Missing Jorge’s toughess

Previewing the season, 26 games in
Getting to know your new backup catcher

Tyler Kepner, writing on the Bats blog, reminds us that not only will we miss Jorge Posada‘s offense while he’s on the DL, but we’ll miss his toughness as well. It’s hard to overstate what Posada means to this Yankee team. He’s a feared switch-hitter in the middle of the order with an excellent feel for his pitching staff. While a few Yankee fans may criticize them for signing an old catcher to a four-year deal, this injury is not age-related, and it’s a blow the Yanks will have to absorb for now.

Previewing the season, 26 games in
Getting to know your new backup catcher
  • steve (different one)

    think about it this way:

    had the yankees signed him to a 3 year deal everyone would have been pretty ecstatic, no?

    would this suck any less right now if his contract was only 3 years?

    not really.

  • chris

    Posada’s injury wont matter too much if these kids don’t start pitching better. we cant expect wang to go undefeated.

    i was for the santana deal because i felt that Hughes was a bit over rated. not that he wont be good, but he will never be in santana’s universe and with johan on the yanks they are the best team in baseball and still have a great future.

    i hope i am wrong but its been about 1/2 year sample size over the previous 2 seasons and i have not seen a phenom – I watched the yanks knock around bucholz, but i stil saw nasty stuff that i dont see in phil

    at least next season the team can have thei pick between sheets and sabathia – hopefuly last nignht showed the real sabathia and the one the yanks – i hope – is in the yanks 2009 plans. its the only way the not getting santana move makes any sense

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      It’s funny how Yankee fans are all for a deal that was never going to happen. It was never going to Phil Hughes for Johan Santana straight up. It would have been Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy (who hasn’t pitched well but will), Melky Cabrera and someone else. Does that still sound like an appealing deal? Because it sure doesn’t to me.

      • steve (different one)


        if you argue long enough, you will find someone who will tell you that Cashman turned down Kennedy and Melky for Santana.

      • barry

        Sounds like a shit deal Ben.

    • Chris

      Even with Hughes and Kennedy struggling so much, the Yankees are allowing fewer runs per game than last year – and they still won 94 games last year. Hughes and Kennedy will improve, so the yankees should win a lot of games this year.

      The problem so far is the offense (or lack there of), and losing Posada could have a big impact. Of course, we have no idea how long he’ll be out, or even what the injury is, so everything right now is speculation.

  • E-ROC

    This sucks. Hopefully, Molina can continue to hit the way he has thus far this season. Chris Stewart has been given rave reviews by Darrell Rasner, so…I guess he should be fine.

  • ray sam

    arod still is not clutch. jeter is slipping another year ands he is done