Is the Wave the dumbest idea ever?

Briefly revisiting Nick Johnson
Game Seven: What about Morgan?

We’ve all seen it: A beautiful day at the Stadium, not a cloud in the sky. The Yanks are winning, and all in attendance — save for the occasional Mets or Sox fan — are in a gleeful mood. And how do they express that glee? By standing up in unison with the rest of their section and throwing their hands in the air. Yes, I’m talking about the Wave. And yes, it is without question the dumbest ballpark tradition ever.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. The guys at Drunk Jays Fans — quite possibly the funniest team-specific baseball blog — have created their guide to doing the Wave. Their biggest tip on when to start the Wave:

Don’t try to start the wave in the seventh, eighth or ninth innings if the score is within three runs, or anytime that anything happening on the field is remotely interesting or could affect the final outcome, or in the middle of a feisty at-bat, or when the home team is at the plate and threatening to score, or if there are runners in scoring position, or basically ever.

Yeah, that about sums it up. I’d recommend your read the entire article, because it took me at least 10 minutes to decide which quote to pull. In fact, it’s so good that I’ve got to pull another:

OK, so maybe you’re trying to impress the girl you’re with. If this happens to be the case, try asking yourself, do I actually think that starting the wave is going to impress her? If yes, you might want to consider the possibility that she’s a retard, and that there are a whole lot better ways to go about impressing her, which won’t also happen to irritate the fuck out of the people sitting behind you. You should also consider the possibility that you are a retard. However, it is, in fact, most likely that you both are.

The Wave is one of many reasons I love sitting in the right field bleachers. Every time I’ve seen a Wave going at the Stadium, it’s stopped dead in right field. This is a good thing. Yeah, I understand some people have fun with it, but for many it’s nothing but a distraction from the game at hand.

While we’re on the topic of dumb traditions, can we please, for the love of poop, get rid of Cotton Eye Joe? Someone tell me that it’s going to be buried underneath the rubble of the old Stadium.

Briefly revisiting Nick Johnson
Game Seven: What about Morgan?
  • Manimal

    yankee stadium not so much. Tropicana field was awesome. With the exception of guy in center field with the freaking cowbell.

  • Bruno

    Yes it is.

  • dan

    Cotton eye joe is probably the dumbest thing they do at the stadium… it had to be filmed before 2000. I’m also a little tired of the half-hearted YMCA by the grounds crew. When I was about 8 that was fun, but now it’s just annoying to sit there and watch people do it.

  • Bruno

    I love the accompanying chant: “TAKE THE WAVE TO SHEA! TAKE THE WAVE TO SHEA!”

  • Manimal

    Yankees fans are the most energyless, and critical fans(from a realistic viewpoint) Yankee stadium is dead silent until something happens and then we criticize everything.

    I’m in favor of wave’s in pointless blowouts(like the game I went to in tampa) but if you payed good money just to raise your arms in the air at a critical point of the game your crazy.

    • dan

      That’s one thing I don’t like. It’s very very quiet unless something big is happening. Of course I haven’t been to so many other parks during regular season games, but it just seems like it should be louder.

  • zack

    There are A LOT of “traditions” in Yankee Stadium that could use to go. And most of them seem to be “traditions’ in the sense that they date back to, oh, 1998.

    • Bruno

      If you’re referring to the “role call” you’re nuts! That stays. Can’t think of what else you might mean.

      • steve (different one)

        cotton eye joe…YMCA.

  • Manimal

    roll call stays. Johnny Damon is hilarious, he has a different reaction every game.

  • JD

    If I wanted to go see a game from the bleachers, how would I go about doing so? How early do you have to be there to get a spot?

    • Joseph P.

      If you want to sit in right field (which is the good part of the bleachers), I’d suggest checking on StubHub. I’m not sure how many right field seats go on sale day of game.

  • Scott

    Couple of Things love the Cotton eye Joe…Whats the guys name who dances in the box..he’s impressive everytime he breaks out a new move….

    Whats the latest on the Tommy John Guys…Humberto Sanchez mainly….

    • Mike A.

      Melancon is back pitching, ditto Cox, but he hasn’t gotten into a game yet. Garcia’s battling a sore shoulder right now, so he’s the DL. Sanchez is still working his way back from TJ, a second elbow surgery to remove bone chips, and knee surgery. He’s on the DL, threw off a mound last week, and should be back in games by May.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Roll call is a tradition. Cotton Eye Joe not so much. YMCA should be banned.

    I like that Yankee Stadium is quiet except when something is going on. If we did the wave or waved towels around (even worse) I would leap into the net behind home plate.

  • Marsha

    Cotton Eye Joe is not the only thing the Yanks should get rid of. Add to the list the YMCA guys (I’m embarrassed for them whenever they have to stop sweeping the field), the great subway race, the match game, the guess the number game, the top hat tease, the banning of backpacks, and God Bless America. Have I left anything out?

    • Whitey14

      Get rid of “God Bless America”? Am I missing something?