• Phil McCracken

    This is why they are called prospects and why a proven player is always better than a prospect.

    • Nefarious jackson

      using that logic gene michael would have been right to trade jeter, Posada, & M. Rivera to for Cone back in 95′, Cone had just won the Cy Young and those 3 players hadn’t proven jack shit in the majors… because that’s what teams were asking stick to trade.. a statement like “a proven player is ALWAYS better than a prospect” is mindless… you must be drinking… heavily… no one can be that stupid

      • Phil McCracken

        Gene Michael? Is that the guy who wanted to trade Hughes for Santana?

        • Brandon

          LOL I got this one… he’s also the same guy who loved Will Nieves but you won’t hear about that. Same guy that let Jay Buhner go, it’s funny how back and fourth we can go w/ this, Stick brought in Jimmy Key for JT Snow, that same year Key tore his rotator cuff, yet Bob Watson in 06′ took over the GM duties, chose Joe Torre to run the club and was criticized for it… good and bad everywhere buddy.

          • nick

            Actually, it was JT Snow for Jim Abbott.

            Jimmy Key was a free agent

          • JeremyM

            Key was a free agent signing from Toronto and was an outstanding pitcher in 93 and 94 before his injury in 95, and was solid when he returned in 96.

          • Nefarious jackson

            “Stick brought in Jimmy Key for JT Snow, that same year Key tore his rotator cuff” Brandon, do you have a fucking clue what you’re talking about? Jimmy Key was a free agent signing

            yea, you got this one genius…


  • Miles Roche

    Mike, where is the DotF?
    I’m not going to sleep without reading today’s update…

  • mustang

    This is the kind of thing that happens when they put such high expectations on kids. This organization is doing a piss poor job of managing their young talent right now.

    • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

      this is a sweeping and wrong generalization.

  • mustang

    “player once regarded as the Yanks’ top positional prospect.”
    Wow… This makes it sound like it was 5 years ago. It was just this past winter everyone here was making this kid out be the second coming, a deal breaker. Already pencil into the 2009 or 2010 line-up. How fast do people jump off the bandwagon?
    This is why the minor league can project what a player might be not what he will be.
    Wish all the best for the young Mr. Tabata.

    • mustang

      Let also not write him off too fast. He still after all developing.

  • mustang

    While reading Peter Abraham’s column in the Journal News I saw a line about Kei Igawa possibly coming up. Upon further investigation I realize that Mr. Igawa missed his turn in the Scranton rotation yesterday.
    Does anyone know if the 42 million dollar kid is coming to Bronx?

    • http://www.magicball.net Double-J

      Maybe this is a sign of Kennedy being demoted to the minors?

      • mustang

        Igawa beat the Indians last season if that means anything.

  • http://www.magicball.net Double-J

    So…I guess keeping Melky looks like a genius move now, eh? Wasn’t Tabata the guy that some folks claimed had a swing like Manny? I guess it’s a good thing that Austin Jackson and Gardner are doing well, because this kid has a sort of Cano-complex going on this year. Hope he recovers.

  • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.


    “[Jose] Tabata admitted he contemplated going so far as to ask the Yankees for his release, a request that most assuredly would have been denied.”

    That is the one that struck me the hardest. I wasn’t as up in arms as everyone else was about this whole thing but when I read that it struck me as very concerning. Hell, I’m his age and I can definitely see where he’s coming from but he grew up in poverty in Venezuela, he should have a much better perspective on things because I’m sure he’s dealt with some harsh realities in his childhood.

    Then after he calmed down, he delivered these quotes to the paper, “I just felt like I had to go,” Tabata said in an exclusive interview with The Times yesterday. “It was a rash decision, but after talking to my wife, she asked me if this was really what I wanted to do and if leaving (the team) was the right decision to make. I thought about it a little and realized I am not a quitter. I was either going to face the consequences, learn from this and grow, or I was going to run away. So, here I am.”

    “I was just really sad and upset … mainly at myself,” Tabata said. “But I realized that if I was man enough to quit on my teammates, then I would have to be double the man to come back and face them again, explain that I was sorry and make sure they knew it would not happen again. I am willing to do whatever it takes to earn their respect again.”

    Looks much better when people look at the ENTIRE story doesn’t it?

    • Phil McCracken

      Kudos to Zillo and the rest of the PR team for writing up a good response for Tabata.

      • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

        Did you actually read article? It was a one-on-one interview with Jose Tabata and The Trenton Times’ reporter with Trenton Thunder coach Julius Matos acting as the translator. These were direct questions with real-time responses.

        Nice job BTW of kicking dirt on the kid when he has a couple lapses in judgment and some iffy quotes but you run for the hills when it comes time to give him some actual credit or a proverbial pat on the back for realizing his mistakes and accepting responsibility for his actions.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Sorry Jamal, the whole story gets reported ONLY when it makes the scoop more entertaining and gossipy.

