• Dylan

    Yeah, growing pains. I think we’ll be OK this year, especially when the bats come around. The kids are going to be OK.

    Trade Farnsworth for hotdogs.

  • Chris G

    I’m convinced that all he needs is to play in a game where he doesn’t have to blow on his hand every two seconds, I don’t think anyone from California likes weather below 50 degrees, and for his pitch count to get raised to anything more than 87 pitches. Just looking at it on paper, it look like a terribly small number. Even if they just raise it by three to 90 pitches,
    I think it would help him mentally, because it just sounds like more. Imagine how he must have felt last night going into a game in 40 degree weather, know that he was going to be allowed to throw 87 pitches while Daisuke was going to hurl 120. He’s going to do exactly what I’ve seen all from all three of those guys since the beginning of Spring Training. He’s going to try to throw the perfect pitch every time.

    (I say 87 because the ESPN graphic they showed last night stated that he was held to 87 pitches in his last two outings… If I’m wrong about that being the limit, then I apologize. But, if that IS the hard limit, I think it’s the most arbitrary sounding number in the world. If we’re going to pick pitch counts out of a hat, why not 90 or 95. It just sounds like so much more to me. I’m saying this as a failed pitcher to was held to strict pitch counts in high school, and so they became my obsession. Even today I can’t help but silently count how many each pitcher has thrown and get excited because, even though we didn’t score, we made the guy throw 25. I just think the whole pitch count thing put the wrong mentality in a young guy.)

    • kunaldo

      chris, the 87 pitches thing was just a coincidence…the limit is more around 95 or so…he just hasnt had the opportunity to get to that point b/c of circumstance

  • Tripp

    Yeah, I can understand that. But, looking at this record “76-85, Finished 6th in NL Eastern Division” let’s hope that’s not the exact outcome.

  • mg

    The sky is falling and I want my mommy.

  • nolan11

    Hughes needs to be a 3 pitch pitcher… 2 pitch pitchers don’t succeed at the major league level. He needs to throw his changeup… 15-20 pitches per game. Its the only way he succeeds… otherwise he’s always going to get lit up by good teams…

    • zack

      That is, in fact, not true at all. While he does need to throw his slider and change more, the notion that Hughes can’t succeed on an excellent FB and curve is hogwash.

      If Hughes had his control, that’s all he needs. Period. But right now, throwing his change with zero FB control won’t help very much…

      • JT

        You don’t need to feature 3 pitches in the first time around in the order. THe problem, point blank, is that hughes had no control yesterday. In the second inning when he was able to spot his stuff, did extremely well. The only time a 3rd and 4th pitch come into play is when you start getting around the order 3-4 times.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Roy Oswalt’s done just fine with only a FB and curve. Of course he’s breaking down in glorious fashion right now, but I blame that on his tiny stature and ridiculous workload in year’s past.

      I still agree though, using his changeup more would do wonders. It doesn’t have to be a knockout Johan Santana changeup, it just needs to be a show me pitch to keep hitters honest.

  • YES

    You still need that third pitch. The fourth should be a show me pitch. When Joba gets back to the rotation even he’s going to have to throw his curve and change. He’s not going to get away with just throwing slider/FB as a starter. And his slider/FB is better then Hughes curve/FB combo.
    The whole key to pitching is keeping hitters off balance/guessing. When you only throw 2 pitches as a starter you become very predictable.

  • E-ROC

    Good ‘ol Farnsdearth. Can never have a 1-2-3 inning! Farnsdearth for Brayan Pena. Do it Cash!!

  • Ivan

    Yes he has had back to back bad starts but that’s going to happen sometimes.

    I mean look at Johnny Cueto, he had two good starts and almost everybody proclaim him as the greatest thing in the world and yesterday he gets lit up by the Pirates. Young pitchers have peaks and valleys. I still think he will be okay trust me. Does he needs a third pitch, most likely yes, and I think he will develop that.

    Give the kid a break.

  • vinny-b

    GM, was the best pitcher, of this generation. And believed it, before the clemens/sterioid controversy.

    • Mr. Yankee!

      Don’t ask him to pitch for you in the postseason though!

      I’ve hated him ever since he spurned the Yankees in the winter of 1992 (I think).

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Maddux certainly is one of, if not the best pitcher of the last 25 years, and we’re not saying Hughes is the next Maddux. Hell, I’d be happy if Hughes has half the career Maddux did. The point is that young pitchers struggle, no matter how talented. Smoltz did it, Clemens did it, Glavine did it, Johan did it, Pedro didn’t, but he’s a freak.

      • Glen L


  • nick blasioli

    iam just sick of hearing about how cold it is and difficult to pitch…hell the other pitchers are doing ok….hughes is going to have to get off his butt and start pitching like everyone thinks he can pitch…personally i havent. seen it yet…as far as farnsworth is concerned…he sucks…another one of cashmans debacles..lets face it,,,the yankees need a good starting pitcher (blanton,,herin or someone who can pitch…and another bat…maybe they should eat giambis contract …trade for nick johnson..then they might have a chance to make the playoffs…right now…no way…..

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      How quickly we forget last year.

    • Yea

      There should be a rule that if you give up on the season after two weeks you are not allowed to revel in future success.

      • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        Word up.

        • Tyler

          Totally true. Yankees fans should take notes from last year and continue to revel in the 2007 Yankees success stor…. oh.

    • steve (different one)

      all offseason all you posted about was how the Tigers were so much better than the Yankees. and the Mariners. and the Indians. and the Angels.

      since you seem to think the season is only 13 games long, how is that looking?

      all of those teams, AND the Red Sox, are all hovering around .500 (except Detroit).

      saying, “right now” there is “no way” the Yankees make the playoffs is so stupid it makes my brain hurt.

      seriously, you are the worst type of fan.

