ZOMG Yankee Stadium is teh cursed!!11!eleven!

Looking into the What-If machine: Jose Molina
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When I walked past a newsstand on the way to the subway this morning, my eye fell upon the cover of today’s Post. “Buried shirt puts Sox pox on new stadium,” it read.

When I got in to work and had a chance to read this article, I had to stop for a second and ask myself if the Post was joking. Labeled an EXCLUSIVE, Alexander Hamilton’s one-time great newspaper was trying to sell this story as real news:

A devilish Boston fan working on a concrete crew at the $1.3 billion stadium covertly buried a Red Sox T-shirt under what will become the visiting team’s locker room to jinx the Yanks, two construction workers told The Post yesterday.
“In August, a Red Sox T-shirt was poured in a slab in the visitor’s clubhouse. It’s the curse of the Yankees,” one worker said. “Nobody knows about it. It’s in the floors, it’s buried.”

The workers say they now fear that they unwittingly helped hex their beloved Bronx Bombers. “I don’t want to be responsible for sinking the franchise,” said a second worker, who witnessed the sabotage. “I respect the stadium.”

Really, The Post? Is this the best you could come up with? Is this even true?

Meanwhile, the rest of the article is filled with equally idiotic statements. “Look at the curse of A-Rod. The Yankees haven’t won since [Alex Rodriguez] came to their game. There’s probably more to that than a T-shirt,” Peter Nash, author of a history of Red Sox fans, said. Well, the Yankees haven’t won since Denny Neagle was on the team either but no one’s talking about the Curse of Denny Neagle. Give me a break.

Howard Rubenstein said it best though: “It sounds like a tall tale, and it would take more than a Red Sox T-shirt to put a curse on the Yankees.”

And somewhere Alexander Hamilton rolled over in his grave.

Looking into the What-If machine: Jose Molina
Talking numbers with Johnny Damon
  • http://www.samiamsports.blogspot.com samiamsports

    once were talking curses here , how bout the curse of 880. since they left 770 they hevent won or how bout the curse of the Mets….there is so many of these ludacris cursis my mets fan friends come up with on a daily basis….its so freaken rediculas but its fun!

  • keith

    Lombardi actually posted something decent today:

    “Get one of those T-shirts that reads: “Boston: There was no curse. You just sucked all these years.” – and then have it buried somewhere else in the Stadium. That should balance the whole thing out.”

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      That actually gives credence to this story and makes it seem like we should care about a curse. There’s no such thing.

      • keith

        Obviously. I’m not suggesting that someone should actually bury an anti-Sox shirt under the stadium; that shirt just sums up the idiocy of believing in curses.

  • Jt

    What a pointless story.. Jinxes don’t mean anything but regardless of that fact, that asshat worker should be fired for taking it upon himself to contaminate the new Yankee stadium with that junk of a tshirt.

    Better yet, it should be a mandate that no red sox fan can work on the new stadium =)

  • Adam

    i am more worried about how buried red sox paraphernalia may affect the structural integrity of the new stadium. the red sox have after all, have been known to collapse.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Well played sir.

  • Mike R.

    Good thing he wasn’t a Cubs fan. We could have ended up with a goat cadaver in the ladies room.

  • zack

    Seriously though, on a legal front, they should track down that worker and pile him with fines/lawsuits for potentially endangering a billion dollar structure. What an assclown type of thing to do, loyalty or not. You don’t just throw your crap into the cement of a building you’re working on and you certainly don’t try to compromise it. Only in freaking sports would someone even consider that an acceptable thing to do, and it tels you something about the thought processes of some of the idiotic fans in this country who can’t separate reality from fantasy. I know it don’t mean crap and has no effect on the building or the team, but seriously, what makes doing something like that ok?

    • RichYF

      Structural integrity? That’s probably the worst argument I’ve read yet. A shirt in the floor changes nothing. And if it does, someone should fire the company delivering the concrete. There is 0% chance an article of clothing, hell anything that size, will affect the stability of a slab of concrete. Furthermore, due to the fact that it’s just a slab, it supports nothing. It’s there merely to make a floor.

      Now, if we’re talking a shirt in a 10″ wall, you’ve got yourself a case (cosmetically only).

      • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        Well, I suppose if it was a size XXXXL or something, and they laid it out nice flat, it could retard the flow of concrete during the pour, which could lead to a void in the slab and problems in the future. There’s a better chance of Jesus Christ throwing out the first pitch at the new Stadium next year, though.

        • Adam

          mike, i assume you are referring to the size XXXXL curt schilling replica shirt.

      • zack

        Dude, did you actually read what I wrote? I didn’t base anything off of an argument that it might endanger the actual stadium. I said it has no effect on the building, its the act, which is criminal, that is ridiculous. Sure, its just a shirt, but thats beside the point. You don’t do that. Period. A construction worker can’t just put whatever crap s/he wants into a billion dollar building without permission. And just because in this case it won’t do bupkis doesn’t make it legal, safe, or acceptable.

  • Tommy

    The Yankees are CURSED Again… I can’t believe believe that a Boston fan would stoop so low…
    Sorry to say… You’ll never see 27.. ever
    And Roger the Rocket said the new Yankee jingle is now “Tapps”

  • Tom

    The Post and the News are not newspapers, they are tabloids. The articles are written at a 2nd or 3rd grade reading level; I doublt you could even find a compound sentence. Read the Times or if you want actual journalism.

  • g-money

    wat an ass hole we should bury him for doin dat

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    that guy should be buried inside the shirt.

  • Tim

    The way I look at this is that now every visiting team at the new stadium will be taking a dump on the Red Sox.

    • Count Zero

      or at least walking all over them…

  • Ricochet

    I see this very much like the way Tim does, it’s a piece of fabric with a Red Sox name and/or logo on it and it’s buried in concrete so to me it represents that at the New Yankee Stadium the Red Sox are DOA because they are already buried.

  • NYFan50

    I don’t get it. Wouldn’t it have made more sense as a “curse” if they had put it under the Yankee clubhouse, and not the visitor’s clubhouse?

  • http://breakingballs.riveraveblues.com/ Tommy

    [peanut butter sandwich in mouth]


    [/peanut butter sandwich in mouth]

    • Count Zero

      The guy who shot Alexander Hamilton? Where does he fit in?

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      +2 for the “Got Milk?” commercial reference.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    HOLY $#@& WE’RE SCREWED FOREVER!!!!!!!! To be on the safe side, let’s just tear the new stadium down and move to Columbus, OH. Can’t be too sure.

    On, second thought, I think we’re good. You see, This new T-shirt curse means nothing, because the other 29 MLB franchises are also cursed in some way or another, so everything offsets each other. Witness:

    Yankees – Curse of the Teeshirto.
    Red Sox – Curse of Tom Brady’s Ankle: As SB XLII proved (and as the Celtics will soon reprove), the deal Boston made with the devil clearly has an expiration date. Maybe if Alexi Lalas unretires, the Revolution can win one, but that’s about it. Assuming that the Revolution still exists (I have no way of fact checking this, of course.)
    Blue Jays – Curse of Brian Mulroney: Ever since he stepped down as Canadian PM, they haven’t won a thing. (We would have also accepted The Curse of Tim Johnson’s Resume.)
    Orioles – Curse of the Tarasco: While a member of the Braves, Tarasco appeared in a shitty movie called “Talent For the Game” with Edward James Olmos, wearing a Royals uniform. The baseball gods were so offended by this, they doomed the Braves to futile mediocrity. The Braves smartly recognized this and pawned Tarasco off on the hapless Orioles, who then assumed his curse instead. (That Jeffrey Maier home run… coincidence? I think not.)
    Rays – Curse of the Marketing Department: The Devil Rays? Seriously? I don’t think so. You’d have been better off with the Tampa Blues, or the Tampa Snowbirds or the Tampa Octogenarians. Look, baseball teams aren’t named after fish. They’re just not. They’re named after birds, or nicknames for people in cities, or jobs people do, or colored articles of clothing. They’re not named after fish, especially stupid flat ones that look like angry sheets of paper. And, no, changing it now to a sunray isn’t fooling us, we still know you’re the Devil Rays. Furthermore, the name of your town is Tampa, not Tampa BAY, and you don’t even live there, you live in St. Petersburg… The only true option is to get a cool new hat with an interlocking S-T-P (like the Cardinals lid), and become the St. Pete Pelicans or the St. Pete Floridians or the St. Pete Tropics or something that’s not a fish.

