Mariano Rivera, pitching coach


When the Yanks capped off their comeback win on Sunday against the Mariners, Mariano Rivera, as he has for so many games since 1997, was on the mound when the last out went up on the scoreboard. That day, Rivera completed his 20th inning of work this season without allowing a walk, and Tyler Kepner noted in a Bats blog post the greatness of Rivera. Mo, you see, gives pitching lessons to the Yanks, and he may very well be responsible for turning Edwar Ramirez into a useful cog in the bullpen. When Mo calls it quits in a few years, I hope the Yanks can convince him to stick around as a pitching coach. He’s got one valuable mind for the game.

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  • Manimal

    His value to the yankees is probably larger than we even know. We will all wait for the day that he teaches Joba to throw a cutter or something.

  • Realist

    It’s funny, I remember when he was a starter along with that guy who got lost on his way to the stadium……his name escapes me but not his gapped tooth grin and the fact he was a higher rated prospect at the time!

    Funny how things work out sometimes ;-)

    That said, I would love to see him continue as a coach in The yankee orginazation! :-)

  • J.R.

    Ben, as I recall it was pedro who told him the exact same thing during winterball in the DR. But having Rivera there every has to help. When two guys of that caliber tell you the same advice, you have to listen.

    • Babe’s Ghost

      In fact, I think part of Pedro’s advice was listen to whatever Mariano tells you. Which shows you he’s pretty smart and not as much of an ass as I thought he was back when he kept plunking Jetes.

  • sabernar

    Realist: Pascual Perez. He drove around I-285 in Atlanta.

    • Realist

      No man….Though, Pascual was a trip as well :-)

      This was a minor leaguer who had more hype than Mo in 1994-95………wait…………Domingo Jean!

      Wow, funny how the mind works sometimes ;-)

      Thanks for reminding me of Perez though saberner :-)