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The Yankees are not going to win many games if they can’t score more than three runs off pitchers like Jeremy Sowers. We can blame Girardi’s decision to go with Ohlendorf over Rivera in the 9th. We can unfairly blame Ian Kennedy. But if the Yankees do not score runs, they obviously are not going to win.

The Yanks had 12 hits today and left nine runners on base. They hit into two double plays at key moments and managed to draw just one walk. The best pitching staffs in the world aren’t going to overcome these anemic performance.

Before wrapping this one up, let’s toss some credit Ian Kennedy’s way. He threw 105 pitches in five innings and walked four while striking out two. But he showed clear signs of improvement. He overcame a 35-pitch fifth inning to make it through five, and he allowed just one baserunner in his final three innings of work. I think Kennedy turned a corner today. Too bad the Yankee offense didn’t.

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  • http://www.thebronxstop.com The Bronx Stop

    Should have pitched Rivera. I don’t understand.

  • Mike P

    Makes no difference. Rivera can’t pitch four innings, which is how long it would’ve taken the Yanks to score based on 3/9.

  • http://www.thebronxstop.com The Bronx Stop

    No but he could easily go two innings.

    If he does that than you at least give yourself a shot. It’s the New York Yankees. You don’t think any of those hitters in that lineup have a chance at hitting a homerun on any given pitch? Please. You have to put yourself in a situation to win a game before you can actually win it.

    Ohlendorf had walked 9 of the previous 17 batters he had faced before coming in the game tonight. With a stat like that you just have no chance to win a tied ball game.

    • http://www.thebronxstop.com The Bronx Stop

      Especially against a gritty team like the Indians who can score in the clutch situations. We were obviously all a witness to that tonight.

      • Mike P

        I agree they shouldn’t have pitched Ohlendorf. He was gassed after thursday, give the guy a rest. Mo or someone else? I don’t know I can see the argument for and against.

        I’m just disgusted with the offense. They just aren’t pulling through and are losing a lot of games like this, which they should have easily won. 3 runs in the first 7 against that shit pitching? Fuck.

  • Simon B.

    Seems like the fanbase is going a bit nutty with this game—pointing in all directions, particularly at Girardi.

    I agree with you though. Putting Ohlendorf in 9th was questionable, but it was a game they were pretty lucky to be close in the first place. The offense has to get running more consistently; that’s pretty much all that can be said.

    And hey, who knows if we woukd’ve gotten any runs at all if Girardi hadn’t pinch-hit with Posada who would hit the benches clearing triple. I heard a ton of belligerent fans criticizing Girardi, then suddenly going quiet.

    Another tough April. I hope we get it going soon.

  • http://pinstripers.blogspot.com Jeff

    I thought Ohlendorf would pull through in the clutch and be able to pitch a solid inning. Wrong. I’m scratching my head at the decision to have Cano pinch hit. Why put in your worst slumping hitter in a critical situation? Good call by Joe Girardi to not have a long reliever in the bullpen – I’d much rather rely on LaTroy Hawkins and Kyle Farnsworth to do the job! (sarcasm)

    • Simon B.

      Last time he pinch-hit, he hit a homerun which would prove to be the winning run.

      Not to mention, that decision may have inadvertently saved many runs because Alberto Gonzalez moved to third and made that spectacular double play with the bases loaded.

    • steve (different one)

      Good call by Joe Girardi to not have a long reliever in the bullpen

      you know, all through Spring Training Girardi said he wanted a long man.

      Rasner pitched himself off the team in ST. he was awful.

      Karstens was slated to make the team until he got hurt.

      he didn’t decide to not have a long man, no one emerged.

      Rasner is pitching well now, so i think we’ll see him pretty soon.

  • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Seven Costanza

    enough with the second guessing, we had first and third with one out in the 9th. jeter hit into a double play. end of story.

  • Chris

    I can’t believe anyone one suggest that pitching River in the 9th would be a good idea. If you pitch Rivera, you guarantee that he’s going to pitch at least two innings (unless he gives up a run before that). If the Yanks don’t score in the 10th, then you’ll either have Rivera for a second inning with the game tied or go to Ohlendorf. This is the 25th game of the season, not the playoffs. There’s no reason to use your closer for two innings in a tie game when there are other options.

    • steve (different one)

      Rivera can easily pitch 2 innings.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      The whole point of using Rivera is that he’s the Yanks’ best option in the highest of high leverage situations. They score, you lose, that’s it. There’s no chance to make a comeback, nothing, it’s game over. Gotta have Mo on the mound in those spots.

      If the Yanks don’t score during Mo’s two innings and they have to go to Ohlendorf, then fine. You deal with that when it comes. You can’t play for situation that might never happen.