  • usty

    The only problem with using that stat sheet for comfort is that the Yankees #4 pitcher can’t win 6 games and have them make the playoffs.

  • zack

    Wouldn’t everyone willing trade missing the playoffs this year to have Hughes/IPK/Joba even have HALF of GM’s career? If each of those guys can use this season to develop and overcome the inevitable struggles and the cost is missing the playoffs, this team would be in far better shape for the future. So they miss the playoffs, next year they have three pitchers who would contribute far more consistently and effectively.

    Besides, for the umpteenth time, right now, this team has one MAJOR problem, the offense. Period. If this team was hitting, they could have won a whole bunch of those games. By the time the offense comes around, the pitching might not be as good…

    • kanst

      I would completely buy into that agreement. If someone offered me a deal where all three of them turn into 200 IP 3.8 ERA pitchers I would take a last place finish for that.

  • http://knickerbockerchatter.blogspot.com/ Bruno

    6-14, 5.61 era, 1.64 whip
    18-8, 3.18, 1.25

    nice progression, but the 155.7 – 249 inn jump is scary. good thing that won’t be happening.

  • nick blasioli

    yes steve,,i still stick with my predictions in the off season…and anyone with any knowledge of baseball can clearly see that the yankees have alot of holes in their team..i also know how long the season is and i can see many problems with the team…you need to open up your eyes…dont keep bringing up last year about hughes…outside of that one game he almost pitched a no hitter….his era is over 5.00…

  • nick blasioli

    oh..i almost forgot steve…i didnt know you had a brain….

    • steve (different one)

      good one…

  • Steve S

    I think its showing a little bit of one sideness and putting the blonders on when you write off Hughes’ last two starts. And this whole argument about the wisdom of the Big 3 over the long term is getting old. Look I think Hughes is going to be good pitcher, even great in some years, and I think the last two starts have evidenced the fact that he has a lot more development to do. The optimal words are “I think”, thats what is so frustrating about this lets build for a dynasty or long term dominance. I see a team that has been unlucky in the first round the last couple of years. But nonetheless I still see a team that with some luck and better managing could make a run in October and win a championship. Ill worry about 2009 come November. Im sorry but watching those guys from up North win two in the last four years knaws at me. So while I hope these three guys are the beginning of something special, my greater hope, is that come November 4, 2008, there is a parade in the Canyon of Heroes.

    Forget about Santana, just judge him as you would any pitcher on a team that should win 95 games. He has had two horrendous starts in a row, which is detrimental to the team. I understand he is young, but he has looked less the equipped to handle things. I know its cold, but guess what if he pitches in NY then at least one month of the year it’ll be cold when he pitches (April) and optimally it will be cold in another month (October). SO enough with that stuff. It can explain one poor outing but he got overwhelmed and had no control which may be a sign that he needs more time in the minors. Hopefully, thats not the case, and two ineffective starts in April doesnt provide sufficient evidence of that, especially in light of his performance last September. But its fair to start saying he needs to start demonstrating that he belongs on a contending team.

    And cut the shit, take down those T-Shirts we look like Red Sox fans making up corny T-shirts to support guys who have barely seen 100 innings in the major leagues. Oh and someone tell Phil to take down that blog, its gonna get really ugly. Or the ridiculous nicknames. Lets hope one of these three is on this team five years from now and we can call that a success.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    and this is why it’s almost impossible for the Yankees/Cashman to build an efficient, longterm juggernaut. god, i was hoping other fans wouldn’t turn this quickly. how stupid of me.

    “And this whole argument about the wisdom of the Big 3 over the long term is getting old.” just 13 games in and the patience is gone. ugh.

    the only reason the dynasty Yanks could hang on to DJ, Pettitte, Posada, Mo was that they sucked the last 15 years. the current Yankees have made the playoffs every year so the fans grow impatient after just 2 damn weeks (when the team is only 1.5 games out of 1st no less).

    • Steve S

      Must be my fault that I wasnt clear. Im not saying that Cashman is wrong, or that they shoudlnt do it. What I am saying is the attitude that someone who says play for this year is absolutely wrong. The long term success thing is great, but when you have a $200M payroll, the best player in the game at 3rd, an aging SS, an aging CA, and an aging hall of fame closer, then planning for ten years down the line is fun, but I dont think its crazy to say lets win this year. And guess what Phil Hughes is now in this rotation so he faces the slings and arrows just like anyone else. Its not as if Ben says well we should be patient because Mussina is close to 40 and four runs in six innings aint too bad. Hughes had the luxury of patience when he was at AA and AAA, but now he is pitching where it counts.

      The dynasty was also built on the arms of David Cone, El Duque, Jimmy Key, Roger Clemens, and David Wells. So enough with this self loathing of the Yankee resources. They buy championships, we will continue to buy championships, whether it be through free agents, or through trades or through going over slot.

      Nobody said trade Phil Hughes or he is a bust. But he isnt beyond reproach, and it certainly is against the law (contrary to what some people may think here), to say that this guy might end being a flop. Just like its alright for everyone here to arbitrarily project that the kid will be lights out for years to come.

  • nick blasioli

    its just hard for me to come to terms with the fact that with a 200 million payroll…they should be better..thats all..

  • Rob_in_CT

    It be early, folks. This is a really good team. Every other team likely to be in contention this season also has holes. Patience is needed if this team is ever to put a good team on the field for less than $200 million.

    This could be a transition year where the young pitchers take some lumps and the Yanks miss the playoffs. It’s certainly possible. It’s also entirely possible that Hughes comes around, the offense takes off, etc., and they win the division.