McCutchen to Scranton, for real this time!

Are the Yankees paid too well to win?
Game 45: Making up for lost time

The indispensable Chad Jennings has the news: Danny McCutchen will join Triple-A Scranton, taking the place of reliever Bo Hall, who heads back down to Double-A Trenton. It’s safe to say McCutchen will fill the rotation spot currently held by the over-matched Heath Phillips. Al Aceves was bumped up to Trenton from High-A Tampa to take McCutchen’s starting spot, with Chris Garcia taking Aceves’ spot in Tampa.

Are the Yankees paid too well to win?
Game 45: Making up for lost time
  • Joltin’ Joe

    Jamal is going to have an orgasm over this.

  • Brandon

    keep an eye on Garcia “fast mover”

  • Tripp

    Come on bump up Hacker…Aceves is just filler….Hacker may have potential.

  • E-ROC

    Good news about Dan McCutchen.

  • A.D.

    Nice to see them climb the ladder

  • Miles Roche

    What tells you Garcia is a fast mover?

    • Stefan W.

      It’s not so much that Garcia earned a promotion with his start. Rather, he’s picking up where he left off. Think of it as him re-taking his spot in Tampa.

      • Miles Roche

        Exactly my point.
        Garcia wasn’t promoted, and never pitched above A ball, heck, he just returned from an injury, so i don’t know why anyone would label him a fast mover.
        To the contrary (imho). . . .

  • mustang

    It’s about time for McCutchen.
    IPK better pitch well because my boy McCutchen is coming up fast.
    Go Danimal !!!

  • Miles Roche

    Mike A.,
    Aceves might be a filler, but he’s definitely a good one. . . .

  • Miles Roche

    His line tonight in Trenton:
    7IP 5H 0R 0ER 1BB 7K

  • Miles Roche

    James Cooper might be a filler as well, but he’s also mashing and definitely deserves a promotion to Trenton. . . .

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