    Indians – Curse of Joey Belle: ‘Nuff said.
    Tigers – Curse of the Delorean: Way back in 1984, the Tigers won the World Series with a dominant team, and Lee Iaccoca was king of the world as the Detroit Big Three pumped out quality car after quality car (Do I want a Dodge Omni minivan? Hell yeah, I want a Dodge Omni minivan!) Meanwhile, over in Japan, the people were poor (as well as constantly threatened by huge monsters) until President Ichiro decided that the only way to stimulate the economy was to build up the military-industrial complex by declaring war on Detroit in both car-making and baseball-playing. (I assume that Ichiro was, in fact, president of Japan at the time, but I have no way to fact-check this.) Now, 20-odd years later, American cars suck, Honda constantly cranks out new models that run on garbage and old coffee grounds and get 832 miles to the gallon, and Ichiro, So Taguchi, and Tuffy Rhodes all hit like .700 against the Tigers. Look it up.
    Twins – Curse of Pohlad: Let’s get this straight… you volunteered to have your team contracted? Yeah, buddy… good luck with that. Enjoy not winning a title until, like, EVER.
    White Sox – Curse of the Leftfield Wall: Okay, here’s the deal. You can’t put up the faces of active players on your Outfield Wall. The Dodgers did that with all-time greats, like Koufax and Jackie and Drysdale. Nice. Classy. Moving. Inspirational. You schmucks put Joe Crede and Jose Contreras on your outfield wall. Nope, not gonna happen.
    Royals – Curse of The Quiz: It took him dying before you put Dan Quisenberry in the Royals Hall of Fame? THE MAN WAS A LEGEND! Nobody beats the Quiz… (although, bringing back the powder blues was a nice touch.)

    Mariners – Curse of the Edgar-o-meter: Ken Griffey Jr. Alex Rodriguez. Randy Johnson. Carlos Guillen. Freddy Garcia. So many great M’s from the past 15 years, and who do Seattle fans love more than anybody else? Edgar friggin Martinez. They went nuts for this guy, and made stupid signs about the “Edgar-o-meter” heating up and everything. This is the most misplaced sense of dorky fan loyalty that doesn’t involve Wayne Chrebet or Kirk Hinrich that I’ve ever seen.
    Angels – The Los Angeles Curse of Anaheim and California: Hey, here’s an idea… PICK A NAME AND STAY WITH IT! (Although, on a side note, I do thoroughly enjoy rooting for the New York Cavs of Cleveland, so, thank you for the concept.)
    Rangers – Curse of George W. Bush: ‘Nuff said. (We would have also accepted The Curse of Walker, Texas Ranger.)
    Athletics – Curse of Juiced and Vindicated: Man, Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire have bushel-loads of negative karma around them, don’t they? One guy doesn’t want to talk about the past, and the other guy can’t seem to understand that no, those color contacts don’t make you look hot. I mean, really, even with the truckloads of illegal bull testosterone they were importing from Mexico, it took a friggin earthquake and Will Clark pulling a Will Clark for them to even win a title, and they expended so much cosmic goodwill in doing that that they lost to a team headed by Chris “Rec-Specs” Sabo the next year! Unbelievable. Bonus negative points for the Philly and Kansas City, connections, btw… hope you enjoy rebuilding through the Chelsea Clinton administration.

    Mets – Curse of Keith Hernandez: Anybody notice how annoying those Just For Men commercials are? Let’s see: Keith Hernandez-Mets, Clyde Frazier-Knicks, Emmitt Smith-Cowboys… all three franchises are in constant implosion mode. As Emmitt would say, they got debacled. Until Keith Hernandez stops having “I’m Keith Hernandez” moments, this franchise will remain cursed.
    Phillies – Curse of Philadelphia: ‘Nuff said.
    Braves – Curse of the Hammer: It’s one thing for a juiced-up human bobblehead to break his all-time HR record, but the bigger indignity is that they built a new stadium and named it for Ted Turner and not for Hank Aaron. What, TBS and TNT weren’t enough? THE MAN IS A LIVING LEGEND! Don’t pull a Royals-Dan Quisenberry scenario. Reverse this curse!
    Nationals – Curse of Youppi: Oh, there’s so many options here… the Jeffrey Loria situation is enough on it’s own, the contraction and league ownership curse is there, the ties to the pathetic Senators, the curse of RFK stadium… but I’m gonna go with Youppi. Unleashing that on the world is enough for at least half-a-century of futility.
    Marlins – Curse of the Rhythm Method: The Marlins won it all in 1997 and 2003. They didn’t exist before then, after then, or between those two years. Take heart, Marlins fans (both of you), you’re a LOCK for the 2009 World Series Championship, followed by 5 years of absolute nothingness.