      • http://yetanotheryankeeblogger.blogspot.com/ Wolf Williams

        Goddamn right, Mike.

        You win or lose in the first nine innings with your strength. If Mariano loads the bases in the ninth and surrenders that single to Martinez, we all take it on the chin and move on. If Ohlendorf blows the game in the 11th, we’d all live with that, as well. Extra-inning baseball is a funny animal. But Rivera has to be in there in the ninth.

        You can’t sit around the dugout saying ‘what if’ when it comes down to using your best pitching option in the ninth inning. You just can’t.

  • Brett

    This team is just depressing to watch. If we aren’t up by 4+ runs in the 6th inning, I just have no faith we can get it done (Joba/Mo notwithstanding). Can’t blame Girardi, though many questionable decisions. Jeter should have ended it in the 9th. Melky has to get that bunt down, that was inexcusable, etc. 1-12 when trailing after 6 I think was the stat Fox showed. These aren’t even the 2005 Yankees with all those comeback wins.

  • E-ROC

    The Indians got lucky with Jeter’s double play. They were in the right position at the right time, unfortunately. Jeter hit hard but right at somebody that happened to be playing him to hit it up the middle.

    Why doesn’t anybody believe in Britton? That’s just sad. I would’ve used him instead of Ohlie, given that Ohlie probably needed another off day.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Uh, if they were playing in the right position at the right time, how does that qualify as lucky? I call that … good positioning.

      And yes, it would have been nice to see Britton. Ohlie was a day removed from throwing 50 or so pitches against the ChiSox. It’s Britton-gate all over again.

      • monkeypants

        It wasn’t good positioning (as in, the chart says Jeter will hit it here, so stand in that spot), is was luck (the IF was drawn in and Jeter spanked a ball that caromed off the mound at a weird angle directly to a surprised 2B).

      • E-ROC

        You’re probably right with it being “good positioning.”

      • steve (different one)

        i disagree. Britton was warming in the 2nd and 3rd innings. he may have thrown too many pitches in the bullpen.

        but Girardi was one more bad pitch from Kennedy from using him.

  • ray sam

    thank god the red sox lost

  • ray sam

    yanks need some clutch hitting too much men left on base.arod and jeter just not clutch. we got to try to get manny if red sox dont pick up $20 million option.

    • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Seven Costanza

      manny fails more often than he succeeds–just like every other f**king ballplayer. the problem is, you don’t watch him everyday like you do with the yankees–you see the sportscenter highlights, not the strikeouts and double plays. your not putting every one of his at bats under the microscope are you?

      no worries, though. it’s basic human psychology–everyone’s guilty.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        Well, even if we don’t see all the strikeouts and GIDPs and balls he doesn’t run out, Manny can still flat rake with the best of ‘em, and I’d take him on my team eight days a week and twice on Sundays.

        • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Seven Costanza

          i would too but i disagree with the above poster’s overuse of the word “clutch” and general “p*ssy on a pedestal” viewpoint.

          • Whitey14

            I do get to watch most Sox games and I’d hate to see him out of our line up. If he had played the last 7+ sesons in ny, you’d be hoping his option was picked up just as much as Sox fans are hoping. You’re all right, he fails more than he succeeds, and sometimes he can be maddening with his lack of hustle, or turning doubles into singles, but he is an incredible hitter for both average and power and he’s turned himself into an adequate left fielder, especially considering the left field he plays in.

            Manny and arod in the same line-up would be even better than Manny and Ortiz…God I hope that doesn’t happen!

  • http://blogginthebombers.wordpress.org blogginthebombers.wordpress.org

    Yeah it’s kind of pothetic, 3 runs against Jeremy Sowers of all people.

    • steve (different one)

      3 runs in 5.1 innings is 5.06 ERA.

      he went one more out than Kennedy. but everyone here feels like he shut down the yankees, while Kennedy had another sub-par outing.

  • http://blogginthebombers.wordpress.com blogginthebombers.wordpress.com

    .com, not org lol

  • RustyJohn

    After the 2nd inning it looked like Lou Manheim pulled Kennedy to the side in the dugout and said, “Ian, I like you…just remember this…a man looks into the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment, the man finds his character and that is what keeps him out of the abyss.”

    • Jersey

      Then he said, “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”

      • http://yetanotheryankeeblogger.blogspot.com/ Wolf Williams

        And then Jeter walked by and uttered, “gooooos-frobbba….”

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    it’s like if Girardi had Joe Torre on speed dial today. Rivera for, maximum, six outs, followed by Joba for the same gives you a much bigger window to win the game. a terribly managed game, and a loss i pin mostly on the manager’s shoulders.

    i do also agree that, if we’re going to give these kids a fighting chance to pitch better, the offense HAS to support them. so far, we are failing them bigtime.

