Leagues, teams feeling the blogging tension


Tim Arango, a Times business reporter, chimed in today with a feature on the tensions between bloggers and the teams and leagues they cover. The piece looks at all facets of the issue — from the credentialed (PeteAbe) bloggers to the non-credentialed bloggers (us) and the various relationships with their subjects. Journalists are growing wary of sports leagues asserting control, and the sports leagues are asserting their rights as private businesses. The article doesn’t even get into the heart of the dispute between old-school media traditionalists and bloggers. How all of these tensions will one day be resolved is anyone’s guess.

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  • Jeff

    Like with any new advancement or technological change there will be an adjustment… Whether its from radio to TV in the 1950′s which changed politics for ever the adjustment will happen….

    IMO the old-school media traditionalist vs bloggers(the relevant ones that exist like RAB or FJM) it will work out like it always does as the world advances, the old school traditionalist will have to adjust or be eaten out of the industry…

  • http://www.yanksblog.com Patrick

    Did anyone else laugh when reading this?

    “… in [collegiatre] women’s water polo, bloggers are allowed three posts a quarter and one at halftime; in fencing or bowling, 10 posts are allowed for each day or session.”

    • http://www.yanksblog.com Patrick

      That should be “collegiate”.

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