Kennedy to start Thursday


Updated at 6 p.m.: Word on the street right now is that the Kei Igawa Experience 2008 is over, for now. The Yankees plan to call up Ian Kennedy to face the Mets on Friday Rays on Thursday. The Yanks were pleased with the confidence and approach Kennedy showed last week in his AAA, and the plan right now is to have Kennedy toss an inning tonight as a tune-up for Thursday’s start; Darrell Rasner would face the Mets on Friday. These plans could change, and we’ll keep an eye on the 6 p.m. AAA game to see what goes down.

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    This is a pretty interesting move if it proves to be true. After a troubled start to the season and then just one measly start in AAA for a tune up then straight into the fire that we call the Subway series? Very risky if you ask me. a start like this could be a mental blow if he fails. Lets just hope IPK lives up to his ability and doesn’t end up being an AAAA pitcher.

    • yankeemonkey says:

      A bit early to label him an AAAA pitcher even if he DOESN’T live up to his ability this weekend, isn’t it?

      Steve Lombardi, is that you?

    • Relaunch says:

      I agree. The whole point was to send him down to clear things up and become aggresive again. That doesn’t happen after one start. No, I dont want to see Igawa, but I don’t think this is the solution.

      • mustang says:

        There are no other real options.
        They know IPK better then we do if they think he is ready then bring the kid up.
        They should send McCutchen to AAA for back up.

        PS. Yes guys it’s me saying this.

  2. Adam says:

    The Post says Thursday. Which is it?

  3. Adrian-Retire21 says:

    Sweeny Murti on the fan said Kennedy will pitch today for Scranton to get some work in.And Then pitch Thursday for the Yankees Rasner will pitch Friday.

    • mustang says:

      I like this plan better.
      They will be less pressure against Tampa and if he blows-up no problem.
      If IPK blows up against the Mets the fans and the media would eat him alive.

      Yes, Good-Bye Igawa.

  4. Dan says:

    Word on the street (Peter Abraham) is that Arod is out for at least another week

  5. Simon B. says:

    Damn, I don’t like this. They’re already putting Kennedy back in the rotation? This seems too soon.

    I hope the Yankees saw something about Kennedy in his (lone) minor league start that suggests he was completely fixed, because you really shouldn’t be so quick to promote him back up.

  6. RustyJohn says:

    I like the idea of keeping him down there for another start to see if he’s “got his mind right”, to quote Cool Hand Luke. What would happen if IPK backslides on the team? Does Girardi take him out on the field and make him dig a hole, only to have Boss Eiland ask, “What’s your dirt doing on my yard?” Okay, I’m going to far with the Cool Hand Luke reference….

    Regardless, the whole point will be moot come Thursday- cause if IPK does great, terrific. If not, looks like we’ll be stuck with him until Joba makes it into the rotation or Hughes comes off the DL.

  7. Chip says:

    I don’t like it one bit. Bring up Giese or another guy to give them a shot. I’d throw Chase Wright out there to show Kennedy that he’s not coming back until his confidence is back

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