The end of Ensberg nears

And we're back
An abbreviated DotF

A note from Chad Jennings: Jason Lane has an out in his contract that he can exercise on May 31. So the Yankees have a decision to make. Do you give Lane, who sports a .827 OPS at Scranton, a shot? Or do you let him walk? For what it’s worth, Jennings also notes that Lane was doing footwork at first base this week.

I’m personally of the mind that while the Ensberg experiment was a worthy one, it’s got to come to an end. Might as well plug in Lane and see what you’ve got there. Lane would take Ensberg’s 40- and 25-man roster spot, so there’s really no harm in this one. One experiment ends, another begins.

Wilson Betemit should be back soon, too. We could actually see the designation of Ensberg upon his return, with Lane taking the spot of Alberto Gonzalez. I actually like this a bit better. But in any case, there’s little chance Ensberg remains with the team past this week.

And we're back
An abbreviated DotF
  • RollingWave

    Maybe Betemit already had some issues before the DL stint, but his 3B play (particularly the Kei Igawa game) really scared me.

    I’d like to see Alberto hit a little more consistently though.

  • Double-J

    ^ Agreed, Betemit’s defense is horrid. But Ensberg has been virtually useless, and Betemit did have that nice homer before heading off to the DL. I don’t know who I like the least. Still, I’d be for releasing one of them and keeping Gonzalez up (like him a lot), and giving Lane a shot.

    • Mike @ NYYU

      I’d prefer the Ensberg/Gonzo combo over the Betty/Lane duo.

  • Aaron

    I agree that it’s time to see what Lane can bring to this team. He was never a stud with Houston but showed some promise as he hustled in the field, hit for the occasional power, and showed some solid baseball intelligence. Personally, I’d rather see him in the OF instead of Matsui or Damon. Neither of them has much left in the tank defensively. He’s a veteran guy with upside and little risk. So why not give him a shot?

    Ensberg hasn’t been a horrid disappointment, in my opinion, but I don’t think he’s offered enough to warrant keeping him around any longer. Maybe he gets DFA’d and passes through waivers and the Yankees can send him to Scranton as insurance.

  • Mike@NYYU

    Lane is a .241 lifetime hitter. Woop-de-doo.

    • Joltin’ Joe

      Yes, and he also sports a .771 lifetime OPS in the big leagues. Which kind of includes his .314 lifetime OBP.

      • Mike@NYYU

        OK then,

        Ensberg sports a .831 lifetime OPS in the big leagues. Which kind of includes his .363 lifetime OBP.

        So your point is?

        PS: Ensberg also sports a higher career BA at .263

        • Joltin’ Joe

          Ensberg’s worn out his welcome, so now that Shelley’s struggling, Lane needs a shot.

          • Mike @ NYYU

            That makes no sense. Cut a player to bring in a lesser player?

            Now if you want to unload Ensberg to keep Gonzalez or bring up another PROSPECT from AAA, fine, but to DFA Ensberg for Lane is crazy.

  • Steven S

    Jason Lane is an awful idea. Absolutely awful.

    • Mike@NYYU

      Plus the Yankees don’t need another outfielder.

      Positions Played:

      OF 420 (RF 72, LF 63, CF 72)

      1B 4

      I’d rather see a kid. There is supposed to be a move towards youth going on, right?

      This guy is a scrub.

      • Mike@NYYU

        Correction: Should say 298 in RF, not 72.