• Miles Roche

    And i thought that he learned from his past suspension. . .

    That much for my faith in you, J-Tab. . .

  • Rich

    He needs a mentor.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      He needs a beatin’

  • Ivan

    Like Manny

  • Brandon

    so we’re going to start Jose being Jose

    BTW a Lohud witness was at the game this is his/her take on what happened

    “i was at the game, on the play it did seem like it took a long time for jose to get there, but then again, the ball was a liner straight up the middle, so he had a long way to go and a short time to get there.

    i can tell you that tony franklin was PISSED when they came into the dugout after the 3rd out though.”

  • Ivan

    Seriously though, I do think you have to worry about him. He’s 19 and has time to change but you have to worry about him with his attitude and his lack of focus. I still think the yankees should keep and I still think he can be a legit perinial all-star but right now you got to question his make up.

  • Brian

    He’s young and there could be some cultural problems in addition to his failure to cover behind A-Jax…Thunder Thoughts gives a bit of info.

    I think they just need to take a step back with him. He’ll be fine if he settles down and doesn’t think it’s the end of the world to return to Tampa.

    • mooks

      I doubt it was culteral issues, he’s a kid, when I was his age, I did stupid things too.

      It has nothing to do with his race or background. I’m sure he will be fine, he is only 19, he is one of (if not the) youngest guys in AA. He is having maturity issues, he has been so good before, that it wasn’t considered that big a deal or noticable.

      I’d give him some slack, and see if the coaches can work it out with him before coming down with the hammer on him. He has a history of taking plays off, and turning his talent on and off, looks like he got caught doing it here, but since he is just a kid, it should be something correctable.

      Either way, it has nothing to do with his “culture” or where he is from, or was born or raised or anything like that.

  • Tripp

    Two Strikes.

    Third Strike send him to GCL league.

  • Kyle

    He’s stuggling for the first time in his professional career. He’s a highly touted prospect. A yankee prospect at that. He’s frustrated. He’s young. So on to my take: Not sure if anyone was watching Tabata while Ajax was diving, not sure if Franklin saw Tabata either. But the fact is that he didn’t make the play. Imo Tabata is struggling (dunno if it’s more mental or physical) and he made a dumb move at a bad time. Everything we’ve heard so far is that Tabata is playing harder. He may have just had a mental lapse or something. Hell, maybe he was caught watching Ajax dive like the crowd. However Franklin is really pissed so maybe it was his attitude.

  • Rich M.

    Mike Ashmore is now speculating that He may have been involved in a fight in the dugout with Corona.