  • chris

    what a surprise – yet another overated prospect that Cashman wouldnt trade when his value was high. It’s good to overhype your own prospects, but you need to know that they are overhyped when they belong to you.

    read jayson stark’s article about yankee pitching. couldnt agree more with a scout that said hughes is in no way a number 1 or 2 starter. look at other young pitchers – joba, lincecum, bucholz. does hughes have the same stuff as any of these guys — no way.

    i don’t know what the reports were, but we most likely could have had santana for Melky, tabata, hughes, and another minor league pitcher.

    while melky looks like he will be a good player – the non-trade sure looks like a stroke of genius now that hughes looks like a number 4 starter at best and tabata will be bagging groceries in three years.

    i was all for this youth movement until i saw that cashman refuses to trade any of his young prospects. it is a joke that we need to endure this season and unless this team goes crazy in the offseason – next year will be a bust as well. if cashman stays you better bet he wont trade any of his “babies” because he has to prove to theo has smart he is.

    • CLT_JR

      It is dumb posts like this that make me embarrassed to be a Yankee fan. Jayson stark’s job is to drive viewership. If he writes something downplaying the Yanks prospects, it will make people read it. To write off on a KID that every baseball scout had as the best prospect in baseball after 1 yr and at the age of 21 is just plain lunacy.

    • Phil McCracken

      Thats been Cashman’s flaw since his first day on the job. He doesn’t know when to sell high on anything.

      I’m all for developing players in the minors, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep every single player you develop. Our rotation isn’t going to be able to use all the lower level guys we’ve got in the minors. Marquez, Horne, Jackson, White, Wright, etc. Cashman should start thinning these guys out for players we can actually use or some position players. Only guy he’s really tossed out was Clippard for Abaladejo.

      I also wish he would have dumped Igawa to the Padres or Mariners in the off season. Both were interested in Igawa. But typical of Cashman, we’re gonna hold on to him like Irabu/Contreras/Weaver til he’s worth absolutely nothing.

      • Mike P

        That is a contradictory argument. So Cashman should sell high his 18 year old “best hitting prospect” and his 21 year old “second best pitching prospect” who cost nothing but sell basement level for his 40 million dollar free agent signing after one year?

        Seems to me Cashman can do nothing right by you. Igawa is worth nothing at the moment.

        • Phil McCracken

          Cashman has had years do to something right. In any other job, with the resources available to him he would have been fired a long time ago.

          You’re right, Igawa is worth nothing at the moment, but last year when teams were inquiring about him, they should have traded him.

          Part of being a GM is knowing when to use your farm system for trade and when to use it to infuse players into the major league team. Cashman is trying to us all his minor league players at the major league level. Which basically makes this team the Marlins with a 200M payroll.

  • GoYankees

    Yeah you’re right Chris, Cashman should trade every prospect when their value is high.

  • GoYankees

    Every player goes through stretches like that when nothing goes right for them. They feel like complete failures and are ready to quit and go work in the mines or whatever . When that happens, they need support, a kick, whatever helps them wake up and start over again.

  • YES

    Gene Micheal is also the same one who wanted Hughes called up two years ago.
    Talk about insane. You can make a case Hughes isn’t major league ready now let alone 2 years ago at the age of 19.
    I think stick has clearly lost something off his FB.

  • Micky#7–Old Ranger

    Remember a few years ago, nobody knew anything of our MiL system (except those that went to the games). The Internet/Blogs have changed all that. Now because of players such as; IPK, Joba, Phil, Cano, Melky etc., we demand to know more and more. So yes, more pressure on the kids to preform well and move up faster.
    Some have written off Duncan (the other one), look at him now! Doing better and better as he adjusts and recovers from his injuries. The same will happen with Tabata (he is 19). Prospects are prospects for a reason; because they have the talent (Yanks think) to become ML ball players! No one says they will make it to the bigs…for sure…just; they have the talent to be x,y, or z in the big leagues. Much of what they become (in baseball) is on themselves. They have the talent…do they have the guts and determination to be the best they can be.
    Come on Tabata, the whole Yankee family is pulling for you, do yourself proud. 27/08.

  • Realist

    Wow, leaving the game is not good at all! Though he is a young man it definately raises flags that shouldn’t be ignored….one’s I hope he is able to overcome.

    Btw, there is alot of back and forth regarding “Stick” in this thread…..he did great things while taking over after George was suspended. All he did wasn’t perfect but many of his moves brought the teams that won the ’96, ’98, ’99, and 2000 championships.

  • A.D.

    If anything this Tabata incident may just turn him around, he pretty much hit rock bottom there, and now he can start growing up a little. He’s facing some adversity he hasn’t had to face before and he will be better off for it. Still an amazingly bright future, and I’m sure he’ll end up being a player in the bigs yet.