  • m

    I agree…

    To be truthful, I’m more worried about our offense than our pitching. I really feel that if we got some runs on the board past 3, our pitchers wouldnt be in this position.

    Kennedy showed some improvement tonight. Give the kid a break. Its early. He didnt do that bad. Its our running game thats the problem. & look at the TB game did anybody seem to notice that Ian had a great game when the lineup was scoring?
    I hope they dont send him back to the minors, he showed improvement & I think he’ll be fine.

  • kunaldo

    look….our offense should be scoring more runs…but that’s not the point…what if this were the playoffs? i mean, from time to time, we’re going to need to win these games by using smart tactics…..not using rivera is unforgivable….i was screaming at the tv the second i saw ollie in….didnt he just throw 50 pitches 2 days ago? and we’re sticking the guy that had issues finding the zone against the top of the order in the bottom of the 9th in a tie game??? who thinks this is a good idea?? shit, even after the first two friggin baserunners it would have been smarter to take his ass out

    it seems as though absolutely nothing has changed managing-wise since last year…

    • BigBlueAL

      that to me has been the biggest surprise for me so far this season, how HORRIBLE Girardi has managed. i honestly thought we would be gettin an upgrade in terms of in-game managing with Girardi over Torre, and it has been almost the opposite, which has shocked me. i live in Miami and saw what Girardi did with the Marlins, every move he made turned out to be gold. but this year it is like he is in way over his head. i thought we would see some creativity and strategy used durin games, and instead we have a dead offense with Girardi sittin back waitin for the team to hit like Torre used to do. and then when he should bunt, like with Damon vs Boston, he doesnt. and then today, after seein how horrible Melky looked after his 1st bunt attempt, with the infield literally on top of him, he still bunts, fouls it off, and strikes out on the next pitch. considerin he has been one of the better hitters, with Damon on 2nd with no outs in a tie game, i want 3 chances to drive him in from 2nd, instead he just wasted Melky’s ab. and BY FAR, the worse part has been the handling of the bullpen. after the easy bullpen to manage of the late 90′s early 2000′s vanished, Torre’s biggest weakness was how he handled the bullpen. i expected alot different usage of the pen, for the better, with Girardi, and instead it has been the same, if not almost worse. although i blame Cashman for neglecting the bullpen, because knowing the HUGE lack of innings the rotation was obviously gonna give the team, they should have reinforced the bullpen a bit more, instead all they did was sign Hawkins. look, as bad as the Yanks have looked, they r in ALOT better shape than last season so far, and considerin they were 21-29 by end of May, Yanks r far from that to this point, BUT after all the talk durin Spring Training about starting out quicker, in better shape and playin with more energy, its the same shit as last April/May.

  • mustang

    Mr. Kennedy- The first few innings was the same show as his last start. Although I don’t share in the same enthusiasm as this thread about Mr. Kennedy’s performance it was better then his last start. Which is not saying much.
    One thing I do agree with is the comments on the Yankees’ offense.
    I though they had turn the corner in Chicago. I was looking for them to take 3 out 4 from a bang-up Indians team. Now it looks like they will be lucky to get a split.
    It still early, but with 4 games left this month it would be nice to finish April over .500

  • mustang

    Mr. Kennedy- The first few innings was the same show as his last start. Although I don’t share in the same enthusiasm as this thread about Mr. Kennedy’s performance it was better then his last start. Which is not saying much.
    One thing I do agree with is the comments on the Yankees’ offense.
    I thought they had turn the corner in Chicago. I was looking for them to take 3 out 4 from a bang-up Indians team. Now it looks like they will be lucky to get a split.
    It still early, but with 4 games left this month it would be nice to finish April over .500

  • pete

    as much as i can’t stand girardi’s bullpen moves yesterday, i am soooo happy he gave kennedy a chance after the 2nd inning instead of yanking him like he would have in the first couple of weeks if hughes or kennedy had a bad inning, although it may have been out of pure necessity this time. What i don’t get, and really frustrates me, is why he went with the guys who have already been overpitched and who have already shown that they suck right now (hawkins, farnsworth, ohlendorf, even though hawkins and farnsworth didn’t give up any runs, partly b/c of luck), instead of the guys who were doing really well at AAA who have been brought up lately (britton, edwar, etc.). If you’re going to blow half of these games anyway, why not let the guys who have a chance to actually be good in the 2nd half do it and get some experience – who knows maybe they would have even pitched well, too.

  • nick blasioli

    they need to teach melky how to bunt….and joe needs to let more people sacrafice…suiside squeeze plays are nonexistant…why cant the hitting coach get cano straightened out…it doesnt make sense…is he even working with him…ill bet mattingly could do the job…melky batting second in the lineup is a bad move..he needs to be no.9….it sure was a sickening game to watch…