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Game 49: Joba the almost-starter
Danimal debuts for Scranton

Nothing like a truly bad last-place team to break the Yanks out of a slump, eh?

Everyone hit as the Yanks broke double digits in runs for the second game in a row, and Jason Giambi and Robinson Cano are on some pair of hot streaks. It must be that mustache.

Meanwhile, the Joba transition continued. He threw a few too many pitches in two innings, but as he works to hone his pitches, that’s bound to happen.

Kyle Farnsworth’s eighth inning was a bit of an adventure, but better in a blow-out. The Yanks go for their season-high fifth win in a row tomorrow.

Game 49: Joba the almost-starter
Danimal debuts for Scranton
  • George Kaplan

    I hate to be a downer on what is a good day, but I hope next time he pitches there are more changes and maybe a few curves for strikes. He was good today though, big step in the right direction.

    • Jamal G.

      Have to remember, those are his two main pitches. Both his Fastball and Slider rate out as plus-plus, he goes to those two most often. He threw three Curveballs (all called Balls) over the two innings but you can’t expect him to throw it at the frequency of his Slider. Although it rates as a plus pitch, it is still his third best pitch.

      • Pablo Zevallos

        I wouldn’t put his curve at plus-plus. It’s borderline plus to me.

        • whozat

          Based on what? The few times you’ve seen him throw it on TV? Scouts rated it a 70 on the 20-80 scale, at least during last season and when he was being scouted for the draft.

        • Jamal G.

          I wouldn’t either, that’s why I said his Slider is plus-plus.

          • Pablo Zevallos

            my bizzle :)

  • RR

    Don’t be so quick to attribute this recent hot streak to the Mariners’ sucking (although, boy do they suck). They managed to rough up Bedard who was having a pretty good start to the season before that game (not to mention he is a lefty). I think the offense is legitimately waking up, weak opponent aside.

  • Jeremy

    In Girardi’s post game comments he says he really believes in Farnsworth. I hope this doesn’t prove to be his undoing.

  • Chris

    Is it the ‘stache, or the thong?

  • Clemson Rob

    It’s good to see guys like Giambi and Cano hitting the ball the other way. Cano we’re used to seeing this from, but Giambi hitting away from the shift can up his batting average.

  • billybob

    Who gives a shit if he ever throws a changeup or curveball? His fastball and slider are good enough for him to get through a game with in my opinion.

  • Joltin’ Joe

    BTW, how did Garcia’s start not get any mention besides the TJ Tracker thing? 6 IP + 10 K on Thursday!

  • Ben K.

    We wrote about Christian’s start briefly on Thursday and we had quite a few comments on it. But those comments were lost during our hardware problems on Friday.

    • Joltin’ Joe

      Oh that would explain it LoL

  • BigBlueAL

    I just read Bill Madden’s article in Sunday’s Daily News. Have at it guys!!!!!!!

  • RustyJohn

    I live in Seattle so these series are fun because 1) I can watch them for free on the local FSN channel and 2) get to hear Mariner’s fans complain. Some select gametime quotes from some Mariner blogs by Mariner fans…

    “Joba against the Mariners It’s like the honor student picking on the retarded kid in the classroom.”

    “June 6th, 2009: With the first choice in the 2009 draft, the Mariners take Nobody McFucknut LHP from Pepperdine.”

    “Great news everyone! With that ground-rule double, the Mariners have now tied the Cardinals for most doubles given up, with 120! I knew they could do it!”

    “Does losing by only 8 runs count as a good performance? I’m not sure any more”

    On Jeremy Reed’s ab v. Farnsworth…
    “Reed isn’t a true Mariner True Mariners give up.”

    “how bout a nice cup of stranded baserunners?”

    “Silva trying to come inside, and that’s hit off the end of the bat. Definition of: how you know you failed.”

    Mound Visit
    Mel: You okay?
    Silva: Yeaman.
    Mel: Think you can give up some more runs.
    Silva: Yea, just have’em hit it to LF.
    Mel: Good man.

    “Last time Silva pitched in New York, he allowed eight runs and 11 hits in three innings. Fortunately the only thing the Yankees have done between now and then is swap out Morgan Ensberg for Alex Rodriguez.”