The quiet counterbalance to bloviating Hank

Dellin Betances ... awwwww yeah! on Betances

While Hank Steinbrenner can shoot off his mouth all he wants these days, every now and then, a piece comes along that reminds us of the checks and balances in the Yankee organization. This time, we’ve got Kat O’Brien talking with a measured and calm Hal Steinbrenner. Hal, who noted that the season is a 162-game “marathon,” also said, “There’s nothing that makes me regret [not getting Santana].” Good thing, as BBTF notes, these two share equal power in the Yankee organization.

Dellin Betances ... awwwww yeah! on Betances
  • Rich

    Yet too many mediots continue to repeat the false meme that Hank has the ability to make decisions on his own, which would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    Although I guess the possibility exists that the franchise could be hurt if an impasse arises between the two, particularly if the partnership agreement that governs such disputes doesn’t address that contingency.

  • IHateAbreu

    Thank goodness Hal’s got some power up in there…he sounds like a calm and rational dude…unlike his bro, who seems quite insane at times….

  • Edwantsacracker

    And the cloud’s parted and a voice said, “This is my beloved (Brian Cashman) of who I am well pleased.”

  • brad k

    Really. I wonder what would have happened with the Yankees over the last 30 years if big George was calm and rational. That sounds like the ownership of a team like the Royals. Very calm and rational=losers. Insane and irrational = 6 Titles! It’s funny The Big Stein spent all those years being vilified by the fans and the media and now they are renaming Legends field after him. People are talking about the Hall Of Fame for a guy who was easily the most hated figure in NY for a long time. I wonder how we will feel after a few years of Hal’s calming effect on the organization.

    Hal might not regret going after Santana but I know I do.

    • whozat

      After a month and a half? Ridiculous.

    • Ben K.

      Insane and irrational resulted in a suspension that allowed Gene Michael to work unimpeded by Steinbrenner to put together a team that won four titles in five seasons. I’d say insane and irrational = titles. The Royals suck because they’ve had bad baseball people and no money to spend, two very different circumstances.

    • Basura

      And now they’re naming Legends field after him?

      Are you gullible? Do you think a groundswell of public opinion came up with the idea. I’m more of the opinion the Steinbrenner family thought it was a nice thing to do and had some outside people with Yankee connections “propose” it.

    • Whitey14

      I’m glad king george was insane and irrational because it probably kept the yankees from winning more than 6 titles since he took over. How many times did he force a player on his GM? Wasn’t it he who insisted on sheffield over Guerrero. Didn’t he insist upon randy johnson? I don’t recall either of them helping the yankees win a title. The problem I see with hank is that he doesn’t seem to understand baseball and thinks spending money fixes everything, which were the same diseases his dad suffered from. Sure he may know some of the basics and some of the yankee history, but I don’t recall ever hearing of his name involved with yankee decision making in the past couple of decades. Which means he inherited half the reins of a new toy and decided that he’d grown a pair so he started shooting his mouth off and tried to insert himself into personnel decisions. Luckily for ny, cashman and hal seem to be rational and are willing to stick with a plan that involves keeping some youth around, which, by the way, was the plan that led to the 4 titles in 5 years in the 90’s thing that we Sox fans hated so much.

      I hope hank stays involved at the highest possible level and begins making all the decisions because it can only mean bad things for the yankees.

  • whozat

    “People are talking about the Hall Of Fame for a guy who was easily the most hated figure in NY for a long time.”

    And you don’t have to be loved to be famous. The Hall is for people who’ve had a dramatic impact on the Game. George certainly might fit that bill.

    • Basura

      Yet Marvin Miller is still out.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Don’t be so quick to dismiss the value of an explosive Hank. George’s merry-go-round of managers, coaches, gm’s couldn’t possibly work and the Yankees paid for it big time in the 80’s and early 90’s. That being said, Brian has had control for a while and his overall performance has to be evaluated in relation to the organizational goals. Hank’s questioning the on field performance at this point
    merely begins the evaluation process which will continue for the remainder of the season.

  • mustang

    Maybe I misread the story, but the words “share equal power in the Yankee organization” never came up in the article.
    Yes, they are ” team co-chairman”, but as I always understood it’s Hank who controls baseball operations (a fact he has let know many times) and Hal controls finances.
    I did not read anything in this article that tells me that Hanks is not in total control of all baseball decisions.

    • Rich

      Bill Madden had a column a while back in which Hal said that he has equal power in all aspects of the organization.

      • mustang

        I hope so because I don’t want to see another George.