold, or the wind is blowing from the wrong direction, they just won’t start. I wonder if Giambi has a clause in his contract specifying a <.100 BA for all games where the planets are not aligned correctly. On the other hand, I’m sure Jeter would’ve gotten us a few extra GIDPs to back up Cano’s efforts to eliminate our baserunners.

    Yeah, I know it’s early in the season, but that was a depressing game.

  137. Joey says:

    the only team in the AL we’ve scored more runs than this season is the tigers… yea, the 2 most scary lineups before the season started. Only thing is I KNOW we will heat up eventually

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