An abbreviated DotF

The end of Ensberg nears
Game 49: Joba the almost-starter

I’m going to keep it short because of the technical difficulties. Here’s the box scores: AAA, AA, A+ and A-. The highlights:

  • Eric Duncan doubled and hit a homer.
  • The Steven White to the Bullpen transition has begun, he twirled a scoreless 1.1 innings in relief.
  • JB Cox tossed 1.2 scoreless, and has allowed 1 run in his last 15 IP.
  • Austin Jackson hit his third homer in his last 6 games. Didn’t I tell you that the doubles would start clearing the fence once the weather warmed up?
  • Steven Jackson got lit up in his return to Double-A. I would have preferred it if they kept Jackson in Scranton and cut either Phillips or Traber, but oh well.
  • Brandon Laird smacked two homers, giving him 6 XBH in his last 6 games.
  • Jairo Heredia made his first appearance since sustaining and “upper body injury,” tossing a scoreless inning.

Michael Kay said during the game broadcast last night that Mark Melancon has been promoted to Triple-A Scranton, but I haven’t been able to confirm it. If true, they’re moving him a bit too fast for my liking, and hopefully they give him at least 2 full months in Scranton before calling him up to the Bronx.

Update: Melancon’s still with Trenton, he hasn’t been promoted.

The end of Ensberg nears
Game 49: Joba the almost-starter
  • Jeff

    When kay said that about Mark Melancon I immediately thought he WAS confusing him with Cox promotion to AAA.

  • Seven Costanza

    i heard it too. i’m pretty sure this is another fine example of kay being a bumbling ass.

  • huuz

    so jairo was only supposed to go one inning?

  • Double-J

    What is A-Jax’s timetable to the MLB? I’m hoping the get rid of a Abreu/Damon after this year (though I’d rather see them keep Damon if I had to make a choice), so I’m wondering who would be more MLB ready if they couldn’t find a stopgap – Tabata or A-Jax?

    • AndrewYF

      I would say, very optimistically, after the ASB in 2009. But that’s rather unlikely. Maybe, if he’s doing okay in Scranton, he’ll get a cup of coffee in September. My estimate is he’s up with the team midseason 2010.

      • Double-J

        Okay, thanks. I’d rather them keep these guys in the minors to develop them as long as they need to and not rush them.

    • A.D.

      It probably depends on AJAX, if he performs they’ll bring him up, why I agree with Andrew YF I wouldn’t be suprised if the Yanks allow him to compete for a job next spring, though I imagine if nothing happens but Abreu leaving we will see Melky & Garnder in the OF next year

      • r.w.g.

        I think Austin would need to have a very, very good season to compete for a job next season.

        Hopefully Bobby accepts arbitration – that would be ideal. But if Abreu would take a 2-year deal, they should do that deal.

      • Double-J

        If they bring Gardner up, who becomes more expendable, Damon or Abreu? I’d still rather get rid of Abreu since he doesn’t belong in the #3 battings slot and is an atrocious fielder (I had to laugh on the ESPN game the other night when Morgan said Abreu had the best arm strength and accuracy of the Yankees outfield while Melky had an average arm, lol), but I would think Gardner is the prototype leadoff guy in the vein of Juan Pierre we could really use, meaning Damon could move elsewhere (#2, letting Jeter hit 3rd?).

    • whozat

      Why would you rather have them keep Damon? He’s inferior. The only reason I could see would be that Damon’s still under contract, and only for one more year. To keep Bobby would require a 2 year commitment, at least. Other than that…it makes no sense to prefer Damon to Abreu. Abreu contributes more on offense, has a superior arm, and his range is more than adequate for RF. The only thing Johnny’s better at is plays near the wall and stealing bases. ANd he’s only a bit better at the latter.

      • Double-J

        I don’t like either of them. But Abreu is ridiculously bad in the field. His arm strength is negated by his inaccuracy (I don’t get where people see his “superior” arm; see my Joe Morgan comment above). My main reason for keeping Damon is, like you said, Abreu would mean another 2-year commitment. I’d rather keep Damon for that last year, who still can be the gritty leadoff hitter and a marginally serviceable left fielder, and let Abreu go.

        • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

          I’m not married to the idea of Damon hanging around for another year but I can live with it. Abreu is another matter, there is no way they should even consider bringing him back. He’s a waste of money this season but to sign on for another season let alone two…….

          • r.w.g.

            Bobby’s been hitting this year just like he always has. I’d trade Damon and just bat Jeter leadoff. He gets on base more than Damon anyway. Move Abreu to 2nd and Arod to 3rd. You don’t break up Abreu/Rodriguez and Arod gets more plate appearences.

            Move Bobby to left if you hate his arm so much. But I don’t see any viable replacements who will produce like he will.

  • A.D.

    Interesting to move White to the pen instead of Dan Giese, anyone know about White’s stuff? Is it an Ohlendorf situation where he could be more effective out of the pen with increased velocity and less reliance on 3rd & 4th pitches

  • r.w.g.

    It’s good to see Laird heating up. Strikes out a lot, but hits the ball hard.

  • Travis G.

    i agree that it would be too fast for MM. what’s his nickname, btw? eminem? M&M boy?