    Cubs – Do we really need to go there?
    Brewers – Curse of Bud Selig: ‘Nuff said.
    Reds – Curse of Ken Griffey: He’s the baseball version of Patrick Ewing – he’s one of the best you’ve ever seen, and yet you always felt like there was more there. Plus, he got hurt a lot. And, he’s from Jamaica and went to Georgetown. (Again, no possible way to fact-check that.) In any event, he’s destined to retire ringless. And besides, they won a title with Chris Sabo; isn’t that enough?
    Cardinals – Curse of Jeff Weaver: After 2006, do you honestly think the Cardinals will EVER get near a World Series anytime soon? I mean, they were 83-78! They had Anthony Reyes and JEFF WEAVER in their rotation! If this season had been a movie, it would be so improbable of a script that Paris Hilton would have to be in it! It made House Party look like House Party 2! That title has to come at the karmic cost of a decade or two. Hey, wait a sec… Oakland in 1989, St. Louis in 2006… You know what, Tony LaRussa might just be Satan. Don’t be surprised if he’s managing the Red Sox a few years from now…
    Astros – Curse of the Inviting Mexican Border: In the 1980’s, all the players (and executives) were so coked up all the time on imported Mexican blow that they actually thought those Day-Glow uniforms were a good idea. In the 1990’s and 2000’s, they were all so inflated on imported Mexican anabolics and greenies that they thought they could win a title without having an actual pitching staff. (We would have also accepted The Curse of Ken Caminiti.)
    Pirates – Curse of the Maz: Bill Mazeroski, World Series Slugging Hero? Really? Okay… see if YOU ever win a title again… (Note: I assume the Pirates never won another title again. I have no way of fact-checking this, of course.)

    Diamondbacks – Curse of John McCain: See above (Rangers, Texas.)
    Dodgers – Curse of Rupert Murdoch: Fox just has that magical touch. They trade away Piazza, sign Kevin Brown and Darren Dreifort, and even added silver to the official team colors. Pee Wee Reese is rolling over in his grave, probably the long way. (I hear he wasn’t very tall.)
    Rockies – Curse of The Rocky Mountain Oyster: That’s just gross.
    Padres – Curse of the Uniforms: Is that solid gold? Do I need to adjust the temperature settings on my TV, or are the Padres really just wearing creamy-gold uniforms? I think I’d rather eat a Rocky Mountain Oyster than look at that anymore. But, you know, it’s not like the Fathers have ever looked good, EVER. Maybe, when the Rays become the St. Pete Seminoles, you can buy some used Devil Rays teal warm-ups and just use those instead. Ugh.
    Giants – Curse of the PacBell/SBC/AT&T faithful: To all Giants fans – don’t act like you didn’t know. You knew. You were looking the other way. Ultimately, I can’t blame you that much, because, hey, the guy was like family, and he’s producing. But it’s one thing to tell your cokehead brother that you’ll love him, no matter what, and it’s another thing to try and tell the world he’s not on coke. Don’t sully yourself like that. You’ll regret it later. Anyhoo, enjoy Tim Lincecum and last place.

  • Chofo

    The Yankees won the year Danny Neagle came to the team, in 2,000. He started game 4 of the subway series and was relieved in the 5th by David Cone.

    If you nees a curse, how about “The curse of the Moose”

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      That is exactly that I said. They haven’t won since Denny Neagle was on the team. That means they won with Denny Neagle around. My point.

  • Stephen

    Wait why are Bostonians working on the new Yankee stadium? For an example of Boston’s construction look up “Big Dig, The.”

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I don’t buy it for a minute.

  • Geno

    And now ESPN.com is carrying this “story”. Good God, they’re a dim bunch over there.

  • Le Noir Faineant

    I think the shirt is a good thing. Recent history notwithstanding, the Yankees have always burried the Red Sox.

  • Marty
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  • Tonio

    Wow. Real newsworthy, eh?